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Name | (actual name from mother: Coral) Lucy Veronica Snow

District | 1 (personality wise, 12) [can she be in the Capitol...?]

Age | 13

Personality | Not too strong (metaphorically) but very determined, if she puts her mind to it. Lucy loves reading, drawing, and science as well as debates. A passionate girl who often gets herself into problems that are hard to squeeze out of, although with others she can be seen as the "voice of reason". Loves music and enjoys watching TV (but not the news, God please, anything but the news) A good actress and reasonable fashion sense, loves technology but barely understands it. Fighting is something Lucy has gotten herself into (with her sharp tongued, sarcastic self), which her father is not too happy about... Temperamental, but not whiny, and can be seen as obnoxious and chatty. But that's just because of her endless curiosity. Even with her less-than ideal characteristics, Lucy is the kind of person who is faithful, devoted, and will always stand with the person/people she believes in. Lucy can bend under pressure though, and often needs someone else to lean on too. (And if you think she's fearless? HAH! You'd be mistaken.) Although, most people see Lucy as a private person who prefers to watch from the side lines, only making her presence known when she's truly provoked.

Family | Rosegold (Rose) Snow - Mother (distant) ||| Pearl Snow - Sister (close/needs roleplayer) ||| Alistair Snow - Father (dictator.)

Appearance | (view spoiler)

--- Height - 5'1"
--- Weight - 104.1 lb
--- Descriptions - Red hair curled (perm) reaching only to her shoulders. With steely grey eyes, hints of blue, that can catch all the eyes of the people around her and at the same time cause people to turn away. Innocent and pale skinned, Lucy's actual name would fit her more appropriately.
--- Other - Wears *prescription* contacts.

History | Her father is actually from District 12, though he makes an effort to seem like he's always been in District 1. A private man-which is where Lucy gets her need to have secrets-who talks a lot but rarely about himself. Alistair moved to District 1 when he fell in love with Rose, who grew distant after the birth of her two daughters *twins* and some rumor her to be ill and dying. Alistair is head of a jewelry company while Rosegold and Pearl are both models, Lucy is still in school-she refuses to quit and get a job. But she does take violin, piano, and flute lessons (plays guitar, self taught) and Lucy does do the stray model photo with her sister Pearl here and there. Takes ballet lessons, against her will. Lucy dreams of the day she can get away from her over baring family and go do something meaningful with her life. Lucy's actual name being Coral, she decided to rename herself Lucy for the lovely simplicity of it. Though, she was caught between Veronica and Lucy as choices-so she made herself a middle name out of Veronica and a first anme out of Lucy.

Special skills | Fitting into small/narrow places, singing extremely high notes, flexibility, hitting things very-very hard.

Strengths | Singing, dancing/gymnastics, stealing things *she refuses to call it thievery. It is*, throwing/hitting things, talking, drawing, math/science.

Weaknesses | Stamina, aim, making friends *actual friends*, keeping still, listening, keeping quiet, being brave, eating, books, movie marathons.

Fatal flaw | Her fear keeps her locked into the same patterns over and over, and hold her back when she really needs to stand up for herself/others.

Other info | Hears/sees things, paranoid, a fangirl/nerd.

Weapon *if in the games* | Anything she can get her hands on, preferably something big. Her Grandfather's revolver and her father's knife (that he totally knows she has...)

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Imogen Reeves (purplegems3) | 2 comments Name: Aliyah Bryant

District: 11

Age: 12

Personality: Honest, Dauntless & Selfless. Loves Music, The Spotlight (but doesn't outwardly show this) & Working on the Farm. She can also be quite Careless, Doubtful & Hot-tempered.


Mum: Lowia Bryant, 39
Dad: Cornus Bryant, 35
Sister: Armenia Bryant, 20


Height - 4'7
Weight - 75lbs
Hair Colour - Black
Hair Length - 12 inches
Eye Colour - Green
Skin Colour - Brown

History: Aliyah is the youngest of 2. Lowia is a Harvester, Cornus is a Gardener & Armenia is Sorter. Aliyah is a Harvester like her mother. Her entire family were born and raised in District 11.

Special skills: Singing; Knowledge of Medicinal Plants

Strengths: Practical, Observant

Weaknesses: Poor Long-Term Planners, Conflict-Averse

Fatal Flaw: Humourless

Other info: Lives with Lowia, Cornus & Armenia in a small shack a mile from the Farm.

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Sarah | 2 comments Name: Cedar Coralsong.

District: District 4

Age: 12

Personality: Cedar is a little stubborn when she wants something, but is shy and sweet. She loves music and sings whenever she can.

Family: Joanne Coralsong - Mother
Harold Coralsong - Father
Daniel Coralsong - Brother

Appearance: Hight - 5'0"
Hair color - Brown
Eye color - Turquoise, with flecks of hazel.

History: Cedar's family have all been raised in 4. She is still in school, where her and her brother attend. In 4, she had training sessions with him where she learned to use a net and spear.

Special skills: Climing trees, and singing.

Strengths: Playing guitar, which her father taught her, and cleverness, and climbing trees.

Weaknesses: Her stubbornness, spiders, and claustrophobic spaces.

Fatal flaw: She will not give up something, even if it is already lost. This makes a lot of trouble.

Other info: Cedar is a very intense reader; she will read all day if she can!

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