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Some Thoughts to Ponder for The Mountain Between Us

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BarbaraBushLibrary I'm about 150 pages in so far, and I have a couple of questions I thought we could discuss:

1. Personally, I'm finding the story to be a tad unrealistic so far. What are the odds of a pilot being able to attempt a landing after his heart has stopped from a heart attack? Then what are the odds that one of the passengers is a gifted surgeon with an interest in hiking/climbing and just so happens to have a set of survival gear on board? While it is totally plausible for these things to exist/occur, do you find the "convenience" of them troubling at all?

2. Would you have made the same choice as Ashley? Imagine the airport has cancelled all flights because of an impending storm. Just as you are about to take a hotel voucher and concede defeat, a friendly stranger offers you a ride on a private charter plane. Do you take him up on his offer? Bear in mind, Ashley is trying to get home on time for her rehearsal dinner/wedding.

message 2: by Judy (last edited Nov 06, 2017 01:46PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Judy Dippel I agree, that it is a tad unrealistic and far-fetched, but at the time I read it, it was a welcome escape that I enjoyed. We have plenty of harsh reality all around us, so a good, easy read for something a bit different... with just enough suspense to still be relaxing.

Sherry I agreed that the book had all of its puzzle pieces come together a bit too easily, however it was a very interesting and compelling story for me. It was a nice break from reality and l look forward to seeing how the movie adaptation is. I look forward to reading some of this other work - this was my first CM read.

Kathryn I first discovered Charles Martin by stumbling on "A Mountain Between Us" in a small booth at an antique mall. It was one of those finds that has stayed with me. After being captivated by his storytelling, characterizations and suspenseful plot, I wanted to read everything he has written.

This book is a gem of a fictional story. Yes, some disbelief must be suspended, but the internal journey of the two main characters is worth it.

FYI - they did not do a great job in translating this moving story to the big screen. And they totally botched the ending!

message 5: by Sue (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sue Barr The movie was a lot better. I saw it before reading the book.

message 6: by Pam (new) - rated it 5 stars

Pam I loved this book, my first Charles Martin book.
Did not enjoy the movie at all.
I have read several of his books and they are all so good and inspirational.
You want a good read--Charles Martin is a great author.

Mira I saw the movie first and did not love it, so when I stumbled upon a book I was not sure if I should read it, but did. In fact I did not read it I "listened" to it. Picked up an audio version and listened to it in the car on my way to and from work. I LOVED it. Could not get away from it. So much better than the movie.

Chere D Smith I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The movie was very disappointing!

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