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Evelina | AvalinahsBooks (avalinahsbooks) | 219 comments Mod
Support thread when you feel like going on a NetGalley raid. Let's see if we can talk you out of it.

message 2: by Sad (new)

Sad Sunday (If I say it's bad, it's bad) (sadsunday) | 2 comments I am SadSunday and I am a NetGalley addict. Even if I have tons of books, zero time to read them, I just can't hold myself back from requesting more! There are so many interesting ones!

Evelina | AvalinahsBooks (avalinahsbooks) | 219 comments Mod
I will admit my own fault in Sad's big trouble. I GOT SAD SUNDAY INTO NETGALLEY.

Spare my soul.

Mel (Epic Reading) (mel-epicreading) | 9 comments I got a few ARCs I requested ages ago approved this week and so of course now I'm panicking! I know I won't get to 2 or 3 that expire in next 25 days so I'm trying to really pick the ones I might not be able to buy, get at library or an ebook of easily.
Yes it's sad I've been know to buy a copy of a book to do a review (albeit late) on something I got an ARC of that expired.

Evelina | AvalinahsBooks (avalinahsbooks) | 219 comments Mod
Mel: I have advice! The ARCs NEVER expire on any kind of Kindle - even a phone Kindle app. Download the app and send it to your 'kindle'! BAM! Solved :)

message 6: by Sad (new)

Sad Sunday (If I say it's bad, it's bad) (sadsunday) | 2 comments Yes, I download them too - I will read them when I will be, like, 85 years old. But I will read them!

Evelina | AvalinahsBooks (avalinahsbooks) | 219 comments Mod
I keep telling myself that too 😂😂😂

Mel (Epic Reading) (mel-epicreading) | 9 comments Ohhh good to know about Kindle app. Once they are on my kobo I can pull it off the network and set date back to read them but lately my kobo is a bit grumpy and I'm wondering if it's because I mess the settings up sometimes. Lol.

Here in Canada almost no one has an actual Kindle because it's not near as good a service here. ;)
But I have a phone with the kindle app... so again awesome to know!

Evelina | AvalinahsBooks (avalinahsbooks) | 219 comments Mod
I actually don't know about the Kobo. Because if it's not the kindle, it's usually a DRM protected file that runs out. So maybe that's why?

Also? Mel, I live in Lithuania :D there is NO SERVICE here :D I had to jump through loopholes to even get a kindle xD it's really good anyway, I don't know what I'd do without it :)
But I'm glad you at least have a backup plan with the kindle app now :)

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