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message 1: by W.J. (last edited Oct 05, 2017 04:58PM) (new)

W.J. Aiden | 21 comments Hey everyone,

My name is W.J. Aiden, and I'm look for readers to review my debut young adult fantasy book: Emergence of the Guardians - that I will be releasing in the coming weeks.

If interested, please reply below and let me know your email address, and what format you prefer (ePub or Mobi Available). I'll send this as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Emergence of the Guardians (Book 1) Fantasy


Battling her own enslaved sister, Ana and her one true friend Ethan, are the only ones left to oppose an evil that has emerged from the void of darkness.

With the ability to enslave all who challenge it, leading its shadow army, this destructive enemy spreads across their world, driven by its thirst for power and control.

Bent on domination and revenge, Ana’s parents (the king and queen) have been captured, and are on their way to their own deaths.

All those who’ve stood against it have been lost, forcing Ana and Ethan to stop an enemy who threatens every person’s freedom in the seven realms.

Fighting the overwhelming odds against them, with the fate of those who are still free (in the other realms), crushes down heavily on the backs of Ana and Ethan.

Can they stop the darkness before it spreads to the other realms, freeing Ana’s Sister and Parents before it’s too late?... Or will they fail against an evil they were never prepared to face?

If you like powerful magic, real characters, and young adult fantasy, then you'll love the incredible journey that takes place in Emergence of the Guardians (Book 1).

message 2: by Chelz (new)

Chelz Lor (chelzlor) | 5 comments Hi WJ,

This sounds incredible and I am a sucker for good YA fantasy. I would love to read and review!; Kindle .mobi please

message 3: by W.J. (new)

W.J. Aiden | 21 comments Thanks Chelz, have just emailed you the .Mobi version of the book. :-)


message 4: by Alisha (new)

Alisha This sounds soo good! - ePub please :)

message 5: by W.J. (new)

W.J. Aiden | 21 comments Thanks Alisha, just emailed you an ePub copy :-)


message 6: by Laura (new)

Laura (lfbookblog) | 11 comments .mobi please. This sounds really good.

message 7: by W.J. (new)

W.J. Aiden | 21 comments Hey Laura,

Thanks, awesome, what email can I send this to?


message 8: by Laura (new)

Laura (lfbookblog) | 11 comments Well that is just fail, my bad.

message 9: by W.J. (new)

W.J. Aiden | 21 comments Thanks Laura, happens to us all. :-) Will email you a .Mobi copy now.


message 10: by W.J. (new)

W.J. Aiden | 21 comments Hey Laura, just sent you a .Mobi copy, please let me know if you've received it. Thanks.


message 11: by Laura (new)

Laura (lfbookblog) | 11 comments Got it thanks!

message 12: by W.J. (new)

W.J. Aiden | 21 comments Thanks!

Book Talks Over Coffee (booktalksovercoffee) | 28 comments Hey! I would love to read your book. My email is i prefer .mobi. thanks in advance

message 14: by W.J. (new)

W.J. Aiden | 21 comments Hey there! Awesome, just sent you a .Mobi copy. Let me know when you receive it.


message 15: by W.J. (new)

W.J. Aiden | 21 comments Thanks James, just emailed you.


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