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message 1: by Jay (last edited Oct 01, 2017 05:24PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jay Kennedy | 92 comments Mod
"Unfortunately, one side effect of his childhood was that it had apparently driven him mad."
And here I thought it was going to be Vin's brother! :O

When Zane slit his own wrist (btw ew) then later used tin to enhance his senses, it made me realize that Tin also enhances pain, so you definitely wouldn't wan't to be flaring this when in a fight.
It's creepy how this voice inside him calls itself a god... (did the Lord Ruler also have a voice in his head? Did this 'voice' pass on to a new host to complete it's domination of the world?)
IMAGE: Not real fan art of Zane, just an image I found that sort of represents his inner struggles.

I'm going to write this discussion in sort of point-form, since I kinda just want to continue on reading!:
- This is awhile back, but it was really interesting seeing the Canton of Finance, with all the creepy metal halls and bloody rooms where the Steel Ministry conducts their transformations.
-I'm still very worried about Marsh. He's becoming less and less human. It's not looking good guys! D:


- Sazed is still growing to be one of my fav characters. The scene with the cannibal man in the village, where everyone else had died from this weird mist, was such a gross scene! Fantastic, but gross!

- I'm actually glad this new Terriswoman is working on Elend, he really needs some training and direction on becoming a king. I loved the scene where she got him all dressed up in a new white suit and a fresh haircut. He;s also going to learn how to fight, which is exciting! Do you think he will hvae a breaking moment and become a Mistborn/Misting in the future?

- This ghost in the mist is still such a mystery. I'm glad Vin took the time to do some research in the journals, even if she hasn't figured out what it is. Hmmm I wonder if there's also some "Mist" thing that is speaking inside Zane, making him think he's crazy and proclaiming it is God. Interesting....
- And finally, it has been revealed that Zane has a 'spy' in Luthadel who is looking for the atium stash, and believes they are suspecting him. This of course, has to be the second Kandra. But who could it be???
This was a shorter discussion this time because I don't have a whole lot of input besides the fact that I'm going to be binge reading this book today and will probably post another discussion tomorrow! ^_^

Share your thoughts, and let me know what you think about these chapters!

Simon (simontaneously) I had been waiting for you to get to the plot twist about Zane since I've already read this. I'm still sitting here like an evil Bond villain waiting to see your reaction to the rest of the book. Mwhahaha!

message 3: by Jay (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jay Kennedy | 92 comments Mod
Simon wrote: "I had been waiting for you to get to the plot twist about Zane since I've already read this. I'm still sitting here like an evil Bond villain waiting to see your reaction to the rest of the book. M..."

I was not expecting the Zane plot twist! Haha can't wait to see what other surprises are ahead! ;)

message 4: by Dimitris (last edited Oct 02, 2017 11:51AM) (new)

Dimitris (dimitris_lianos) Zane came literally out of nowhere! It's making the novel even more interesting - if that's possible! We all expected Straff Venture to have a mistborn in his service, but for him to be his illegitimate son? I didn't see that coming.

I must admit I still haven't grasped what it takes for someone to be born a dormant mistborn... Kelsier's parents were plain skaa and his true nature was revealed when extreme pain broke him in the Pits, no? Vin's father was a Lord Prelan. Zane's (and Elend's) father is a "mere" Tineye mistling. Nevertheless, his son is a superior mistborn who can do things even Kelsier couldn't: hovering on air using coins, being able to float outside his brother's royal window unnoticed?! He could have killed him then and there, obviously he doesn't want to. I loved this trick of the coin hidden in his mouth, I was as angry at myself as Vin was to not have come up with this by myself! ;)

Zane doesn't seem paranoid to me. He recognizes this God voice as unreal and rejects it. If anyone, his father does seem paranoid! The way he treated both his sons and that "old" wife from his harem made my blood boil! Zane seems very focused: he hates his father and disobeys him in his orders to kill Elend. He clearly has a sense of right and wrong and an idea of where any mistborn's loyalty should reside: in himself alone. It was actually quite touching to read his inner thoughts, him hoping Vin might be able to understand him, save him! (Eh, why do I always root for the underdog? Hehehe)

I agree so much that Sazed is an amazing character, this doesn't even need to be addressed anymore. The people of Terris (that woman working on our Elend too) are so noble and selfless and willing to help Humanity, even though they have been the most persecuted group of all these past thousand years.

Oh, those pages of Sazed entering the abandoned Steel Conventical of Seran, far away in the Eastern Dominance!!! That descent into the lower level, that millennium-old letter in Terris tongue by Kwaan about Alenti that he discovers carved on a steel plaque! Absolutely brilliant world-building and narration there by mr. Sanderson. I'm so glad Jay too commented on that place where the Steel Ministry conducts their transformations. Terrifying passage.

I also love how Vin is starting to appreciate books. It's cute how she tears a volume apart in order to read it, how she writes on the floor. What a girl! What she comes up with is extremely important, though: this is the first time we get info about the Deepness being an actual being and not an abstract natural phenomenon, also info about how within days after the Hero of Ages Alenti defeated it back then, the sun turned red from yellow, plants turned gray and it started raining ash. Elend is asked by Vin about the Deepness and he replies that is was "a dark, evil creature"! We're in deep trouble. I'm so happy! :P

But seriously, this is major as far as I'm concerned! :) If it's indeed a creature, I don't think it's dead. The Lord Ruler was keeping it tame somehow and it has slowly been awaking this past year since his death! This is consistent with killer-mists appearing in broad daylight and other phenomena, such as this otherwordly "mist" Vin keeps seeing - the only other who was seeing it was the Lord Ruler, a thousand years ago, and I found it a fascinating piece of writing by Sanderson how Vin finds strength and support acknowledging this "mist's" very presence in Alenti's thoughts from his old notebook: "I have to take a conscious decision that I see this Mist, that I'm not crazy, I can't go on with my mission otherwise. I must believe this thing is real and following me". What perfect literature in that part! (middle of Chapter 16, my translation from my Greek text.) And I'll write it again: this Alenti must have been such a great, unique character! Pity we get to know him only through some old diary entries...

I don't think of anything else to write, I wrote too much, mostly personal thoughts. Let's meet again tomorrow. ;)

message 5: by Jay (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jay Kennedy | 92 comments Mod
Dimitris wrote: "Zane came literally out of nowhere! It's making the novel even more interesting - if that's possible! We all expected Straff Venture to have a mistborn in his service, but for him to be his illegit..."

To be honest, I'm with you on not grasping what it takes for one to be a dormant Mistborn. I wonder if anyone with royal blood can unlock their allowmantic powers, if only they came to a breaking point? This means Elend and any other royal could potentially gain a power. In that case, I'm surprised there isn't people out there trying to force themself to a breaking point in order to become a misting/mistborn. Or maybe it just doesn't happen for some people. I don't know why Zane is so powerful, maybe it's because this mental illness of his has pushed him to break so many times?
I'm liking Zane's character so far! Hahaha yes the trick of hiding a coin in his mouth was so simple yet brilliant! Yes, he doesn't seem paranoid at all! Which is why I wonder if this is even a mental illness at all, and maybe it is someone being that is speaking inside his head. His dad makes me so angry >:(

The Conventical of Seran scene was so fantastic, it gave such a creepy/eerie feel that so suits the Inquisitors. I'm glad sazed was able to get a casting of the steel plaque before leaving. Very good world-building indeed Sanderson!

YESSS! We're finally learning the 'Deepness' is some type of being! This is exciting!!! i definitely think it is related to the mysterious killing-mist. I wonder how the Lord Ruler was able to hold this back. Hmmm I'm thinking Vin might have to take a trip to the Well of Ascension and figure out what it is her own self, yes?
- "We're in deep trouble. I'm so happy! " Hahahaha, same here!

I'm glad you picked up on how brilliant it is that Vin is finding comfort from Alenti's writing! I thought this was a really great bit of writing as well!

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