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message 1: by Jay (last edited Oct 13, 2017 09:36PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jay Kennedy | 92 comments Mod
Wow, okay first let’s talk about what we just ended on:

Poor Elend! I was so relieved when the voting reached a deadlock, yet just before I could relax that stupid nobleman had to speak up and ask to change his vote. Elend is such an honest man to allow this rule that only himself and Noorden would know about (Speaking of which, I find Noorden interesting and I hope he comes into the lamplight of the story more.)
“He nodded to Ham, then left without looking back at the men who had discarded him.”


“She had one finger out, and she had incredible aim. The Thug’s eye popped as she rammed her finger into the socked.”

“The Man’s head exploded as easily as the eyeball had earlier.”

GRUESOME. Good job Vin! I was not expecting the force of the duralumin to explode the Thug’s head right off! Damn! I thought this would have given the assemblymen more hope in her abilities, and give them more incentive to vote for Elend, however I’m not sure how many witnessed it, considering how fast it all happened. And poor OreSeur taking a beating! ALSO, when Elend went to Lord Penrod’s mansion to commence with the voting, I was surprised no one commented on his blood-stained white suit!

“A man can only stumble for so long before he either falls or stands up straight.”

Elend has been growing so much, and is becoming the confident ruler Luthadel needs. In a way I wish he would do something completely crazy, say… set up an assassination mission on Cett and send Vin to frighten his army by pushing on them with duralumin, forcing them to join Luthadels side. A rash move I know, but I would love to see a bold move like that!
I really don’t know what will happen next. I recently had someone message me and say that they found this book too predictable compared to the other’s. HOW THOUGH???? I mean, yeah, I think Vin (…or possibly Elend?) is the Hero of Ages and will have to travel to the Well of Ascension. BUT THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO THIS BOOK. I can’t wait to see what happens next!
Oh yes, and let’s talk about the cutest Terris couple in the world shall we? I have to say, I completely ship Sazed and Tindwyl. That scene was one of the cutest things. I feel so bad for Sazed, who thinks because he is an Eunuch that love was never meant for him. For Tindwyl, sex has only ever been a means of breeding, and I think now she just wants someone to love and connect with on an intellectual level. Sazed, you’re the right person for her, and her for you.

Alright, and with that I will leave some of the notes I took while reading:

- This Philen Frandeu guy sure is shady. I can’t believe he can only think about making money, in a time when Luthadel is threatened by two different armies (not to mention a third army of Koloss on its way).
- To think Cett had the audacity to sneak into the city and move in! >:(
- I’m glad Vin finally decided to confront Dockson, because it feels like we hardly know Dockson anymore. I remember in the first book when we were introduced to Kelsier and Dockson, I thought they were such fun charismatic characters, but now Dockson is so quiet. I’m glad though that he doesn’t seem to be the Kandra.
- Breeze! I still love this guy, how he was soothing the entire group of poor Skaa and even soothed the guards at Keep Venture. Not to mention soothing the kitchen ladies to make them more chatty, just so the work will go by faster for them! But then when he speaks to Ham (or anyone) he acts all charismatic and arrogant, like he doesn’t care at all about others. Erggghh I don’t like Allriane rioting his emotions.
- Vin was so close to ambushing Demoux! But wow, I wasn’t expecting him to be a member of the Church of the Survivor!
- YES, it seems they are finally coming to the realization that the Deepness is the Mist!

Let me know if I forgot something important!

message 2: by Dimitris (last edited Oct 15, 2017 04:59AM) (new)

Dimitris (dimitris_lianos) This is the most unpredictable book I've ever read (and I have read The Hunt for Red October, hehehe!) Every other chapter almost, I get the shock of my life! I never thought the Hero of Ages could be Vin or Elend, up till the end of Book 1 I was sure it was the Lord Ruler or Kelsier - maybe I'm new to this fantasy world...

This is also such a deep series. Elend in particular is such a realistic, multi-faceted protagonist! His personality has developed so much these past two years but one is constantly aware that it's always that same guy we first met studying books at fancy ballrooms. If anything, his behaviour back then, his mild revolt against his father's authority, is corroborated as we progress. I have yet to come across a character's action for which I'll think "wow, that was so unlike him/her" [with one exception, see my PS at the end of this comment], everything flows so naturaly and this is not inplausibility but the author's greatest strength! Even a miror and annoying character like this Allrianne person is interesting and a potential contributor to the advancement of the story, she's not Caraval's chirpy Scarlett O'Hara Dragna, trying to convince us that she loves her sister above everything else. But I can't see her or Cett being Mistborns either!

As I wrote in a previous discussion, I feel like Vin isn't giving Elend enough credit sometimes... Back then she was "not good enough" for him, now she's possitive that because he watched her kill people - to defend his life! - he stopped loving her and sees her as a wild animal that deserves contempt. What the Hell?... At least she's a constant character with all her insecurities. It must be so difficult for her to have so suddently come to this position in which she and she alone is keeping the King and the entire city alive. Huge responsibility. I have to wonder if she's doing it out of a sense of right/wrong, of "class consciousness", realizing what Straff or Cett would do to her own Skaa people if they take over, or if she's fighting so hard simply because she loves Elend... (and that's a horrible thing to think but this question arises in me all the time, I don't think she understands the politics of the seige, of the potential shift of command and what it might bring, what do you people think?)

I can't decide who is more contempible: Cett or Straff. Truly horrible people. I'm with Elend 100% standing against them even when in reality there's no chance to avoid Luthandel's conquer. They're both so vile that he can't give in to them, he must stand on principle! It's a disgrace to watch the people of the city, merchants and former slaves, even thinking of surrendering to a new tyrant, after what they had gone through with the Lord Ruler! They should all be standing behind Elend to the end! But that's human nature, I guess... Sometimes I feel like the people of Luthandel don't deserve to be saved or to live freely. Bring the Coloss on them, hahaaaa!!!

I totally agree with what Jay writes about Dockson. He practically disappeared... He is the only character who was remained static (I'm not writing it as something bad). He still hates all nobles. It was a great scene in mid Chapter 33 when Vin informed him of how Kelsier had consciously saved noble Lord Elend's life during the Collapse, fighting off that Inquisitor.

Ore'Seur is becoming a favorite. His discussions with Vin and what he can or cannot reveal about his race are so satisfying. And of course how he defied his contract to never attack a human and defended her during the coup! He likes her!

Zane too! He's so complex. My jaw dropped at the end of Chapter 34 when Vin stepped out onto the roof top when she sensed him and he immediately attacked her! She rightly thought she would die, then and there, since she's out of atium (they should have rationed it better, what were those people thinking? She's their only hope and it's the one thing she needs!) Second jaw dropping when he confessed he's Elend's brother and doesn't feel any animosity towards him. I think he's too good for Straff and that he should meet with his brother and cross over to their side. It's practically the one thing that can shift the war's outcome!

Sazed and Tindwyl indeed are great together. My only concern in that all these discoveries they're making will be for nothing if the city falls and they are killed. They should find a safe way to ship their documents to Terrisland. Poor woman, I find the way she has been used as a breeding machine very offensive, to be honest, I can't even think of it. Nor Sazed's castration. If all terrismen are castrated, who impregnates these women to keep their race alive? Am I missing something?

OMG I wrote so much... :/

PS: One negative thing... I just can't accept the fact that Elend didn't find even a minute's time to warn Vin about his plan to tell the Assembly he had entered Kelsier's Church. Please! They're together all the time. A very sloppy moment by mr. Sanderson here (wanting to put the reader and Vin in the same spot of ignorance and surprize us both, maybe?...) Not that it would had mattered much or that she would have dissuaded him, but he knows her insecurities and shouldn't have made things worse by excluding her from such a crucial decision like that. :)

message 3: by Jay (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jay Kennedy | 92 comments Mod
Dimitris wrote: "This is the most unpredictable book I've ever read (and I have read The Hunt for Red October, hehehe!) Every other chapter almost, I get the shock of my life! I never thought the Hero of Ages could..."

Yess, it's definitely a deep series! Elend's character progression continues to impress me! Just wait until you read Part 4 ;) Discussion for that should be up soon....

Oh and I agree with your thoughts on Vin, she's been annoying me more and more. I mean I love her, but it's annoying how she doesn't give Elend enough credit. I don't feel like they've been too close lately, and I wouldn't say that's just Elend's fault, of course he's been trying to juggle to save his throne, but Vin could put in some effort too instead of sparring with Zane. I thought perhaps she grew past some of her insecurities. At first it seemed like she grew up more and was becoming more confident by the end of the first book and beginning of this one, but now she's been reverting back to her insecure self. She doesn't seem to understand the politics or have much interest in them, but I can respect her love for Elend and the Skaa. I do agree that Elend should have told Vin about joining Kelsier's Church, I mean how hard would it be to tell her even on the way there? It did come off as a sloppy writing moment.

XD I can relate when you said that sometimes you feel like the people of Luthadel don't deserve to be saved. It seems like the majority of them aren't appreciative at all. Of corse, this does come from their lifestyle and how they are used to being abused and controlled by a tyrant, but you think with all that's changed more of them would have opened their eyes.

I'm so proud of OreSeur for breaking the contract to protect Vin! ^_^

It would be nice to see Zane switch over to Vin and Elend's side. But I don't know... I've just never liked him. I get why people would, with him being a "bad boy" and all, but he sort of seems like a character convenience to me, someone who's only purpose is to put tension between Vin and Elend's relationship. I also just never feel like he is truly sincere to Vin. But yeah, I would still love to see him cross over to support Luthadel!

Yesss Sazed and Tindwyl need to keep their information safe! I had the same thought as you when reading; they need to find a way to ship their information back to Terris. I agree, it's so tragic to think about Tindwyl being used for reproduction, and Sazed's castration :( Oh and I believe at one point it was explained that there were some Terrismen kept secret from the Lord Ruler that weren't castrated. At least I'm pretty sure anyway?

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