Glass Houses (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, #13) Glass Houses question

Barb McIntyre Barb Oct 09, 2017 08:19AM
I've read a lot of reviews here and on other sites and no one has mentioned my problem with the plot. Despite repeated bouts of guilt, Gamache lets crimes go unpunished, and commits a crime himself (perjury), in order to catch the leaders of drug cartels. Maybe I misunderstood, but he seemed to think that this would stop drugs from being available; that the war on drugs will be won. He gets rid of these leaders, but new ones will take over, and drugs will still be available. This wasn't mentioned, or if it was I missed it. Did he really believe that the result was worth everything that was lost?
I'd really like other opinions/explanations.

I agree with you that Gamache's optimism about winning a battle in the war on drugs is excessive. As you point out, new leaders will take over; neither the desire to earn money from drugs nor the desire to use drugs has changed.
I am not familiar with Canadian issues; does Canada have as serious a trafficking problem as the United States has?

Otherwise, are you a fan of the series?

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