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message 1: by Maha (new)

Maha Musa (MahaAlMusa) | 10 comments Hello,
I have 2 books under my name which I haven't authored. Please remove them from my author page. The links are below.



Thank you,
Maha Al Musa

message 2: by Keith (new)

Keith (kgf0) | 315 comments Hi Maha,

On #2 both the cover of the book and the book listing on GR indicate that you (or someone else with the same name) wrote the Foreword for that book. If that is the case, then it would be correct for that to show on your author profile as a book to which you contributed (which will always be listed on your profile *below* and books for which you are the principle author). If that is a different person also named Maha Al Musa, then please let us know here and we can move it to another account of that name.

Judging from the first book you mention, it does look like there is another person publishing in the same topic area as you with the same name, so perhaps that is the one who wrote the foreword to the second book. As soon as you can confirm this for us, we'll be better able to get to work sorting them out.

(BTW, are you aware that you can "claim" that author profile as part of the Goodreads Author Program? You can use this link to begin that process.)

message 3: by Maha (new)

Maha Musa (MahaAlMusa) | 10 comments Hi Keith,

This is Priyanka (Maha's Marketing Manager). I wasn't aware of the foreword Maha has written. I am checking with her. So thanks. And yes I looked it up on Amazon and the foreword is by Maha but I've sent her an email to confirm.

Regarding the 2nd URL, I think Maha probably uploaded the book earlier so I wasn't aware of it. I began working with her just this year. I have updated a few things that needed to be updated.

But I would also like to add a better cover for the book. But I am not able to delete the cover and add a new one. It tells me only librarians can do that.

So should I send you the new cover to be updated?


message 4: by Keith (new)

Keith (kgf0) | 315 comments Hi Priyanka,

Regarding the book cover, do you mean a better quality image of the existing book cover, or a new edition of the book with an entirely different cover?

If it's just a better quality image, yes, getting a copy to me will allow me to update it. Probably the easiest way would be to give me a link in a comment here or in a private message pointing to where I can download the image directly. There may be a way to add an image to a comment here, but if so that is a trick I have not yet learned myself.

If, on the other hand, you mean a whole new cover, Goodreads handles that by adding an Alternate Cover Edition (ACE) rather than by replacing the old one, per the policy described here: This is especially true if the edition with the new cover also has a new ISBN.

Goodreads is more like a library than it is like a bookstore, so older versions don't get deleted. Users can get pretty touchy about having the cover image on their GR page match the cover on the edition of the book they actually read or have on hand. This seems to be increasingly true as electronic books may get issued with a dozen different covers for the same book.

message 5: by Maha (new)

Maha Musa (MahaAlMusa) | 10 comments Hi Keith,

So yes, the foreword is fine. I have checked with Maha. And yes I would like to update the cover with a better quality image. I will share it with you. Any specific dimensions for the best display? Thanks.

message 6: by Keith (new)

Keith (kgf0) | 315 comments For cover images, our manual says "The optimal size is 700 x 933 pixels" though it will also adjust within about a 20% tolerance. I'd suggest aiming for 725 pixels wide or smaller.

message 7: by Maha (new)

Maha Musa (MahaAlMusa) | 10 comments Hi Tim and Keith,

So the ebook cover (for Amazon) is different from the hardcover book cover because for ebook readers we need a more legible cover so that it can look good on mobile and tablets. The books are the same. I have updated the title to read Dance of the Womb - The Essential Guide to Belly Dance for Pregnancy and Birth.

Therefore the covers for the ebook and the Kindle version are correct. The image you see in the website is an old one so we will update it with the new ebook cover. Thanks for pointing that out.

The hardcover book cover is the red one. And I will provide a new image for you to upload. But I don't see a way to attach a file here. How can I send it to you? Thanks.

message 8: by Maha (new)

Maha Musa (MahaAlMusa) | 10 comments I have added the cover. Thanks.

message 9: by Maha (new)

Maha Musa (MahaAlMusa) | 10 comments Yes, it does. Thank you so much for all the help!

message 10: by Maha (new)

Maha Musa (MahaAlMusa) | 10 comments Unrelated question to this thread. Please let me know if I need to create a new question.

Under my Book Links, if I click on it, nothing shows up. Where do I need to edit this? Somehow unable to figure it out.

message 11: by Keith (new)

Keith (kgf0) | 315 comments Thanks, Tim; I've been tied up elsewhere.

message 12: by Maha (new)

Maha Musa (MahaAlMusa) | 10 comments Tim... Splaining wrote: "If I am correct about what you are seeing (or not seeing) is controlled by each reader/user. Under profile account settings there is a section for Book Links that gives some level of control over w..."

Yes, exactly I don't see the book links from my account settings. So I'm wondering where is it available.

message 13: by Paula (last edited Nov 03, 2017 10:54AM) (new)

Paula (paulaan) | 7029 comments Maha wrote: "Tim... Splaining wrote: "If I am correct about what you are seeing (or not seeing) is controlled by each reader/user. Under profile account settings there is a section for Book Links that gives som..."

try this link

or click on the link "Book Links" in this help page

message 14: by Maha (new)

Maha Musa (MahaAlMusa) | 10 comments Okay the first one worked. Thanks for all your help!

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