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A Duke to Die for (The Rogues' Dynasty #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Regency romance- part of a series. [s]

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bell (ditchqueen) | 25 comments I have peeled through all my goodread shelves and cannot find the title of this book. Any help is appreciated
Genre: regency
Published- late 1990's- 2015
Book is part of a series from a well known author.
This series centers around several titled gentleman whom are friends. There is also an older gentleman that features throughout the series.
In one of the books, this elderly gentleman is considering investing in a hot air balloon "startup" . This company is owned by a women (heroine) whom envisions hundreds of women forgoing carriages and using hot air balloons. The hero is concerned that the elderly gentleman is being scammed and goes to meet the women. He is afraid of heights and in one scene he goes up into the balloon.

bell (ditchqueen) | 25 comments No:( but thank you!

bell (ditchqueen) | 25 comments ayshe!! I was wrong!!!! I picked up the book just in case and you were right!! thank you!

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