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Humility Garden (Garden of Salt, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fantasy book from 90s (i think). [s]

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A | 3 comments Hi, i am looking for a book ( i belive there where at least two volumes). The story goes as follows: main chart is a girl with average look) her best friend is very handsome and I think his name was Beau?, once in a while selected group of beautiful people goes to a location where they are transformerd - our main character do not want to be left alone so she using make up and gold glitter change to look as nice as possible and she is selected with her friend. From there history is smugy for me I do not remember much but at some point she notice something and hide to not take part in that grand transformation, her friend in the result of the process is now something like soul/fish and live in the pond ( it is like only his essence is left), and she stays in the city/castle?? And becomes involved in leader of creatures - they are winged,and strong? I think that she is some kind of concubine for him? And I think that his wings had claws or something and possible his skin was grey?? He was quite important between those winged creatures and apart for that romance elements there was a lot of political intrigues there... I thought that book author was Karen?? Gardner or garner bot I have checked all options with those names and details and found nothing :( I thought that the cover of the book was green with some picture but that also did not helped... I believe that book is from 90s or late 80s.. as I read it as a teen.. I really hope that you can help me it really bugs me that I do not remember the title..

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Tab (tabbrown) | 4896 comments Can you clarify the plot a little bit?
What do you mean by the girl and Beau "transform?"
Does Beau become a fish, or a winged creature?

Past of series?
Anything about the cover?
Time period/location story takes place?

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A | 3 comments ok, transform - i don't remember the process but in result Beau was no longer in phisical form all what left from him was this essence thing that was like a soul ( I keep thinking that it was fish- looking) after the process Beau was placed on pond he had no recollection of what happened but he remember who he was before he was just no longer full-self. I think that the story was in the middle ages or something no modern additions but there was magic. the winged creatures were the lords/masters of human kind but the altercation between humans and masters was limited to that transformation event but still it was only for the selected. When the main character noticed that transformation takes something from you she hide but then was after discovered they could not let her go to return to her life she had to stay I don't remember what happened at first but she started to being involved with one of those creatures ( I keep thinking that he was strong, had spikes on wings, and grey skin- maybe they were gargoyles?). all I remember about the book cover that it was green and there was some picture at front, sorry nothing more..

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A | 3 comments Yes!! Wow - thank you this is it!!!! thank you so much for the help! ;)

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