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One recent read you'd recommend above others

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message 1: by Mat (new)

Mat Ranson (matr) | 2 comments I'm going for White Noise by Don DeLillo!

message 2: by Thorsten (new)

Thorsten (sideb0ard) | 1 comments Mod
i would have to say the "Hackney, That Rose Red Empire" book - it's been really great so far, but i think that may be partially due to the locality and being in and around it, so it's quite the submersive experience!

message 3: by Bill (new)

Bill | 1 comments Tape Op interviews volume 2. Inspirational stuffTape Op Volume 2

message 4: by Mat (new)

Mat Ranson (matr) | 2 comments Forgot this group was here. Are we the only Wiretappers active on Goodreads?

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