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message 1: by Hope (new)

Hope Lavender (shaloa) | 9 comments Hi Authors
I am now available to begin accepting novels.

I’ve found a love in assisting Authors with making their novels the best novel possible. I love having an opportunity to be apart of the process.

I will read romance, erotica, young adult, paranormal, fantasy, science fiction, drama, contemporary.

Sorry, I will not read non fiction or horror.

I will read your first chapter for free.

I look forward to hearing from you.

message 2: by Laurel (new)

Laurel Rockefeller (laurelarockefeller) | 144 comments You said first chapter is free --is there a charge to finish the book? Are you only interested in works in progress or do you read completed books in search of reviews?

By drama do you mean stage plays or something else?

Most of my books are 2 hour reads or less.

message 3: by Hope (new)

Hope Lavender (shaloa) | 9 comments I don’t mind if it’s not completed. By drama I mean tragic or difficult topics. Yes I will charge to read further than the first chapter. I charge by word so a few hours sounds inexpensive.

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