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message 2: by Rebel (new)

Rebel Farris (rebelfarris) | 12 comments Yes, they do. It's a series. I'm not sure how else to create a series other than posting here because when I was creating the book listing I'd hit "add series," and it took me to the homepage.

message 3: by Renske (new)

Renske | 10805 comments Author can't create or edit series, so asking here is the right thing. Series created

message 4: by Rebel (new)

Rebel Farris (rebelfarris) | 12 comments Awesome. Thank you!

☕ Lachgas ♿  (lachgas) | 6187 comments Tim was only asking because GR has quite strict rules for fictional series - and a requirement is that they share characters (or at least a universe). nonetheless, there are quite a few "series" which are like "books are all romances placed in Europe, no other connection" (and yes people do ask to get that added - or find someone who does it).
So it's better to verify if definition of series is matching the GR one :)

message 6: by Rebel (new)

Rebel Farris (rebelfarris) | 12 comments Thank you for clarifying. I didn't know that people did that, but yeah, this series is the same group of people in the same setting. Each character gets a book that they get to be the main character, but it's all the same characters, and it progresses an overarching storyline. :-)

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