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message 1: by Felicia, Grand Duchess (new)

Felicia (feliciaday) | 740 comments Mod
Post Comments or questions you want us to talk about on air HERE! And tune in November 2nd at 8pm:

message 2: by Heather (new) - added it

Heather (tornadox) | 20 comments Was Charlotte and James' father trying to become a member of the Aegolius Club? His death had many similarities to the process, but was never referred to again.

Kimberly (mskimandtwins) | 36 comments Would you rather be Alia or a member of the Club?

message 4: by Jessica (last edited Oct 28, 2017 10:58AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jessica (j-boo) | 182 comments Edmund Bier's hope was to forcibly change distinguished personages into vampires, people who would contribute great things to human and vampirekind throughout their extended lives. Great thinkers, artists, etc. Michael Bier wanted to "recruit" Oscar Wilde, while other club members opted for a wealthy patron with ties to America.

Who would you choose to turn into a vampire for the good of the world, and why?

Emily | 266 comments Would you want to be this version of a vampire? It seems like a horrible deal. Also Liza is the best character! She is also the only one to have a happy ending. The story left a lot unfinished would you read a sequel?

message 6: by Matthew (last edited Nov 01, 2017 07:20PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Matthew Kitson | 68 comments there were a lot of pairs/teams, from augustus and edmund, james & christopher, swift & shaldwell and charlotte & howland, which did you find the most compelling?

message 7: by Jim (new)

Jim Saul (jjsaul) | 1 comments Since it's set in my neighborhood, here are a few moderately spooky photos from the "Hollows" setting of the alt pick - just across the river from Cincinnati.

Last Saturday a neighborhood block party featured hay rides through Linden Grove Cemetery 13 blocks south of the river, complete with antebellum ghosts made (by my neice :-) of wire frames and tulle, and volunteers from a local Civil War reenactors group looming out of machine-generated fog banks. It's a bit too big to be the one in the book, unfortunately.

The building is the former Booth Hospital, now condos, two blocks from the Ohio River. Built in stages from the 1890's through the early 1930's, it's in the middle of the historic district surrounded by old mansions from the era of steamboats and the underground railroad. I took the shot during a blackout... the only electric lights were the emergency ones on the porch. The lights in a couple of windows are from candles.

The bridge is the Roebling Suspension Bridge, completed in 1865. We do get more than our fair share of genre-appropriate fog, especially in the fall.

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