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Do you think the sequel will live up to the original

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Amelia I'm excited for it, but I honestly couldn't imagine it being as good as the original!

Lorka Absolutely. This writer has a style you can't help but love. Even if nothing happens, it's going to be heartbreakingly beautiful.

Robin P If they get Lin-Manuel Miranda to narrate it again, I'll go for it. He was wonderful on the audiobook.

jules I can see it living up to the original for sure. Almost everyone who has read it wants to know more about the characters, and expanding on them will make an interesting story. The writing is fantastic, which I'm sure will stay consistent. I have high hopes!

Leia Lanstov Is the sequel out yet? I really need to know pls.

Nathalie Shin Mon wrote: "Is the sequel out yet? I really need to know pls."

no, the sequel should come out next year. i think the author said spring/early summer.

Leia Lanstov okay I hope the sequel will be as good as the former.

Raquel I was pretty satisfied with the first book. One of the few books I've read in the past few years with a satisfying ending. While I don't think this book requires a continuation I loved the author's writing style and I know he loves his characters. While I'm not sure it'll be as good as the first I'm sure it'll still be a good read.

Lady Willpower I agree with Raquel. The first book provided enough closure...and a happy ending! I'm afraid if there's a sequel, (view spoiler).

Maemoon Sires the heart warming story of Dante and Ari will forever hold a place in my heart , and though I felt utterly depressed yet at the same time joyful that the book ended , i am now questioning whether the sequel will live up to the standards and beauty of Benjamin Alire's writing and storytelling in the first novel , however, I am certain that the book will be a lovely and endearing read in itself given the Authors clear love for the story and his creations. All in all , I can't wait to pick up the book the moment it comes out! :)

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Tara Definitely!

Alexa I don't think so, but I think I will enjoy it either way because his wiring style is just so amazing you can't help but love it.

Juanita Duarte I think this writer definitely has the ability to make this sequel just as wonderful as the first, but there's definitely a chance this one won't be half as good. I'm keeping my expectations low for this one.

Mimi-loves-her-books! I honestly am not expecting the next book to live up to the original, but I am still SUPER excited for the next book. I get butterflies just thinking about it. I hope we get an official release date soon.

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