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A.K. Alliss (akalliss) | 32 comments Hi,

I have three books now set in the same world, but up until now have never bothered to group them as a series. I would like to correct that. I tried using series: add book in the book settings but that just took me back to the main page.

Series title: The Ouroboros Cycle
The books and order are as follows:
1. Frame
2. Future's Orphans
3. Gravity's Truth

thanks in advance for your help


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From the manual: Note to Goodreads Authors: To create a new series or edit an existing series (which will then appear on your author profile under “Series by”), you’ll need help from one of our volunteer librarians or a staff member. Post in the Goodreads Librarians Group here: or reach out to the Goodreads support staff here .


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A.K. Alliss (akalliss) | 32 comments Thank you!

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