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Don’t watch the show. Watch it afterward, maybe. I think the first season is pretty close to the book. Few things are missing because of budget, but pretty close. The books make a lot more sense than the tv series.

What do you mean hard to read? The writing style isn’t hard, but there are so MANY characters it might get confusing. I use to forget people all the time, and then they are not mentioned for a long time. It is a complex book, and it goes back and forth.

I absolutely love this series. There are so many theories out there and I love trying to guess what GRRM is going to do. True, some of the women’s perspectives are a bit lacking, and his men characters are better written. I still love it and it is like drinking water when dehydrated. I just need to know more.

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Hi Shamima. Welcone to the group.

1. Is the books easy to read?
-no definitely not easy reads. But it's worth the extra effort. I was constantly looking up info. online but I like that kind of thing.

2, Should I watch the tv series or reading the books first ?
-i did both at the same time but don't really recommend my way. Reading the books first is the best way however keep in mind that all the books are not yet written and the show will conclude before the books are done.

3, Are these books scared?
-scary? No! Gross! Yes!

4 ,Give me a reasons why I should read Game Of Thrones series
-it has a little bit of everything:
Power struggles

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Honestly it is well worth the read. They are difficult when it comes to the genealogy, but worth the study. The books are better than the series in my opinion, however the series helps you keep track of the story when you are reading. To answer your last question, I feel that the writing of GRRM is incredibly talented and that is why I read it. Oh, and Tyrion is the best character. :-). Welcome to the group!!!

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Megan | 4 comments 1. The books are difficult in that they are complex with many settings, characters, and storylines. The shows were even difficult to follow initially until I got to know the characters.
2. I started the series first and then HAD to read the books. I think it depends on how the movies or shows affect your opinion on the book for whether or not you should read or watch or both first. The show is different in many aspects from the books. The books also answer some questions that you may ask while watching.
3. The books aren't scary at all! This is the first time I have read fantasy so I don't really have a comparison but ic you ever watched The Tudors or learned anything about historical British royalty, it's kind of like that.
4. I would suggest not reading the books because you will be addicted. 😉 But if you need a new drug then DO IT.

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