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message 1: by Jayda (new)

Jayda I hope it's alright that I started a thread!

Recently I studied the Book of Job (among other books) and found kind of a hidden, comforting message among the words written there.

Among all of the trials that Job went through, physically, mentally - he even lost his friends - Job never lost his faith. He continually praised the Lord, trusting Him to help Him through the trials that were set in his path.

Now, whenever I start to think that my life isn't going well, or that something is terrible for me, I try to think "You are not yet as Job", as a story in my specific religion says. It helps comfort me and let me know that things could be much worse.

message 2: by Carol (new)

Carol (goodreadscomcarolann) The book of Job is one of my favorites -- have you ever seen William Blake's Book of Job?

message 3: by Patricia (new)

Patricia Kirk | 14 comments Jayda: Amen. What a comforting thought. We have it good next to him.

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