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An attachment to the arcade room located in the neutral territory in Nanba prison. It's inside the room itself but also its own little area. Rows of tables with computer systems hooked up two to each table. Though, in the corner of the area is a multiscreen hook up for multiplayer pc gaming to occur, hooked up with a sweet couch [with cup holders] to sit and play with other inmates or guards.

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Kasumi sat on the couch, curled up in her blanket, a new one today, a big brown one with yellow flowers on it this time around. She leaned back, staring at four of the screens, two were playing two different animes while the other two were just playing the starting screen of two different PC games that she hadn't gotten the energy to begin playing. She was just taking in everything, mainly paying attention to the anime. However, she felt very tired, more so than usual, kind of weak and not to mention flushed and short of breath.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments Jagger had just come from the vending machine, really his only source of food as most of his time is spent in the arcade. He had a can of lemonade and a couple bags of chips. While walking to see random computer to play Divination he noticed Kasumi and headed that way. "Long time no see." He smirked, leaning against the wall and checking out her set-up. "Quite a thing you got going on? Is that Rock Band?" He point to one of the startup screens. That, to be honest, was one of his favorite games of all times, besides Divination anyways.

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Kasumi looked over at him, her head resting back on the couch when she heard him speak. She blinked a bit before she recognized him and nodded. She then noticed the bags of chips and sat up a bit, looking at him with big pleading eyes. She was starving and couldn't find any energy to get up and get food. She doubted this would work but she was willing to risk it.
She glanced back towards the screens, blinking and only then realized the games she'd put up. Fascinating. She nodded and looked at Jagger, "want to play?" she asked. It was a game that was more fun with others.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments Jagger gave her a smirk then plopped onto the couch next to her, tossing the bag of chips into her blanket so she could eat them. ¨Sure man, I always enjoyed the music games.¨ He picked up the guitar on the floor and began getting it hooked up then began flipping through the songs. ¨They got a good amount here.¨ He smirked as he listened to one and noticed the mic nearby. ¨Wanna be the mic or the guitar?" He looked back over to her, holding both out for her. He wasnt dressed in prison garb today, but regular shirt and jeans.

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Kasumi's dark eyes lit up with glee, taking the bag and opened it while mumbling a quiet and quick thank you before she immediately began munching on chips. They were so good. "They're fun," she agreed, with some food tucked into her cheek like a chipmunk before swallowing it afterward. She nodded, nibbling on chips while she watched him. She looked at both with a concentrated expression but ended up shrugging, moving her entire blanket that was wrapped around her shoulders. "Either or," she told him. She knew how to do both... at the same time, she just wanted to play with someone for once. She was hoping it would be fun. She didn't game with people in real life instead of online.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments Jagger tossed her the mic and used the controls on the guitar to flip through the songs, he was kinda curious what she was underneath the big blanket, seeing as the few times she was around, she had some kind of blanket. His favorite was the watermelon one. He found a random rock song on the list, Enter Sandman, and just couldnt resist. ¨Gotta get some music in your veins, get you going.¨ He didnt really think about what he was saying, he just wanted to make conversation with the girl as she wasnt much of talker, or a mover, or much of anything, he thought for a moment as he waited for the song to load.

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Kasumi slid her hand out from her blanket to attempt to catch it. Fortunately for her, the mic was caught by her lovely 'blanket' when she missed it but picked it off from her lap to check that it was on. She looked over at him and actually smiled. Music was wonderful it was the only thing she liked outside of gaming, computers, and anime. "I guess," she agreed but she wasn't much of a mover. Especially since she was close to having an anemic episode. She noticed the song he chose and pulled out her phone to search up the lyrics to know beforehand. "See who gets the better score?" she asked, glancing at him with large watchful eyes but looked really excited.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments ¨Nice catch. Of course for the best score, you know who I am, right?¨ He chuckled as the song began to play so he strum along to the notes on the screen. It was a simple song but he loved playing it to get started. He gave her the mic just to see if she would be any good singing, also since he wasn´t a good singer at all.

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Kasumi gave him a small pout, well a look that could be considered that since her facial muscles didn't move too much. Her eyes mainly expressed most of her emotions, it was good that they were big. "Second best?" she said, a teasing note in her tone while she hid a small devilish smile. She couldn't help it, she wanted to see his reaction. She didn't mean any harm of course nor did she care too much who was better. She just liked the feeling of competition.
When it was time for her to begin singing, having already skimmed through the lyrics, she sang into the mic. Surprisingly, the closed off girl had a good set of lungs on her. She wasn't at singing, besides the scoring bit, but she didn't sound that bad either. Soft but hitting the pitches she needed to. She began smiling half-way through the song, having a bit of fun but her mind was very distracted.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments ¨Oh your going down, little lady.¨ He began to actually play the song, playing his best to hit the right chords to beat her music score. He looked over to her for a moment and noticed she looked kind of sickly and paused the game for a minute. ¨You okay Kasumi? You look way more off than usual.¨ Jagger was kind of worried about her and it really showed on his face. ¨Are you like sick or dying or both?¨ He gave a small chuckle, trying to keep the mood light.

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Kasumi smirked, "fat chance," she retorted. She could play this game singing, playing guitar and drums, so being limited to singing theoretically should be a piece of cake. Though it meant she was even more distracted than she usually was so that was fun, plus she was exhausted and it was showing in the breathy way she sang.
She slung her head back against the couch and blinked at him. "Anemia," she murmured, wanting to curl up like a burrito. "Probably some sleep deprivation as well," she added in a low voice. It's been a while since she had slept more than an hour.
"I'll be fine... need some food... meat," she murmured. "Finish game, get food, more games," she reasoned, her eyes big and hopeful.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments Jagger set the guitar down and stood up, leaving the game paused. ¨No. We need to get you food now, come on. Can you even walk?¨ He raised an eyebrow, worried now about her. ¨You dont need to be playing these games that much, even I have to take breaks to go do some work or sleep or shower.¨ He put a hand on his hip and the other reaching out for you to grab if she needed the help. ¨And your puppy eyes arent gonna work this time, we can stop playing for awhile.¨

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Kasumi pouted but she shifted her blanket to slide out her legs, they were scrawny things and rather bare, very pale. She was wearing legging-like pants that only reached her knees. She placed her bare feet gently on the ground and tried to push herself onto her feet but her muscles wouldn't do what she asked of them. She felt too tired to move. She shook her head, a slight movement before she curled back beneath her blanket. "I do those things... well not a lot of sleep," she murmured. She was an insomniac, she didn't like sleeping and found it hard to sleep. She looked away and laid her head down, murmuring softly under her breath.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments ¨Well come on then, Im gonna have to carry you.¨ He sighed and adjusted his glasses as he bent down and picked up Kasumi with ease. ¨Sleep is really important, without it your gonna just collapse one day and not gonna get up.¨ He began to carry her to the door, avoiding hitting any cabinets or computers and getting her to a small little vending machine. It was one of those high class ones that make pizzas and other food, actual food. e had set her down into a chair and was pulling out his card to get food. ¨What do you want?¨

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"Sorry," Kasumi murmured but her eyes clearly weren't focused in the slightest. She was a small thing, not too much weight to her at all. "Insomniac," she murmured in response. She couldn't help it in the slightest. When they got to the high tech vending machine, she pulled out a card from her burrito-like wrap that she was in. Working in this place had it benefits, "meat," she responded, "red," she needed iron.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments HE took the card and got her a pepperoni pizza. It took a minute and he wasnt angry at her or anything, just wanted to make sure she was ok. It was an odd connection he felt towards the girl, like a friend but diffrent. It was fascinating to Jagger. When it was done he grabbed the tray and walked over to the seat next to Kasumi and handed the food to her. ¨Eat.¨ He told her sternly, making sure she wasnt gonna die.

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Kasumi obediently took the tray and consumed the food greedily. She barely came up to breath but she did and turned to look at him with big eyes. "Card?" she asked, not that she didn't trust him since, at this point, she kind of did. However, she wanted a drink and didn't want to make him do everything for her. She wasn't that incompetent. She still felt woozy but as she digested she knew that she'd feel better. It would be a matter of time but she was used to it. She only ever had herself to rely on.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments Jagger handed it to her, having a look on his face, something like a smile but he never really smiled, smirked maybe, but never actually smiled. ¨Do you need something else? Because most likely I got of these points or credits or whatever the hell you call them on my thing than you got on your card.¨ The only reason for it was all the work he did for the prison, it was something to pass the time along Jagger always told himself. He itched at some of the scruff on his cheek and waited for to get what she needs. He felt slightly better about himself, but that was usually the case when he was in the arcade, knowing he had complete control over what he could do in the games, basically he could play God if he wanted to. But outside thoughs games, everyone else tried to do the same, and it urked him.

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Kasumi gently took it from him, fiddling with the card a bit while her gaze darted away from him to the vendor, investigating the options while listening to him speak. "Drink," she replied, not going to hide it and giggled. It was a soft and breathy sound but oddly uplifting. If her appearance didn't convince someone enough, her laugh was enough to convince someone that she was young. "Point system," she told him, finally making her way over to the vending machine, crawling over. "It would be bad if prisoners got hold of credit cards so the distribution of food pay is through a point system," she explained, stopping in front of the machine, sitting on her heels. She needed a small break despite the short distance. She then glanced back at him, "I do work a lot," she said. She got quite the salary for working a lot of long night shifts.
She then lifted herself up onto her knees to put the card in, pressed the button and received her drink and tucked away her card once more. She was sitting on her legs again, inside the blanket and hunched over. After a few moments, she looked back at him and held out the drink while her free hand kept her blanket closed. She couldn't open it.

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"Point system, of course, well I got a lot of those." He said as he walked over after a bit when she held the can of soda out for him. Jagger took a seat next to her and took the can, opening it with ease as most peolpe would. "You got a nice laugh there, love." He then patted her blanket where he figured her leg was and rested his back on the vending machine. He had taken his glasses off to clean them a little and he looked a thousand times more exhausted with them off.

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((It happens xD))

"Thanks," Kasumi murmured in a low voice, gently taking the pop from him and turned around to also press her back against the machine. She took a small, hesitant sip from it and then looked at him. It took a moment for what he said to process through everything else she was thinking about but when it did her eyes widened and a blush lit her cheeks. Surprised at the compliment, since it wasn't something she really ever got. She looked away and continued drinking but you could practically see the steam coming out of her ears.
Eventually, she also finished off the soda and glanced at him. "You sleep?" she asked, purely curious. Other people confused her after all, she didn't understand them. He may like games but he wasn't too much different other than that.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments He looked over as she got all sort of flustered and he had to smile more naturally watching the girl. "Your welcome." He placed his glasses back on and raised an eyebrow. "I hardly sleep, can't seem to get myself to stay asleep. But when I do, I never enjoy it since all I do is work or plat video games." His mind mostly was a problem, being a super genius Jagger figured came with the problem that you can hardly stop thinking about twenty diffrent things.

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Kasumi's eyes watched him, large and watchful but clearly, slightly, dazed as well. It was like her mind was at, at least, two places at once. "Me too," she said, knowing it already came up but she was curious to see what it was like to have something in common with someone else besides an enjoyment of gaming. "I can't get myself to sleep," she explained, a little different but the same outcome. "Only when I pass out from exhaustion," she added, taking another sip while she looked away at all the gaming machines in the room.
"Family?" she asked suddenly, having been thinking about a time when she had passed out and her family left her there as punishment for not following their expectations or some shit. She was sick for two weeks after that since she had slept in the bare minimal on the cold floor for hours.
She was feeling a bit better but wanted more food. She put her soda down between Jagger and her then she slipped out from under her blanket to go get something to snack on. She was scrawny, basically skin and bone. She returned rather quickly with a container containing strips of barbequed chicken. She slid back under her blanket, a piece of meat hanging from her mouth. She flicked her crimson gaze to him before offering him some.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments "Well let's see, drunk of a father, mother was useless, and my siblings and I became one of the greatest heist masters in the world. I guess we did alright for ourselves." He chuckled and glady took some of the chicken, as he left his bag of chips on the couch. "Are you feeling better?" He asked, now curious if her blanket had any like pockets or whatever since she seemed to be able to pull stuff out of nowhere. He had taken a sip out of the soda while she was out getting food. His own eyes looking at her, trying to get some sort of read off her. Jagger was getting nothing

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Kasumi seemed to grow very interested in the 'heist masters' comment. She didn't really know much about the inmates of Nanba. That wasn't her job. Her job was to make sure they were doing what they were supposed to and no one was breaking in or out. "Heist masters?" she asked curiously, head tilted while she chewed on the chicken. She did nod at his question. She was feeling better, not a hundred percent but her iron levels were increasing little by little, enough for her to function.
Her mind glazed over his parental situation. It was bad but it was the past and he was here now, far away from them. It was the only good thing about being a prisoner or being at Nanba. It was the perfect escape.
Unable to stand to stay focus on just eating and actually talking to another human being face-face, she pulled out her phone to one of the simple mind games that were on it, doing that while she did everything else and sipped her drink.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments "Yeah, we were like the classic bank robbing crime family. Except we did a lot more than rob banks. We got caught because we got cocky but now it has presented me a new challenge, they say no one can get out of this prison, right?" He didn't really want to escape, he actually wanted to help the prison, it may be somewhat of a hell hole to him but god dammit it was a really good hell hole. So all this simply was to find any cracks in the system to take to the higher ups. "I want to see if I can find a way out, for fun you know." He winked and took another piece of chicken, popping it in his mouth with one slick movement.

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((Mind if I sauce a certain old man in here. He might be able to give some interesting words to a "Classic Bank robber." ))

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Kasumi had to think, during one of her many thought paths, about the fact it wasn't too smart to share any of this sort of information with someone who clearly worked at Nanba but she brushed it off quick enough. "Did more?" she inquired curiously, wanting to know some of the details. The one thing she loved about this place was the fact that everyone's stories seemed to be backgrounds on anime or manga characters, even game characters.
"Out of this prison entirely, yes," Kasumi answered, fiddling with something beneath her blanket while gnawing on the chicken. "I heard people had gotten as far as the outer door but faced with the vast ocean and Warden Officers..." she drifted off and shrugged her shoulders lifting her heavy blankets.
Kasumi nodded, wanting to mention she'd already figured that stuff out but she knew that wasn't information she could share with him, even if she enjoyed his company.

((*shrugs* Idk))

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments "Well, I don't actually want to leave, just I figure it would be some sort of challenge to try and figure out a way. For fun ya know." He smirked when he heard the more comment and laughed a little. "Yeah, more. We con, swindled, and stole from every high person who woudn't give a damn and help out. They were vile we just sorta helped get them to give and be good peolpe." He was sarcastic with the last sentence, they kept the money for themselves, but he didn''t need to tell her that. JAgger peeked under the blanket to see what it was she was fiddling with.

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Kasumi nodded, "well, if you figure it out, don't tell anyone," she stated, her tone monotone but her expression open and innocent. She didn't completely believe him but she was confident that these guards would stop them if they happened to do anything. The ones she had happened to meet seemed competent enough.
"A little like robin hood?" she asked curiously though she was a little amused by the last bit to his comment. It was clever.
She happened to have a Gameboy that she was playing a game on while talking to him. She was almost always doing something and this situation was no different. She doubted she could keep her sanity of she didn't.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments "Well, I was gonna tell you. Maybe you could use it for something devious." He shrugged, getting bored very easily. "Robin Hood is one word for it, Leverage is another." He wiggled a bit, pleased with the description he put out. "Whatcha playing now? Pokemon?" Yellow was his favorite, going with the basic is always the best.

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Kasumi shook her head, "you can tell me but I won't do anything with it," she stated with a shrug, blowing her hair out of her face. She had no reason to anyway. She may be young but she was hired for a job and she wouldn't want to do much to jeopardize that. If she did, she'd have to return home to... that place... She liked it here much better.
She hummed at his correction. She didn't understand people, let alone the criminals that Nanba kept. So she didn't understand the concept of holding leverage over someone. Why would they care? How was it even useful?
"Zelda," she murmured, glancing at it. She did feel the sudden urge to play some version of Pokemon now.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments Leverage was something that Jagger had a lot of over many, many, people, even a coulpe prisoners in every building. Power was something the Van Kirk family used to survive and prosper. He gave a smirk and stared down at the game. "Ah, my second guess. If you want, we can go back to the Rock Star game and let me beat you at the game." He scooted a little away from her and looked at her blanket, just liking to look at the pattern. "What's with the blanket? You always cold or something?"

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Kasumi laughed a bit, nodding at that. Two specific classics that were a good go-to guess. She quickly finished up the boss fight she had gotten to and saved the data before closing the device. She nodded, tucking it away to shift gradually up onto her feet, gripping her blanket together. "Let's play," she agreed, glancing at him briefly before glancing around rather jerkily. "Though, I won't just let you win," she told him bluntly and began making her way back to the game. "I just like blankets," she responded. She was often cold and sometimes basically naked but she mainly just liked the comfort of being wrapped in a blanket.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments "I meant.." He let out a slightly annoyed sigh and shook his head. "Nevermind. Let's go." He stood up and walked with her, being ready to catch her if her body didn't get enough food and collapsed. When they got back to her set up he picked up the mic and handed her the guitar. "Your turn."

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((She did crawl out of her blanket earlier. xD
the last paragraph to be exact))

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments ((Oh well ahite.))

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Kasumi hummed, thinking about how cool that would be plus then starting thinking about all the games with those type of species in them. Her mind was running wild with animes and mangas as well as she returned to her spot. She wrapped herself tightly in her blanket and looked up at him when he handed her the guitar. She tilted her head and then smiled, "okay," she said, more interested in seeing him sing than she was with achieving a good score. He didn't look like much a singer, that much she could say. She was eager to see if he could prove her wrong or at least hit the notes. She took the guitar and propped it on her leg. "What song?"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments "Well let's see..." He began to look through all the songs and found one. "Alright, lets go with...Sex and Candy." He saw it and his eyes lit up a little as he clicked play. Jagger actually had a good set of pipes on him, and was going along with the song singing it really really, his voice being slower and almost a little slurry to match how the singer of the song was doing it.

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Kasumi didn't recognize the song he mentioned but it didn't matter. She just had to play the right notes. She played the notes she needed to but mainly was distracted by Jagger. She was surprised he didn't sound too bad and was giggling as she played. It was pretty great.
"Brilliant," she praised while she hit the notes for the guitar. Deciding to have a little more fun, with a grin, she activated the drums, slid her feet out from her blanket. She picked the drumsticks with her toes and waited for the screen to show the drums' notes before she began playing both.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments "Hangin' out downtown by myself and I've had too much caffeine.." He started on the second verse and watched as she put the drums on, trying to one up him and he decided that he needed another instrument so he grabbed the only other one left, the bass and began to play it too. She may have not cared about the better score but he still wanted to beat her at rock band at least. He put the mic on its stand so he could play the bass with both hands. "And there she platform double seude. Yeah there she disco lemonade.."

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Kasumi was grinning when he took up the bass. It was starting to be a real band. They were totally rocking out. She missed a few perfects on the drums from the drums slipping unusually between her toes. Due to that, she couldn't hit it exactly where she needed it to exactly when she needed to. However, that didn't thwart her guitar playing score, which was perfect. Her drumming nearly there. She was starting to hum as well, to herself mainly while nodding to the beat.
She was having a lot of fun. Something she found she didn't have a lot. Not to this extent while being in someone's company at least. That was probably the reason she wasn't overly concerned with the result. She was having fun, even if that was cliche.

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Soon the song was done and their scores were displayed on the screen. His bass scores were better than her drums but her guitar was over 100. She got a few bonus points. She grinned and put down the instruments and laid down. "Fun," she said. She had the feeling to play some Divination now but an alarm coming from under her blanket told her that she had something to do. She pouted, not wanting to get up. She sighed and sat up. "Gotta go," she muttered and slide off the couch. "Play ya later," she bid with a small wave and shuffled away.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments (oh...forgot about this...sorry man...)

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((no worries. I just have to do something with her for the moment. Probably. Hopefully, once done, we can progress to him discovering she at least plays a character part of F.K ^^))

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