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Tana (tana_t) | 14676 comments Mod
Closer Than Yesterday (Land's End #3) by S.W. Frontz S.W. Frontz

Title: Closer Than Yesterday (Land's End #3)
Author: S.W. Frontz
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Formats Available: Pdf
Time Frame: 4 Weeks
Copies Available: 10


Samantha Patrick's cousin Sarah has lived with an abusive husband for thirty years. After a brutal attack she finally finds the courage to leave. 

Sarah goes to Land's End looking for safety and comfort with her family on this small, idyllic island but the horror is not over yet. Someone is stalking Sarah. Is it the abusive husband or someone else? Will Land's End be the place where Sarah finds new life, or it will be where it ends?

Be one of the first 10 people to sign up below in order to receive a copy of this ebook to Read and Review!

It would be appreciated if you could post your reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.

Of course posting on any other social sites would be fantastic! Example: iTunes, Facebook, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and/or your Blog.

Formats available: Pdf

All reviews should be completed and posted within 4 weeks after you receive your copy of the ebook.

Leave us your Name and email address.

Tony Parsons (gambino71) | 1565 comments

message 3: by S.W. (new) - added it

S.W. (httpgoodreadscomswfrontz) | 9 comments Tony wrote: "

I emailed your pdf copy of Closer Than Yesterday

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Fanna (fannaforbooks) | 7 comments Would love to review this!

message 5: by S.W. (new) - added it

S.W. (httpgoodreadscomswfrontz) | 9 comments Fanna wrote: "Would love to review this!"

I emailed your pdf file.

message 6: by Paula (new)

Paula Shene (paulashene) | 8 comments would like to read
my email is

message 7: by Tana (new)

Tana (tana_t) | 14676 comments Mod
sent in your request Paula

message 8: by S.W. (new) - added it

S.W. (httpgoodreadscomswfrontz) | 9 comments Paula wrote: "would like to read
my email is"

I emailed your pdf file of Closer Than Yesterday, Paula. Thanks for requesting!

Tony Parsons (gambino71) | 1565 comments I never got it


message 10: by S.W. (new) - added it

S.W. (httpgoodreadscomswfrontz) | 9 comments Tony wrote: "I never got it


I sent it to this email, Tony. Let me know when you receive it.

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