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Seashells of every shape and size lie scattered everywhere

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments ((You're post ))

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Gemstone barely flapped her wings, the wind managing to keep her upright. She would once in a while spin, though would quickly stop so she wouldn't get dizzy. She was just about to yell 'weeee' when Pumpkin pushed her down. "He-" she began but paused as she noticed the voices, turning her attention to them

The female Seawing laughed, pushing another pile of sand onto the other Seawing. Her bright gaze focused on him, her large tail swaying behind her

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Gemstone lifted her head a bit to gaze at the Seawings. She nudged Pumpkin gently, shooting him a playful glare. She was grateful that the Mudwing had noticed the two dragons.

The female Seawing giggled a bit, "I'd like to see you get out of this one!" She cheered, eyes shining with delight. She scooped another pile of sand onto him, though made sure it didn't roll onto his face

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Gemstone gestured to the two Seawings, eyes shining with delight. She noted they looked rather rich from the large and beautiful ring the female had on. "Most likely a couple" she thought aloud, yet her voice was soft.

The female Seawing shrugged, "Probably, just don't fall asleep!"

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments "Maybe crabs?" The female Seawing suggested, knowing he loved lobsters. "Or fish? Wasn't your favorite food snails?" She joked, poking the extra pile of sand on his chest

Gemstone nodded, "Of course we should!" She cheered, darting into their view. Her white wings shone in the bright sunlight, catching the female Seawings gaze

The female Seawing turned her attention to Gemstone's white figure, at first thinking she was an Icewing until she noticed the Skywing features. She immediately flared her wings, stepping in front of the 'trapped' male protectively. She didn't want him getting attacked... again

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments The female Seawing was too busy staring down the two to realize what he had said. The last thing she wanted was an injured husband who was king. They had just put two Seawings in jail, and now they were against an albino Skywing and Mudwing.

Gemstone hovered midair, giving a small wave. She had no hesitation to glide over, diving down to meet the two Seawings. She was too excited to notice how dangerous this beach time could get

The female Seawing immediately rolled, lunging at Gemstone and knocking her from her dive. She quickly pinned her white wings behind her back

"Ow ow!" Gemstone squeaked, trying to back away but the Seawing was holding her white wings

The female Seawing relaxed a bit when she realized it was just a dragonet. She recoiled as soon as her talons began to heat up from the albinos scales

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Gemstone sighed with relief when she was released, spreading her wings before tucking them back in. She shook her head, as if to forget about the hostile moment

The female Seawing examined Pumpkin suspiciously though calmed. They were only dragonets. And by the looks of it, students from Jade Mountain. "What are you two doing in Seawing territory?" she asked, her normal warmth seeping into her voice

Gemstone clapped her talons together joyfully. "We wanted to check the beach out" she explained, "We promise we didn't come here looking for blood to be shed. I mean, look at us!"

'The dragonet has a point' the female Seawing thought, noticing how they had no weapons. 'Looks can be deceiving' she thought, her gaze not leaving Pumpkins

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments The female Seawing calmed a bit, giving a small nod. "I'm Angelfish" she held her head high, though rushed over to help her husband out of the sand. She couldn't believe they had come at the worst time ever

Gemstone dipped her head respectfully, "Thankfully, everyone we met has been some kind of 'peaceful'" she didn't like to consider Angelfish's moves as an attack. It was the Skywings fault after all. She shouldn't of dove down to a bunch of Seawings, especially since the tribes were enemies in war

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Angelfish noted how the dragonets didn't seem to show the usual behavior. 'Must not know we're the king and queen' she thought with a smile. She felt warm at her husbands touch

Gemstone's heart fluttered with hope. "It's nice to meet you" she bounced around, hugging Pumpkin though quickly withdrew.

Angelfish didn't say anything about the albino Skywings hot scales. Almost as if she's half firescale she flashed, wondering if Waterscale knew what she was talking about

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Angelfish nodded, her tail still twined with her husbands. She shot him a comforting look, eyes filled with worry.

Gemstone frowned when he jerked his talons back. She took a small step back, "Sorry, that was my fault" she mumbled to herself, obviously sorry. "I should've given you a heads-up"

"That's alright" Angelfish still had her smile, trying to keep the mood positive. Are you okay? she flashed, concerned for the king

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Gemstone gave a small nod, forcing herself to keep her smile. She cheered up at Pumpkins touch, wrapping her wings around him in a warm hug

Angelfish was unsure how to comfort that. At least they wanted to make sure you were fit in case of an emergency she suggested, her wing brushing against hit. But, that's all in the past. Focus on the present she offered a calming smile

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Angelfish tapped her chin, wondering what they're reactions would be. Probably. They don't really seem dangerous she added, turned her attention back to the dragonets

Gemstone shrugged, trying her hardest not to lean towards the conversation. "Probably what they want for dinner" she joked quietly

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Gemstone's eyes widened at the sudden rank reveal. She did a small bow, nudging Pumpkin excitedly. "We're meeting the king and queen of the Seawings!"

Angelfish enjoyed the albino Skywings energy, though still had some suspicion. They did seem like Jade Mountain students, and she 'used' to know a teacher named Surf there too. "It's a pleasure to meet you two"

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments ((Angelfish:*cricket noises*lemme just, um.... *crosses out 4 and puts 7* Thats better :D))

Gemstone rolled her eyes, poking Pumpkin back. She gestured to herself, "7" she replied, eyes shining

Angelfish noted how young the two looked, even for age seven. "Sorry for tackling you. You'd be surprised how many dragons don't enjoy this change of king and queen-ship"

Gemstone gave a nod, seeming to completely get it. "It's fine, I'm just glad it didn't turn into a full on battle"

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Angelfish laughed, her tail twining with Waterscales.

Gemstones eyes just widened even more, "Wow! Talk about the youngest dragons to rule" she giggled, tail swaying excitedly. She was glad that the new Seawing king wasn't hostile. He seemed calm and hungry for food

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Angelfish gave a small nod, "Sure.... suree!! You love the most slowest snails, easy to pick up" she glanced towards Pumpkin before eyeing Waterscale. "I don't think anyone could teleport a dragon" She refused to show how nervous she had gotten. After a couple seconds she shrugged, "Anything is possible in the Seawing Kingdom"

Gemstone liked that phrase. Anything is possible in the Seawing Kingdom it was a good point and idea. "That has a nice ring to it. It'll be the kingdoms motto!" she cheered

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Almost slipped with me as well Angelfish admitted, thinking about the bowl. It'd be yummy.... We wouldn't really need any servants to bring us food she wondered where the food would come from though. She turned her attention to Pumpkin, glancing at her husband before replying. "Honestly, I never kept track of her age. I'm not the one who challenged her" she confessed, leaving her assassin past out. She didn't need Waterscale to know about her job anyway. "And please, just call me Angelfish"

Gemstone clapped her talons with delight. "Wait, so King Waterscale challenged her?!" she seemed happy about the change of tradition. "Whoa! That's so cool!"

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Angelfish's cheeks turned red with embarrassment at the question. "I apologized in my head" she replied with a small laugh, playing with the ring on her talon

Gemstone bounced up and down, nudging Pumpkin, "It's almost like we're looking in a mirror!" she pointed out, except they weren't Seawings, and the Mudwing wasn't near as chubby as the king

Angelfish rolled her eyes, "If I hadn't slapped you, I probably wouldn't have paid attention" she pointed out, happy that the two Seawings loved eachother.

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Gemstone gave a small nod, almost at the same time Pumpkin did. "Extremely" she replied sarcastically, though actually wanted to hear more

Angelfish glanced sideways, thankful that Waterscale had pushed the question away. "Just a citizen" she lied, though made sure that the fact that it wasn't true was hidden

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Angelfish smiled, glad to have moved on from the subject. She had come to realize that Waterscale was good at that. She still sometimes had her doubts about the Seawing. She hadn't had the most peaceful encounter with most of them, so there were still memories there. "He made the coconut lift off the ground" she put it simply, "With his animus magic" she twined her tail around Waterscale's. "I couldn't believe it, but the bad thing was.... Atlantic now knew"

Gemstone clapped her talons together with excitement. She loved backstories like these. The dramatic ones with exciting twists

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments "If you challenge a queen and win, you're gonna become king" Angelfish pointed out, rolling her eyes. She seemed to be acting as if animus dragons were becoming common. "I'm going to make sure he doesn't go insane" she joked, though was half serious. She didn't want her husband to go insane, especially when they loved each-other very much

Gemstone was silent before she quickly piped up. "So, you can make something random appear out of nowhere?" she asked, "Or locate something you lost easily?"

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Angelfish frowned, a little disappointed and mad at herself. She hadn't realized it had turned that back until now. She opened her mouth to say something like 'sorry' but nothing came out

Gemstone nudged Pumpkin, "Judging by the tail-twining and ring, I think they did" she pointed out. She examined the ring that the queen seemed to fiddly with every once in a while

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments "Waaaaaaayyyy more" Angelfish added, eyes shining. She actually enjoyed their adventurous and dangerous life. Though, half the time she wanted to be left alone for about a day to relax.

Gemstone leaned in, "Please tell more!" she pleaded, though knew the Seawings were going to tell more anyway

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments "Obviously ones going to be named Lobster!" Angelfish tapped her chin with a large smile. "It really depends on the dragonet" she pointed out, trying to think of a few dragonet names for princesses

Gemstone sighed, "I wish I could go to the celebration" she didn't look discouraged though, just a little disappointed. "I wish this war would end and everything"

'I wish the war would end too' Angelfish thought

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Angelfish loved that thought. She was sure the Seawings wouldn't mind kind dragonets going to the party. If nobody touched Gemstone for too long, she though they'd be fine.

Gemstone giggled, "Yay! We're invited to a Seawing dragonet celebration party!" she shook Pumpkin, eyes shining. "It'll be great!"

Angelfish loved the albino Skywing's positive attitude and energy. It actually made her a little more happy then usual. "I like Sanddollar"

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments "Posiden! I never forgot the name" Angelfish nudged her husband gently. "I just didn't mention it" she giggled, trying to cover up the band that she had actually forgotten about it

Gemstone wondered how lobster and crab tasted. "Jade Mountain never had lobster nor crab, so it'll be interesting to try some!" she wondered if it'd taste like fish

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Angelfish kissed Waterscale back, eyes shining with glee. She looked surprised at his statement. "I thought you hated snail" she was unsure if the Seawing could even dislike food

Gemstone wrinkled her snout, "I'm going to have to pass on the snail" she answered, trying to imagine the slimy slug like creature. "Do you even eat the shell?"

"Eating the shell?" Angelfish repeated the question, shaking her head. "Some do, some don't"

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments "I think food is your personality trait" Angelfish teased, her tail swaying calmly behind her. It was beginning to pick up speed with every bit of excitement she absorbed. "Would you even eat sea slug?"

Gemstone's snout remained wrinkled, "Eww! Slug is disgusting" she remembered being dared to eat one. Of course she had eaten one, to show the other dragonets albino Skywings could be just like a normal Skywing

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Angelfish rolled her eyes, taking a step forward so she was next to Gemstone. "What a small world to find two dragons who love food like it's their newborn dragonet"

The albino Skywing giggled, giving the young queen a small nod. "I know right! There are only so many dragons who stuff themselves as if every meal might be their last"

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments "I love that you love food" Gemstone hugged the chubby Mudwing, poking his snout playfully. "It makes my life NOT boring" she emphasized the word 'NOT' carefully

Angelfish couldn't help but notice their similarities. Even though they were different tribes, the two couples seemed to share personality traits as well. "Being queen isn't easy either" she pointed out with a playful expression

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments "What kind of sweets?" Gemstone asked, only really knowing of the different kinds of pies.

Angelfish shook her head, "The last thing we need is an insane king" she pointed out, tail flicking nervously. She hated it, but she would turn nervous when animus magic was close to being used

Gemstone gave a small nod, "I like traveling" she quickly piped up

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Angelfish rolled her eyes, "You have a bunch of cooks that prepare amazing meals for you! All you need to do is swim the dining hall" she laughed.

Gemstone giggled, her eyes shining with delight. "Maybe you two should take a trip with us to Possibility or something" she offered, "Seawings are still allowed there"

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments "Isn't swimming even slower?" Gemstone asked, tapping her chin thoughtfully. "I mean, you have to push through the currents and drag your tail with you" she thought saying 'big tail' would sound offensive

Angelfish shrugged, "Well, Seawings are sort of built to be able to swim far distances" she replied happily.

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments "They have exotic lizard like foods!" Gemstone chirped, rolling onto her back. She spread her white wings, liking the feel of the warm sand against her scales

"Lizards?" This time Angelfish was wrinkling her snout. "They're so dry" she pointed out, "But, it's worth a try"

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Angelfish rolled her eyes, "Don't encourage him!" She laughed joyfully.

Gemstone nodded, "We don't need two Pumpkins stuffing themselves with food until they feel like they're going to explode!" She chirped

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Gemstone gasped dramatically, "What have you done with the real Pumpkin!?" She teased, eyes shining.

"Surprisingly enough, I can barely tell the two apart" Angelfish joked, poking her chubby husband. She was happy to have met peaceful dragonets, even if their tribes were at war

Gemstone gave a small nod, "So, is there anything major exotic?" She asked

Angelfish paused for a moment, thinking about it. "We have tiger shark" she offered

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments "Come to think of it, you'll be lucky to find someone who wants to cook a lionfish. Nowadays, their pretty difficult to kill safely and cook" Angelfish pointed out with a tail flick. She actually enjoyed the thought of an exotic feast. "We could even try Anglerfish!"

Gemstone giggled, "Talking about a cow makes your mouth-water" she pointed out, giving Pumpkin a hug before withdrawing

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Angelfish shook her head, "Waterscale!" She complained in a playful whiny tone. "You promised no magic until ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!" She pointed out, glancing at the other two dragonets

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Angelfish frowned playfully, "Nu, nu nu! You promised. Do we need for you to say an oath?" She asked, tail twining with Waterscale. She didn't trust animus magic

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Angelfish rolled her eyes, "You made a promise!" she protested, trying not to act nervous. "I don't trust magical items" she confessed

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Angelfish sighed with relief, though quickly covered it up with a cute laugh/giggle. "I probably still would've been able to take on your 'adorable' face" she replied, kissing him back quickly before withdrawing

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments "Look who's full of them-self" Angelfish giggled, twining her tail around Waterscales. She was relieved to have dodged unnecessary animus magic.

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments "That is pretty adorable" Angelfish admitted, though didn't look convinced. As long an animus magic was kept away from her, she'd be perfectly fine. Maybe even better than fine

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Gemstone shrugged, "The only dragon that's more adorable than you is Pumpkin!" It was a compliment for the two dragons, since she loved the Mudwing and didn't want to disrespect the king.

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Angelfish laughed, "Fair point, Gemstone" she did adore the other dragonets, though Waterscale was the only one on her mind. She smiled at her husbands tough

Gemstone wanted a relationship like the Seawings. Well, without the denying marriage the first time. "Score!" She chirped

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments "LOADS" Gemstone chirped. "It isn't that far" she informed happily

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments "If you can find any" Angelfish replied with a small laugh. She wondered if any servant Seawings came around the abandoned island. 'Probably not a lot' she thought

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Gemstone watched the Seawing king with delight. She noted how gracefully, but slow, Waterscales movement was

Angelfish swept a dune of sand on the beach away with her tail, turning her attention to a couple of crabs on the beach. She darted forward, managing to scoop up a couple. She glanced at Pumpkin and Gemstone, "Want to try it? I'd watch their claws though"

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Angelfish didn't even try to eat a snail. She offered her talon full of crabs to Pumpkin, cracking a claw off one before eating it.

Gemstone took one, trying not to wince at the crack the claw made when broken. She snapped the claws off, eating it in one bite

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