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message 1: by Mark (new)

Mark Taylor (simpletoolsbooks) | 1 comments There’s a publishing expansion project that sounded like just the sort of thing that I wanted to share with fellow Christian bibliophiles. It’s for a new non-fiction book called “What’s the Deal with Christians? – 117 Straightforward Answers to Challenging Questions about God, Christians, and Our Faith”. Like the title implies, it helps shed light on a lot of confusing aspects of Christianity that can be hard to explain or understand, but it does it in an easy-to-read way.
The book is an enriching read that’s well suited for Christians and non-Christians alike, but it’s currently available only in digital format. In order for it to be released in print format and help as many people as possible, a KickStarter campaign is running at, where people can not only contribute to publishing costs, but also find out more about the book, read a free sample, buy their own copy, and of course spread the word.
I think you’ll love it, so check it out, see what you think, and tell your friends! Here’s to more books that reach the world with the Good News! Have a great day.

message 2: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy Woods (jeremygwoods) | 7 comments Are you the author? Consider publishing it through my company, FaithVenture Media. We have a publishing package for $200 that includes ISBN, book trailer, editing, and more. Go to for more information. You can submit it there, and if we select it for publishing, we'll let you know! It sounds like a great project!

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