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How to present charts

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message 1: by Phil (new)

Phil Maxey | 1 comments First post here. I'm an author, and I'm planning a LitRPG novel. Regarding the charts, do they have to be displayed as images? or could characters be used to show the stats? such as the following...

Stamina: 89
Strength: 56

And so on?

Also does anyone know of any successful LitRPG novels that are using characters instead of images for the charts?

And lastly do you like more elaborately designed charts? or basic is fine?

message 2: by Stephen (new)

Stephen | 1 comments I’ve seen novels using both varieties for stats. Text is fine but it usually bold, in a different font, center aligned or something of that nature. More elaborate charts are always fun for me if they follow the theme and lore of the novel. But for me personally it’s not a make or break item. The Way of the Shaman series uses a text base

message 3: by Kriegen (new)

Kriegen | 2 comments One problem with images, they don't scale and line wrap if you change sizes on a screen.

message 4: by C.A.A. (new)

C.A.A. Allen (caaallen) | 1 comments That is a good question. For my upcoming release I was thinking an elaborate version for the print book, and a simple version for the ebook due to font size scale issues.

"The Land" uses bold, various colored text, italics, and a text box that scales fine in the ebook version.

What LitRPG ebook do you think has the best chart/stat/message formatting?

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