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Clark Wilson | 549 comments I found a free, downloadable Patristic Greek Lexicon by Lampe. There are various formats, including PDF, Kindle, and epub. I downloaded and looked at "PDF with Text," which I thought would be searchable, but in my quick experiments I did not find text I hunted for. Someone with more patience than I might succeed.

Searching for "Patristic Greek Lexicon" may yield resources that are friendlier.

I believe that for each Greek word the lexicon lists places the word is used in that sense in the Patristic works. The abbreviations for the Patristic works cited start at around raw PDF page 8. The actual lexicon starts on raw PDF page 48 or so, with alpha. Phi starts on raw PDF page 1518 or so. Finding the other letters is left as an exercise for the reader. :-)

message 2: by Clark (last edited Oct 21, 2017 07:01AM) (new)

Clark Wilson | 549 comments Yesterday I learned that the Cambridge Ancient History (3rd ed.) is available online for free, both to read online or to download.

It is 14 "volumes" but actually 19 books (some "volumes" were published in more than one book), starting with prehistory and ending around the year 600 AD.

The books most relevant to this group are:

Volume 10 is The Augustan Empire (43 BC - 69 AD).

Volume 11 is The High Empire (70-192 AD).

Volume 12 is The Crisis of Empire (193-337 AD).

Volume 13 is The Late Empire (337-425 AD).

Volume 14 is Late Antiquity: Empire and Successors (425-600 AD).

I have downloaded all the formats (PDF, epub, Kindle) of all the volumes. I offer to send individual volumes in your chosen format to you. Send me a Goodreads message.

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