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Resisting Temptation (Men of Honor, #3)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Can't recall title; army guy save girl he had an affair with after she's kidnapped by militants and betrayed by a local boy she was providing aid to :: [s]

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Ceely | 2 comments Im looking for a title of a book - it's one in a series of novels about military brothers, eaching finding their true love.

The story in the series I remember the most is one where the army guy at a war zone base meets an American girl (I believe she's a preachers daughter) who is working in a humanitarian role (she plays the guitar & sings to kids among other things). She's staying just outside a army base. They a lot of time together and start seeing each other as best they can in a war zone. She also befriends a young local boy who is blackmailed by militants into aiding her kidnap. She is raped and tortured along with an American teenage girl before being rescued by the same army guy had been seeing. She returns to the USA and the army guy thinks he'll never see her again.

He's particularly cut up by what happened to both women as he's harbouring guilt over the death of his kid sister. At just 5 (or so) years old, his sister is raped to death by their mothers "preacher" boyfriend and even though a young boy at the time of his sisters death, feels extreme anger and guilt that he could neither save nor protect his sister - just like the two women he saves. Some time passes and the army guy meets the girl he saved whilst visiting his army brother in his home town. An emotional rollacoaster leads to love. Can anyone help find get this series title and authors name?

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Ceely | 2 comments That's it exactly - thanks Kym

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Kym | 1058 comments You're welcome.

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