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I am hosting a group roleplay challenge. It is going to be mystery themed. There will be five roles but as more people sign up I will add more roles. Sign ups end on October 25th although after five people sign up I will open up more threads for the challenge. After the 25th I will message everyone to pick a number to find out there role. Then once all the roles are taken the roleplay can start. Here are some of the main roles.

Major Characters

1. The Victim - Will be killed near the beginning of the roleplay although they will tell the story of some of the flashbacks.

2. The Jealous Best Friend: Knows a lot about the victim and the victim trusted them.

3. The Boyfriend/ Girlfriend (Depends on who the victim is.): Cared about the victim but they were the last one known to be with the victim before the victim got murdered.

4. The Comedian: They always told jokes but could they have taken a joke to far?

5. The Bully: Hates the victim.

6. Ambitious Blogger: Trying to solve the mystery of who killed the victim.

Minor Characters

1. Special Mentor: A special person in the victims life that appears on some flashbacks.

2. School Custodian: Often comes to talk to the students if they are upset. Loves seeing smiles on people's faces.

The roleplay will be set in a magic school setting. More information to come.


1. Abbigail - Major Role
2. Ella - Major Role
3. Chloe - Major Role
4. 9124crystal - Minor Role
5. Maya - Major and Minor Role

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Rylee (theneverlandgal) | 11 comments I would love to participate

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Ok. I'll add you to the sign up list.

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Chloe Stone | 12 comments I would like to join

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Ok. I'll add you to the list.

message 6: by skyla (new)

skyla (uwish_124) | 12 comments i would love to join, is it possible for me to have a minor role though, I am pretty busy?

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Sure. I'll add a couple of minor roles.

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skyla (uwish_124) | 12 comments Thanks!

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Your welcome.

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Can I join?

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Thanks. Can I have a minor role? I forgot to ask that earlier.

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