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Joyce (joyceann17) | 47 comments Mod
Any thoughts on "Green World" and the windmills?

Joyce (joyceann17) | 47 comments Mod
I love this one! The intensity didn't let up (after Cry, Cry, Cry I thought it might.) But Alexie's genius, the juxtaposition of beauty and horror, just amazed me. I felt breathless.

Cady | 15 comments Mod
I'm glad you mentioned the juxtaposition - I agree that is the main point of this one! It also felt satirical to me, saying that even the things we do that are "green" are hurting nature, and that even though man is trying to do right by the environment, the tools we create and ways we go about it still hurt someone (the birds.)

I'm curious how real of a problem this is with windmills. Especially since we put them over the ocean, are they killing loads of seabirds? I'm curious if anyone knows (I guess I could research it too ;-P)

Teresa (tvadakin) | 8 comments Mod
This was a powerful story. I could see the windmills, and feel the heaviness of the narrator's predicament over his occupation. Alexie utilized imagery so the reader could see the blood and hear the shotgun. The part where the narrator says, "We humans have to kill in order to survive' struck me. And I was left pondering the question, "Do we?"

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