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Should I read Game Of Thrones books?

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a.l.s 1. Depends on what you consider easy to read. they are very detailed and sometimes a little hard to wade through, especially the first one, but they are enjoyable.
2. Also depends. book fans have been waiting for years for him to finish the series and he doesn't seem in much a hurry to do so. so if you are a person who hates to wait to find out the end of the story, you might like to at least follow along with the tv show so you can continue once you finish the books.
3. I don't consider them scary but they are about war so death, dismemberment and some supernatural elements are mentioned. if you do not like this sort of thing, then you might not enjoy the series and you definitely wont enjoy the tv show because they depict these deaths in full gore.
4. It is a good story. it has a little bit for everyone, romance, political undertones, events that copy real events in history, and lots of world building. its a good story.

Alex Logan Put simply, yes. More in-depth, though:

1. I suppose like a.l.s said, it really depends on what you consider easy to read. What are your favorite fantasy books/series? In terms of density, it's not nearly as hard as say the first 60 pages of The Golden Compass. In comparison to that, it's quite easy to get into.
2. Honestly? I read the books first, but I would probably recommend watching the show first instead. The show misses a lot of details and it can be extremely frustrating to watch afterward and see all that they've cut out. If you read the books second, though, I imagine it would be a pleasant surprise how much more detail there is. (I love both, just to be clear.)
3. There are chilling parts, but they are more to do with the brutality and insanity involved. It won't give you nightmares or anything.
4. Again, a.l.s said it best. Lots of world building and I agree there is something in it for everyone. I think it's a very satisfying story.

Holly I would definitely say yes. If you're familiar with the tv series and know what you're in for, then i would pick it up right now. It's not always an easy read, but it's epic. It can be gruesome, and brutal, and it will have you throwing the book at the wall in despair, but then you'll pick it straight back up because you need to know what's going to happen. It's amazing. I read some of the books before i knew the tv series and I'd recommend the reading experience all day long.

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