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This is a basic breakfast/lunch/dining area. The chef is a strict, tough guy that you better stay on the good side of or risk eating all the foods you hate. Despite, the food served here is top notch. The prisoners dine on one of about two dozen assorted tables and chairs that are all bolted to the floor.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Junko sat toward the back of the block three cafeteria as they did every other day. They sat in such a populated area due to the fact that few guards from the building ate their meals there. The guards didn't particularly enjoy Jun's company, and though they couldn't guess why, they kept there distance as to not make others uncomfortable. Hence why the small, seemingly defenseless, often-underestimated, nonbinary kitsune sat toward the back of a large room filled with sex-offenders. To say they were uncomfortable would be an understatement. Their booty-shorts did nothing to hide their rather large backside and their plump thighs bulged between the hem of their shorts and the unintentionally sexy, thigh-high stockings. Luckily they weren't wearing any garters today to hold up said stockings, but it didn't change the alarming number of people catcalling them. Tail puffed and ears alert, Junko remained impossibly stone-faced despite their racing heartbeat and managed to nibble at their cheesecake without snapping at the prisoners or running away.

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Soon, it wasn't only Junko getting the catcalls. Castyn, Aylor twin brother and quite the looker entered the Cafeteria. He'd been in the neighborhood, needing to handle a certain animalistic inmate who was being too rowdy. However, after hearing Aylor excited declaration the other day that he'd made a friend, Castyn was curious and wished to investigate. He loved his brother, the only person he was openly affectionate with other than Shiniba.
It wasn't Castyn's first time in the sex-offender building thus he wasn't fazed by the attention he managed to draw. He was a guy, despite being boyish and silly, was quite charming and reeked of sex appeal. He wore a classy suit and tie and gloves over his hands. He didn't show much skin at all besides some of his neck and fact. If he didn't cover up so much, the tattoos that covered his body would be seen and it wasn't something he showed freely in public. They were his contracted demons, after all, they deserved some respect.
Castyn's messy, long blonde, orange-tipped hair was tied to the side mostly out of his baby blue eyes. He would look like any normal, tall pretty boy, aside from the long canines, except for the fact he had a usual looking scarf wrapped around him, mainly hanging on his back. It wasn't surprising if some people didn't see it but it was rare for anyone to notice the face in the dark mass before Castyn pointed it out. He liked freaking people out.

Castyn's gaze flicked around the room, pausing to wave and grin at a few familiar faces, heading over to talk to some of them while asking around for Junko. He was quite the feminine resembling guy, looking very different from his brother. Many questioned him about the fact they were twins, even related. A touchy topic for the guy if anyone dared to make any sly offenses towards his brother.
Eventually, he was directed to where Junko sat alone. Their appearance surprised Castyn at first, only really due to how much skin was showing despite being in this block but more so the kitsune-like appearance. It was no wounder why Aylor took to them so easily. He made his way over to the table, standing across from them and politely cleared his throat to draw their attention. "Junko?"

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Junko looked upon seeing Castyn enter the cafeteria, their ears perking. The man was well-known in the prison, both by the other guards and the prisoners. In hopes of avoiding his attention, Jun lowered their gaze back to their cheesecake, kicking their feet childishly as their feet didn't reach the floor. Half way through a thought about a chatroom that had opened during one of their shifts, Castyn's voice shocked them to attention. Their ears perked again, this time in surprise, their tail a bit puffed. Why on earth would this man, of all people, want anything to do with them? The heels on their ankle-boots were some of the bigger ones that they had. Maybe their being slightly taller had caught his attention? And the shorts they were wearing were a bit tight, so maybe it was that? Just earlier they served up a mouthful of metal hammer to a rowdy, handsy prisoner, so maybe Castyn heard about that and decided to check on the damsel in distress?

Junko blinked sharply, jolting themself from their blank, almost bored stare at the tall man. Instead of verbally answering Castyn, they nodded as to confirm that they were, in fact, 'Junko'. Without a second thought, they returned to eating their cheesecake. They expected for Castyn to leave. Either he would get uncomfortable with their silence instantly and leave, or he would try to strike up a conversation, get irritated at their lack of communication skills and then leave. Jun did not really mind either, as they were used to those types of responses, however, they did not know Castyn too well. All they could base their knowledge of him on were the rumors and brief glimpses they'd caught of him. Unfortunately, what little they knew of Castyn scared them enough to make them pause. They had been rude when answering the man, not to mention the staring that had happened before. With a rough gulp and a slight lowering of their ears, Junko offered up a small-voiced response: "Nn... I'm Junko..."

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((They are so precious... why? ))

Castyn's gaze was focused on Junko, unwavering and confident. He stood with one weight leaning more on one leg and one arm grasping his elbow. He waited rather patiently for a response, he could tell that they were surprised by Castyn talking to him. Having someone like Aylor as a brother meant he had to get good at reading body language, plus, types like Junko were just up the tamer's alley. When he got a nod, it was all he really needed from the other party to give him full permission to investigate them. He'd managed to get some rumors about them, They were closed off, didn't socialize much or well but not too much else- yet.
Castyn was about to take a seat, uninvited when Junko spoke. He glanced at his lowered ears and tone they took. It was interesting to hear their voice, it was rather cute. Definitely, someone he wouldn't mind learning how they're in bed but being Aylor's friend meant they were off bounds. How unfortunate.
"Excellent," Castyn replied in a casual drawl before taking a seat across from Junko, resting his hands on the table in front of him. It looked like he was at a business meeting instead in a prison cafeteria. "Castyn, by the way," he introduced himself to be polite, a boyish smile on his lips. "I don't mean to interrupt your meal but I hope you don't mind me asking a few questions?" he asked and after receiving some sort of sign that they were listening he continued. "You're befriended Aylor, haven't you?"

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The way Castyn placed his hands on the table made Junko's entire body cower slightly. They swallowed dryly again, glancing between the intimidating man before them and the cake slice on the table in front of them. Despite how blank their face remained, how disinterested, their ears and shoulders trembled just enough that a person with a good eye could see it. To be quite honest, they were terrified. Castyn, more so than other people in general, was intimidating and his confident, business-like approach to their conversation made Jun twice as uncomfortable. They tried not to look at Castyn too directly, as it would likely make them lose their composure. All they could do as an answer to the man's question was give the barest of nods.

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((Touche xD))

Noticing Junko's response to him, as a professional animal trainer, Castyn realized pretty quit he was scaring the poor thing. Making slow adjustments, keeping his movements slow as if not to frighten Junko, he moved so that he was sitting more casual on the chair, though he was arched a bit more forward with his hands on his lap instead of on the table. His legs were crossed up on the chair instead of hanging off, a little unusual but it changed his business like atmosphere to one befitting Castyn. He was a charming guy but rather childish in nature, for the most part.
"I see," he responded, his tone light and friendly, "I hope you don't mind me asking," he continued, "but I was curious about your intentions of doing such?" he asked, hoping for a more vocal response. He wanted to know if Junko, this innocent looking person was planning on getting close to his brother for ill intent. He'd lost his brother once, he wasn't going to allow it again. The fact that someone Aylor just met befriended him so easily despite everyone else clearly avoiding him was a little suspicious. That aside, Junko themself was a suspicious character. Guards were strong, yes, but they tended to have some say in what building they were assigned to. He was assigned to the sexual offenders building and could wear some suggest looking items without fear. It was troubling.
Castyn did have to admit that Junko had a fairly good sense for fashion, so he couldn't entirely fault him for that if not for the circumstances.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Junko straightened a bit thanks to Castyn for sitting more casually, but when it came to answering, they gave a slight tilt of their left ear. It would come across as if they were annoyed, but they were only confused. "Ayli-senpai is my friend," they stated simply. Their voice, as well as their face, remained blank, which was quite dangerous at the moment. Jun didn't know, but it did seem suspicious, the lack of feeling in their voice that is. Castyn was a dangerous person to irritate, as Junko could gather from the rumors they'd heard of the man. Unfortunately, they only knew how to act as themself, which would end up coming off as offensive toward Castyn undoubtedly.

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Castyn watched the cute guard look, what he could only assume as something akin to annoyed, maybe? It was difficult to tell for certain. He wasn't an expert on body language, he just interpreted it rather well for the majority of the time.
Castyn's brows furrowed at Junko's reply. It did not satisfy his question, nor did it put Castyn's worries at ease in the least. If anything, it increased with how impassive Junko seemed to be and their unwillingness to comply on the matter at hand.
Castyn's back tense and his hair prickled as he felt a bit of his temper spike. He usually wasn't this easy to anger, depending on the circumstance but nonetheless, his brother was the topic of this discussion hence his emotional instability.
He felt Shiniba flex in reaction to Castyn's mood, the demon always ready for a fight, but he tried to give Junko a chance. They were Aylor's friend, who was on nickname bases already, so it must have meant something. That or his brother was simply too trusting.
"After meeting him for a minute?" Castyn question, his smile a bit more strained but his voice had yet to change pitch. "You can see how that's suspicious. Do you have any ill intentions towards my brother? Despite, I'm sure, being well aware of his social isolation in this prison?"

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Junko bristled at the irritation they could smell coming off of Castyn after they had spoken. They couldn't understand just what exactly they had done to anger Castyn, but it was clear by how tense and alert they became that they were well aware of how dangerous Castyn was. For a moment, there seemed to be a shift in the air surrounding Castyn. Jun narrowed their eyes toward the movement, sensing another entity nearby but not exactly being able to pinpoint it's location. This new presence only managed to make Junko even more nervous. Their heart raced, their tail flicking uncomfortably behind them. But their ears were perked, their back ramrod straight. Their right hand twitched toward the handle of their bazooka-hammer, which was strapped to their lower back.
Gulping dryly for the third time during this interrogation, Jun made sure to pay careful attention to Castyn's questions. Unfortunately, they lost a bit of their composure. Their eyes lit with what seemed like more annoyance, their shoulders squaring as they insisted, "Ayli-senpai is my friend." What they left out was that Aylor and them had exchanged numbers that the two of them, both awkward face-to-face, had stayed up late in to the night texting one another. Sure, they both had work to do and couldn't always meet up to hang out, but texting helped relieve most of Jun's social anxiety, making it easier for them to talk. This would not be the same if they called, but even that would be less stressful than meeting in person. Another thing they left out was how they met Aylor, how they waited in anticipation for his responses to their messages, how they were dying to end V's route so they could focus on their conversations with Aylor.
None of this was conveyed however, as all that could be seen was a defensive, annoyed kitsune who refused to give complete answers. The reality was that they were confused and anxious speaking to this dangerous guard. But that was not at all clear.

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((Thanks! ))

Castyn was well aware of Junko's defense spiking up due to his poorly hidden hostility. However, Castyn was crossing the line of caring. Not a good thing to have such a temperamental guard but they needed his ability plus Aylor was usually around to calm the tamer down. Quite the ironic statement but surprisingly accurate in any actuality.
He was just as tense but forcing himself to remain casual despite his hands curling into fists in his lap. If heaven could save anyone if Castyn actually specialized in offensive instead of defensive martial arts. The number of conflicts would double, triple even.
Castyn stared them down, taking deep breaths, counting backward as Aylor had advised him. The longer he had to wait for them to answer, the more ineffective it became. Unfortunately, when Junko responded exactly as they had before, there was no saving Castyn from outbursting. Why he was so worked up really made no sense but he since the man wasn't the emotional-feelings type his affection towards his brother made him quite unstable.

In a second flat, Castyn was on his feet and the chair knocked on the floor a few meters away. The clang from the plastic hitting the ground drew everyone's attention and their silence. The fact that Castyn was mad didn't surprise anyone there, knowing that was often anyone's reaction to Junko. It was an incident thhat occurred often when they first arrived. However, it was Castyn and everyone's gaze was more on his scarf than anything else at that moment.
Shiniba, having reacted to his contracted human's elevated emotion, rose from his position on Castyn. A black mass that seemed to enlargen and revealed a large mouth filled with jagged and sharp teeth. Anyone that had never seen a demon before, this sight was not only shocking but terrifying. Shiniba was in battle mode, meaning it's face mask altered to mainly just show his mouth which it used to swallow things whole or tear things apart.

Fortunately, before either Castyn or Shiniba could do anything, Aylor appeared in between them and Junko, standing protectly in front of his new friend. "Castyn," he voiced, "please don't." Three words were spoken, soft and quiet but had an almost instant effect. Castyn looked almost more furious when seeing Aylor but at his words, he stopped and frowned. Without a word, he turned on his heel and marched out of the cafeteria, heading off somewhere to take out his anger on something less animate.

Aylor watched him leave for a moment when he noticed that they'd gathered everyone's stares until everyone looked away when Aylor gaze swept over them. Eventually, he looked back at Junko. "Sorry," he whispered softly, looking down at the ground. He felt kind of guilty for not stepping in sooner.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Junko outwardly remained calm, but inside their heart raced. In their mind, they were crying in fear. Upon seeing the chair fly back, they swiftly moved onto their feet, grasping the handle of their hammer and whipping it out at their right side. The weapon, a shimmering platinum, transformed smoothly so the handle was now a staff and at the end was a powerful, large hammer head. It seemed impossible that such a small person was weilding so heavy and powerful a weapon, but Jun held it confidently. Their face remained blank even upon seeing the demon that writhed on Castyn's shoulder, though the paled noticeably. They began moving into a stance to prepare for whatever Castyn would throw at them when Aylor stepped in front of them. Jun's cheeks heated and their mask slipped a bit. Relief and even tears colored their normally emotionless blue eyes, their ears and tail dropping as their body began trembling softly. They'd never had someone defend them, much less someone that knew them. Those who thought they knew Jun almost definitely disliked them, but Aylor... He was different. Thus, he got a different reaction from Junko than any other would. They shyly pressed their face against the man's torso, their hands curling against their chest as they allowed a single tear to slip out of their hold. Their shaking was so painfully obvious. It took much to make Junko lose their composure, but the combination of Castyn's anger and Aylor's kindness made them crack just a bit.

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((I feeeeel so bad!!!))

Red ripped apart Ayli's pale cheeks when Junko sudden put their face against him and he felt their small hands against his chest. Ayli hesitantly placed a hand on their head, behind their ear while arching a bit to hide Junko from any prying eyes. This gave Neria the ability to reach Junko, sniffing their hair and gently nudging them. She could sense he was very upset, animal instincts telling them both that they weren't okay. Aylor wanted to bring him out of the cafeteria but it was harder to move the way he wanted with someone else. He could if he picked them up but he didn't want to manhandle them or anything. The fact they were touching him was godsent. In his mind at least but it caused a riot on his body and heart. "Sorry," he whispered again, then making a rash decision, apologized again but this time for suddenly scooping them up into his arms. It seemed like no time at all before they were in the hallway just outside the cafeteria and Aylor laid them on their feet once again.
Ayli could hear the chatter that awoke in their absence, shocked that the two most isolated guards in Nanba actually socialized. They were mainly more shocked about Junko's reaction to Castyn's aggressive behaviour. They knew about their fierce strength and unfaltering expression so seeing him like that was a shock. It had Ayli shocked in a different way. He'd never been close enough to anyone like he was with Junko and had his brother act so violently towards them.

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Junko sniffled softly upon feeling Neira's face nudge at their ears, Aylor's gentle petting calming them slightly. They were trying to tell themself to pull away, to pick up their hammer and stop bringing a spotlight down on Aylor, who they knew didn't like the attention. They tried forcing themself to respond to Aylor's apology, to tell him that it was not his fault that Castyn got angry at them and caused a scene. Though they likely wouldn't have had the courage to either way, they had no time to speak before Aylor was picking them up. Jun's cheeks screamed red, their ears pressing back flat on their head. Their small hands gripping at the man's shirt for only a few seconds until they were back on their feet, now in the hall. They stumbled a bit, their tail thrashing and their chest falling and rising rapidly. "," they muttered absentmindedly, looking down at Aylor's feet as they found themself unable to meet his gaze. They were too embarrassed to do that. Had Aylor just picked them up to save them from the staring?! The only blushed harder.

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Aylor's eyes widened when they spoke about the hammer, realizing it was still in there. "Okay," he murmured behind his mask and went to grab it while Neria jumped down to keep them company. She rubbed against his leg before sitting at his feet, looking up at him. He took longer than necessary since the weapon was rather heavy and his abilities didn't rely on superior strength. He returned, though due to the weight, he was visible returning. "Sorry," he murmured and cringed at the fact he seemed to be apologizing a lot. He put the hammer down in front of them and glanced at them. He quickly glanced away, falling silent. He didn't know what to say besides apologizing. He knew his brother could go overboard but he didn't understand why he went off at Junko. They hadn't done anything wrong. Aylor had been texting them a lot and always looked forward to their texts. He'd gotten a lot of questioning looks from Castyn so he had suspected something was going on.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Junko took their hammer when Aylor came back with it, holding it easily. "Th...thank you...," they muttered. Despite their response it was painfully obvious just how uncomfortable and scared they were. After their hammer retracted into a smaller, but no less heavy, bazooka gun, they held it against their chest like a security-blanket. The crack in Jun's defense widened a bit as the awkward silence between Aylor and themself grew, their eyes welling up with tears and their small body trembling harder. " me," they whimpered, sniffling and wiping at the wetness on their cheeks once the tears started flowing. Their fluffy tail was curled between their shaking legs. "He...scared me a-a lot..." Before they could hold it back, a soft sob left them, another quiet sniffle following. "I...I'm s-s-sorry..."

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Aylor nodded in reply to their gratitude but he didn't say anything. His many faults, the main one being his inept social skills. He could find no words to say nor any action to do. Even Neria was practically at a lost but stuck close to Junko despite. It wasn't until they spoke again when Ayli's gaze snapped up at them and eyes widened slightly. He came closer, hesitant and slowly made the move to hug them. Ayli waited for a sign to say he could or couldn't before he gently hugged them. "My brother just worries about me," he said softly, a big sentence for him and it was clear that it was a bit of a struggle to get out. He gently began to pet them, "I'm sorry," he said it again. He couldn't explain himself and just wanted to comfort them. He'd make sure that Castyn properly apologized. He didn't want Junko and Castyn to be at odds with each other. They both meant a lot to Ayli.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Junko placed their hammer on the floor carefully when Aylor hesitated to hug them. They were surprised to say the least, and that showed in their bright blush, but they needed the unfamiliar warmth of comfort at the moment. When Aylor wrapped his arms around their small body, they froze for a second at the foreign feel of a hug. A quick moment later, luckily, they melted into the man's touch, closing their eyes and nuzzling their tear-stained face against Aylor's stomach. Their small hands reached up to grab at the guard's shirt, another small sob leaving them at the sound of his gentle voice. Jun could easily recognize just how much effort Aylor was putting into comforting them. "No sorry's... It's not your fault," they muttered, their ears still flat on their head despite how accepting and kind their tone was. "I... I've never been...really hugged before... It feels nice."

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Aylor was glad Junko accepted the hug, he wouldn't have known what to do for them otherwise. Castyn was good with people to an extent, once he hit the roadblock then it was easy for him to get triggered. It was unfortunate that he didn't understand Junko nor anyone that he doesn't know well but lacks much facial expression. He didn't seem to trust anyone when it came to dealing with Aylor. A reflection from the time Aylor had been kidnapped. Ayli couldn't fault his brother for being concerned but he didn't need to act so rashly all the time.

Aylor began blushing when Junko mentioned the hug, glad that his facial mask covered his cheeks enough to hide the discoloration from sight. It would have made things much worse. "Good," he murmured softly, his tone lightly conveying his happiness from Junko's statement. He had to agree, the hug was nice. They were so small and frankly cuddly, something Aylor realized when he'd carried them. His ears burned at the thought and it did nothing for his racing heart that he was sure Junko could hear. "Nice, too," he murmured, telling him he agreed with the statement, alas, very shyly.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Junko blushed brightly upon hearing Aylor's words, but their smile only widened. They could definitely hear the man's rapid heartbeat, but it only made them feel closer to the man. For their own heart was trying to escape their chest. Slowly, their tag began wagging, their smile so bright and happy that when they looked up at Aylor, with their ears perked and a giggle escaping them, they were almost exactly as they were when they and Aylor texted. Basically, an innocent, playful, cheerful ball of fluff who was painfully optimistic and kind. "Ayli-senpai, th-thank you," they whispered, their ears flinching back and their eyes flitting away shyly despite the bright smile still on their face. "I was right... You're very kind." They giggled lowly and nuzzled their face into the man's chest, getting embarrassed all over again.

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Aylor blushed, glad that he had his mask to hide it or else he would be even more embarrassed. It didn't help that Junko looked like a bundle of excitement and looked even more adorable than that. Cute things and especially foxes were a critical downfall for him, apparently.
It didn't help with the compliment, their hug he got from them got a little tighter for a moment. Ayli ignored the look he was getting from his demonic companion and he was forced to move away when he heard someone coming down the hall. Well, it was a while away still but he was hyper-aware of everything like that. Neria climbed back up onto his shoulder as he glanced down the hall and a few moments later a guard came down, rushing towards them but stopped a good distance away. He looked scared and managed to stammer out a breathless, "your brother..." he drifted off, choking on his saliva and moved back feeling the aura Aylor had that even that amount wasn't far enough.
Aylor nodded and the guy left immediately. He then looked over at them, seemingly expressionless but his eyes looked a bit sad. "Need to go," he said, his voice hoarse as before but sounding lower, softer than before.

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((Probably, do we want to go to the point where Castyn comes around to apologize? It would probably be a few days later up to a week))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments (Hmmm... Idk. Maybe another cafeteria thing??? Junko would probably be nervous of Castyn coming to confront them again, so they'd either avoid the cafeteria for a week, or they'd ask Aylor to join them. Aylor and them could totally bond more though, if you'd prefer to have him sit with them, or we could just...have Juncchi stay away from the cafeteria???)

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((They'd probably avoid the cafeteria for a while. Aylor would probably have shifts during some of the times when Junko is going for food. Though Aylor could go with him towards the end of the week occasionally but otherwise it's avoided?
But yeah, it can happen here? ))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments (Okay, so, your post? Idk where you wanna go with this, so I'd think it'd be better if you posted first)

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Castyn glared at the cafeteria doors for a good five minutes.... okay maybe not for that long but it was quite some time. He didn't enjoy confirming that he'd been wrong in any situation. However, Aylor had scolded him and Castyn knew he overreacted to nothing. After having your brother kidnapped and trained to forget all about you as well as become a deadly assassin- you get a little paranoid.
Castyn exhaled deeply before he straightened up at Shiniba's headbutt. "Let's just get this over with. If I put it off for even one more day, Aylor will have my head," he muttered. It had already been a week since the incident and he knew those two were still talking. At least he hadn't messed up Aylor's first friendship with another human being.

With another sign, Castyn entered the cafeteria and looked around for the familiar form of Junko. They looked just as scrumptious as they had the first time Castyn came around and just as alone. He headed over, making sure to keep a steady and unthreatening pace. He was here to apologize, not to intimidate them. He paused a step away from the table, standing in their direct train of sight. "I was wondering if I could have a moment of your time," he asked Junko, his words a bit mumbled and wasn't looking Junko in the eye. It was clear the boyishly charming man was acting very sheepish and awkward.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Junko had spent their week texting Aylor, growing closer to the man. The two spoke every day, and even got through two somewhat successful phone calls, despite the fact that Jun had fallen asleep during the second one as they had been exhausted from work. They felt giddy and happier than they had in a long time, and it showed in their usually cold eyes. As the days passed, they reacted in a slightly more relaxed manner to things their coworkers said and did. It may have been a miniscule change, but the other guards seemed to notice. Unfortuntely for Jun, this meant that the prisoners were slowly becoming more 'affectionate' toward them. The inmates had enjoyed how they played hard to get, but hated how quick they were to snap. Slowly but surely though, Jun was beginning to be more open with their quirks, once even allowing themself to smile at a guard they had previously been disliked by. This made the prisoners that much more attracted to them.

When Castyn found Junko in the cafeteria, they were alone as they usually were, but they were sparkling. It almost appeared as if flowers were floating around their head, their legs kicking cheerfully under the table until they caught sight of the approaching guard. An unmistakeable flash of fear pierced through their previously-joyful eyes. Their ears flinched back slightly and they leaned back, openly preparing themself for fleeing. Their slim shoulders trembled delicately. Upon hearing Castyn's awkward request, Junko froze. They stared up at the man blank-faced for a good thirty seconds before nodding mutely, giving him silent permission to sit. Jun watched Castyn carefully, but quietly went back to nibbling on the cinnamon roll in their small hands.

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It was curious to see that not only did Junko have an effect on Aylor but his brother seemed to have influenced them as well. Aylor had been a lot softer, his aura not as prominent and overwhelming. This didn't mean he was any more approachable but people didn't try out of their way to avoid being in the same general area as him. It put a lot of the people in building 6 at ease. He was a tense presence when one was able to sense him.
Castyn waited, alas a bit impatiently this time around, but waited nonetheless. He nodded, "thank you," he murmured, fidgetting for a moment but didn't move to take a seat. Castyn knew it would only make matters worse. His hand rose to run it through his hair, head tilted a bit down and to the side. "Look, I'm sorry for the way I reacted the other day... I overreacted and you didn't deserve it," he murmured. He looked down at his feet, which he was rubbing against the ground, tapping his toes a bit as well. "There isn't an excuse for my behaviour but I hope that we can at least get along for Ayli's sake..." he drifted off and peeked at them. He resembled a brat who knew he was in trouble and was trying to suck up to get forgiveness.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments (Would Aylor tell Junko about Castyn???)

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((Probably, Castyn is... most of Aylor's life xD))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Junko's soft, usually emotionless blue eyes widened upon hearing Castyn's awkward apology. They couldn't help themself, releasing a small giggle and smiling shyly. Castyn was so unsure when he spoke that they found it endearing. And amusing. Once they had started giggling however, they found they couldn't stop. Their small shoulders shook with near-silent laughter, their arms becoming so weak that they needed to lower their cinnamon roll onto the plate before them. There was something so painfully pure about their laugh, something so innocent in their closed-eye smile that it seemed impossible for them to have any ill intent toward anyone, or anything. Once they had managed to calm down, oblivious to the blushing, lustful faces gazing at them from around the room, they nodded up at Castyn. "Ayli-senpai talks about you a lot," Jun hummed fondly, still smiling. Their tone was enough to say that they had accepted his apology, though they weren't yet secure with themself to openly say they forgave him.

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Castyn found himself completely floored. Seeing with his own eyes their expression changing to something other than being blank or fear was something astonishing. What shocked him the most was when they were shaking with laughter. It was a sight that definitely had the playboy, once again contemplating about seducing the androgenous guard but had to press the brakes hard on that. It made him feel like he was sinning or some shit for even thinking that. No wonder Junko got along so well with Aylor. They were both fucken angels or something- with the ability to kill things if need be. How unsettling.
Castyn blinked when they talked, needing a moment to collect himself before he could even begin to process their words. When he did, Castyn blushed a bit, only slightly and gave a boyish grin. It didn't help that Junko was still smiling and their smile was something criminal. He also couldn't help it, he felt incredibly happy that his brother talked about him to his only friend-aside from Neria. She would probably kill him if Castyn didn't include her. Demons were so temperamental.
"Thanks," he eventually said but knew better to think he levelled up in any way, thus remaining the safe distance away from the other guard. "Ayli's been opening up a bit more since befriending you... so I hope you take care of him. He's kind of a handful- if you haven't noticed," he joked charmingly, hiding his embarrassing statement.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Junko had half expected Castyn to turn and leave after getting his response, thinking fully that the man still did not like them. Though they were definitely still afraid of Castyn, their smile remained on their face. There was something unnerving about the man. Aside from his reputation, which made them a bit fidgety because they were well aware of what block they worked in, Castyn's job made them uneasy. He 'tamed' rowdy prisoners who had animalistic traits, and oftentimes features. This made them wary of the man, simply as a kitsune. Their fluffy tail had relaxed from it's tense whipping from when Castyn had first walked over to them, but now it resumed its sway, however slow. Despite how the gentle smile, the amused light in their eyes, remained on their face, the silent self-reminder of Castyn's occupation kept them on-edge.

Jun smiled wider, their ears perking cheerfully after being discreetly given Castyn's blessing. They giggled softly once more. "I...I like Ayli-senpai," they replied softly, only to blush brightly and cover their mouth a moment later. "U-um... Not... M-maybe...?" They twirled their right braid around one of their slender finders. Unfortunately, their smile had vanished with their slip-up, but what had replaced it may have been better. Along with their blazing cheeks, their shy/nervous posture made them seem impossibly smaller. Their tail swayed and flicked nervously around them, their ears pinned back slightly with embarrassment. The killer though, was how they covered their mouth with the sweater-paw on their left hand. It drew attention to the purposefully over-sized 707 hoodie they were wearing, and the fact that their shorts were almost nonexistent under it. Their thigh-high socks didn't help much with the image, only making them more alluring.

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As Castyn stood there analyzing the other guard as he talked to them, he realized how blinded he'd been when he first interacted with them. Sure, he caught onto many of their body behaviour reactions to determine some things but he hadn't been concentrating enough. They seemed so cold and impassive but it clearly wasn't the case. Such an unusual person but it did make sense why Aylor seemed to have become attached. It was impossible for Aylor to get close to anyone that was cruel or as cold as ice.
Castyn's smile turned a little devilish at Junko's confession. He wasn't completely sure if Junko could mean what he thought he did. Nevertheless, he saw an opportunity to tease the adorable little fox and he wasn't going to pass this chance up. He really shouldn't but there was no stopping him now. He decided to sit down, maintaining a good distance from Junko to ensure he didn't freak them out. However, their expression after realizing what they'd said was too precious not to. It reminded Castyn of when he first met Neria- before he found out that she was an attitude ridden demon with enough pride and ego to fill a gymnasium.
"Like as in love?" Castyn drawled with a grin, tilting his head to the side. "Is that what you meant, Junko?" he asked with a chuckle. "Maybe you should tell Ayli that," he stated, "I'm sure he'll like that. That and it'll probably keep these horn-balls from making a move on you," he added, nodding to the collection of people who were staring at them with intense gazes of lust. Castyn was glad he had enough self-dignity to keep himself in control. How embarrassing those people are.

Castyn had a feeling Aylor was already watching anyway. The guy was such a worrywart. If he hadn't noticed all the gazes Junko was getting, he would definitely have seen Junko's current appearance. He could just picture the state his brother would be. A blushing mess to be precise. "Not to mention, they won't be your only concern," he added, leaning back in the chair. This time, a little concern managed to sneak into his tone, despite his disapproval. However, the number of demons collecting in this room was concerning. Sure, he was here drawing them and they were only low-level knockoffs. However, they had enough influence to possess someone and use their desire for Junko to potentially harm him. When people went crazy, it wasn't always because they're mentally unstable and in prison.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Junko's eyes widened at Castyn's knowledge. They waved their sweater-paw frantically, making unintelligible little hums and squeaks of protest. Despite their refusal, their cheeks remained a bright cherry red, clearly stating the truth when their actions wouldn't. Unfortunately, their cute, silent tantrum ended immediately upon hearing the term 'horn-balls'. Their whipped their head to the right, where the majority of the prisoners were. The men, and women, staring at them didn't even bother to look away. Not until Jun's eyes narrowed sharply. Some glanced to the side, others stood and fled, but others continued looking. "I apologize, Castyn-senpai. Give me a moment," they interrupted softly, standing.

It was not a rare sight, what came next. In fact, it was one of the reasons why those that had previously despised Jun still respected them. After they stood, they faced the horde of sex-offenders, walking toward them slowly but purposefully. They picked up their hammer, rested carefully on the floor, as they passed it, making a few of the prisoners back away despite the challenge in their eyes. "Return to your meals," Jun warned in their soft voice. The calmness with which they spoke was oddly terrifying. One of the rowdier inmates stood and met them as they stopped half-way toward the tables. A few others followed him, but the main male circled them. Jun stood eerily still until the man touched one of their ears. With the effort one would use to pick up a dollar bill, Junko chucked the boulder-like man across the room, into the far wall. Eyes burning but face blank, they glared at the others that had frozen in their circling of them. "Return to your meals," they hissed.

From across the cafeteria, the fallen man groaned. The sound roused one of the inmates closer to Jun. He ran at them with a roar of rage, only to have said roar cut off when their small fist connected with his face. He, too, went soaring. A few more people went down; one got a hammer to the knee, and the two others were met with either an angry fist or a petite foot to the cheek. Once the rest had backed away, and/or returned to their food, another guard stepped up to Junko, who had not a scratch. They quietly thanked the woman and then walked back over to Castyn. It was clear by the cute pout now set on their lips that they were still annoyed by the attention, but with a huff, they sat down at the table. With a loud crash, their hammer fell to the floor, cracking in. Seemingly not caring, but continuing to grumble inaudibly to themself, Junko picked up their cinnamon roll and resumed eating from where they had left off.

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Castyn was internally snickering at their reaction. He was going to tease this kid whenever he got the chance now. It made him curious to how Aylor felt about Junko but either way, it confirmed what kind of like the little cutie had for his brother. He'd definitely have to keep his hands off now. Such a shame. They were a temptation and everyone in this place knew it. That temptation only grew, in Castyn's opinion, when they completely dominated the inmates who attempted to attack Junko. One of them for sure under the influence of demons but the rest out of pure pride. They were criminals. Castyn had waved Junko off in their journey, smirking a bit while he watched and patiently waited for their return.

Aylor would have been someone to have jumped in and aimed to take care of it peacefully but knocking everyone out before they could harm anyone. Castyn, however, was a defensive fighter, not an offensive one. Thus, he only confronts once he's attacked and settled the issue by immobilizing them. However, from what he had heard about Junko, they were quite capable of handling themselves so he just sat back and watched the show. He cringed, ooohing when the inmate was hit with that hammer. "Broken bones," he murmured to Shiniba who rumbled against him in agreement.

"On that note, I'll see you some time," Castyn drawled when Junko had returned. He waited a few moments before he spoke and stood up once again. He paused for a moment, realizing he hadn't explained something that he should have addressed earlier in his apology. "Junko," he said, turning to face them once more. "I forgot to apologize for my companion as well," he said, his tone rather formal- unlike how he apologized for his own actions. "The creature you saw last time, Shiniba. He was only reacting to my anger," he explained and then bowed his head. "Until next time," he said and turned to head for the exit. He then waved and glanced at Junko over his shoulder, "maybe I'll tell Aylor to come here and comfort you," he called, poking at the weak spot he'd discovered, "maybe you could even confess!" He exited the cafeteria chuckling.
Fortunately for Junko, he only said that knowing Aylor wasn't around. If he'd been here at all.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Junko looked up, hearing Castyn address them, their eyes widening and ears perking curiously. They shook their head, smiling softly to accept the apology on behalf of Castyn's...friend. They had been frightened by the creature, of course, but knew that it most likely hadn't acted on it's own. Jun did not fault it, nor did they fault Castyn for acting out against them. What they did, however, fault him for was the bright red blush that flooded their cheeks after Castyn shot a tease at them. They whined, waving their sweater paw again and puffing their cheeks out in an adorable pout. Though they did not say so verbally, their body language said what they were squealing shyly in their mind: "Noooooooo!!! Castyn-senpai, whyyyyy???"

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((arrrghhhh so cute! I just want to squish him))

All you could hear was Castyn's boyish chuckles as he exited and left down the hall, only being cut off when the door finally closed behind him.

So, as time passed, when Junko finally decided to leave the cafeteria. Aylor was waiting outside, in the shadows of course but not hiding. His presence was still absent but he wasn't entirely out of sight. He looked to be nervous, pacing a bit while fiddling with his hands. He was softly murmuring to Neria and then sharply turned his gaze to the door when Junko finally exited. His mask still in place, hiding half his expression, his eyes widened and he froze.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments (*they lololol. And thanks XD))

Junko exited the cafeteria not too long after Castyn, having quickly munched on their cinnamon roll to rid themself of their embarrassment. Unfortunately, upon seeing Aylor in the hallway, it quickly returned, their cheeks flushing almost instantly. "Ay-Ayli-senpai... H-hi," they squeaked, covering their mouth with their covered hand. Their free hand, the right, fiddled with the handle of their hammer, which was strapped to their back. Seeing the man so soon after having his brother tease them about having a crush on him... It was too much for Jun to handle, though they weren't sure whether that was a good thing or not. They liked Castyn, of course, as a friend, but they couldn't deny that he made their heart flutter. He's...very handsome... And nice... And he smells pretty...and his voice is pretty, they thought. Their eyes widened in shock at themself. They shook their head, their hands pressing to their red cheeks as they fussed silently over something no one else could hear, or even guess.

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((siiiiiighs I try so hard and get so far... but in the end... it doesn't even matter))

Aylor bowed his head, hiding his face behind his white hair but gave Junko a little wave in greeting. He wandered out from the wall over to them, standing in front of them but an arm's distance away. He then peeked at him, Neria perched on his shoulder, looking at them intently. "Ummm.. sorry...." he said, his voice still rather rough but not as hoarse as it had been when he first began talking to them a while ago. "He didn't do anything?" he asked, voice muffled but his mask effectively hiding his blush. He was incredibly worried that his brother may have done something, especially with the way they were currently acting. It was... really cute... but it was unusual for them to be so facially expressive. He knew Castyn apologized, he was there for that much but had to go off to their building when something created a conflict there.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Junko froze when Aylor suddenly apologized, their hands still on their bright red cheeks, but their eyes wide up at the man. Unfortunately, at the man's question, they only blushed impossibly harder. "E-eh...? He d-d-didn't...t-tell you, r-r-right?" they squeaked. Their shoulders started shaking. Faster than light, it seemed, they ran over to Aylor, gently grabbing his waist because they couldn't reach his shoulders. "H-he didn't, r-right?" Their ears were back on their head, their tail absolutely still behind them. They were petrified. What if Castyn had told Aylor about their slip-up?! What if Aylor was apologizing, and was being so awkward, because he knew?! Jun's entire body started shaking, tears welling up in their eyes. Even the idea of someone else telling Aylor mortified them.

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Aylor's brows furrowed a bit hinting at the expression of confusion as he looked at Junko. He wasn't sure what they were getting at with their stammered question. Did who tell him what? Aylor assumed they meant Castyn but he didn't know what he could have told Ayli that would cause Junko to look so flustered and stressed.
Aylor's eyes widened a fraction when Junko rushed him, touching his waist and tears in their eyes. Aylor, despite the blush nearly sneaking past his mask, was more freaked out due to the tears. "Castyn said nothing," he told him, his voice nearly getting stuck in his throat. He looked away for a moment before back, lifting his hand hesitantly to place gently on Junko's head to pet them. He hoped it would calm them down. "No tears... plea-se?"

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Junko's face, which had calmed down in their moment of panic, quickly flushed at the hand that rested on their head. They had always loved head-pats, found them comforting and calming. But in the moment, it only seemed to succeed in making them more embarrassed. They sniffled, their small hands gripping at Aylor's shirt and subtly pulling the man closer to them. "S-sorry," they squeaked. They'd made Aylor uncomfortable, or at least uneasy. That was enough to make fresh tears spring to their eyes. Somehow they managed to sniffle them away, but what really helped was when they nuzzled their face against Aylor's lower chest. They couldn't reach his upper chest as one usually would, but they honestly really liked the height difference between Aylor and them. They felt secure in the man's touch. Maybe that was why they were able to push down their urge to cry while holding the man close.

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Ayli tensed for a moment when they grasped his shirt, eyes widened for a moment before they softened as he looked down at them. "S'kay," he murmured, the word slurred a bit but just as softly spoken as the rest of them. He noticed that it didn't seem to calm their tears and panicked again for a moment. He didn't know how to fix it and felt like he'd only made it worse- which didn't help the panic.
When they buried their face against him. He froze, looking down at them in surprise before glancing at Neria in question who only lifted her chin up and looked away. With her no help, he looked back down for a few moments and melted. They were so cute. He gently petted their head, his touch gentle and their reaction was too adorable to stop. Ayli was glad that Junko wasn't going to cry anymore, he could sense that much from them and was blushing at the fact that they always seemed to be doing something in front of the cafeteria.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Junko looked up at Aylor from where they had rested their head. Their bangs were messed up due to how they had pressed their face against the man. Those fluffy, creamy, off-white ears where laid back on their head in embarrassment, their cheeks still rosy. "A-Ayli-senpai?" they whispered. For a second, only a second, they thought of confessing. Then they lowered their gaze, pressing their face against Aylor again as they finished, " when you pat my head." Their tail swayed nervously, but there was something cheerful to it's swishing as well. "Um... I... W-would you...m-maybe...wanna...h-hang out o-o-over the weekend...? When we're b-both off? We...we could see a m-m-movie..?" Their cheeks grew darker. Though it may not be obvious to Aylor, it would be to Castyn when the man told him; Junko was asking Aylor out on a date.

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Ayli tilted his head a bit to the side, similar to what a dog would do. It expressed without needing words to explain that he was curiously listening and waiting for them to continue. What could be seen of Aylor's face was soft, looking down at them with kind eyes- something many missed due to their animal-like design. Aylor continued to pet Junko when they pressed their head against him once again and smiled behind his mask. "Glad," he responded, a bit embarrassed but content that he was doing something that they enjoyed. Castyn, Neria and now Junko were the only beings he was close enough with to actually touch. It was a rare and pleasant opportunity. It helped that their hair was incredibly soft and ears fluffy.
Ayli looked confused for a moment at the mention of going off to see a movie together but then blushed when it finally processed. The hand on them moved away to instead brush through his hair nervously. It took a few moments for him to respond, stammering to find the right words. "I'd love to," he finally managed, rubbing the back of his neck.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Junko cowered a bit when Aylor pulled his hand away, their small body starting to shake all over again. What if he was disgusted? What if he said no? What if he hated them for asking? Was asking him out on a date a bad idea? What if they scared him?! Their eyes widened against Aylor's stomach, tears welling up in them again. They were so close to running away, and then Aylor said, "I'd love to." They looked up at the man in shock, their eyes wide, their entire body frozen again. "R-really...?" they squeaked. Then a huge smile cracked through their surprise, their ears perking and tail wagging happily. "Yay! I'm so super excited now!" They giggled happily, rubbing their face against Aylor happily.

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Aylor nodded in response to their question for confirmation. The way they looked so shocked and happy had Aylor melting. They were so cute that it was nearly impossible for him to handle. It also didn't help that Junko's happiness was very contagious. Ayli hadn't felt this happy since a child and feared that if he felt it so extreme that he may just shift into something. That would not be good- well it usually wasn't a good thing at least. He wouldn't know what he would do as an animal while he was happy, it only ever happened when he was angry or scared.
Ayli blushed, hiding his entire face in his hands. He was sure if he didn't his blush would have been easily noticeable. It would have been completely embarrassing. "Me too," he murmured, the sound muffled from not only his mask but his hands now as well.
Neria rolled off him onto the floor, laying down and shaking as if she was simply laughing at the weird duo.

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