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message 1: by Gina (new)

Gina (so_vintage87) | 8 comments hey everyone

I just joined this group because I just finished New Moon and am missing Twilight already :(

message 2: by Stephanie, Loves Vamps and Werewolves but Zombies scare me!! (new)

Stephanie | 4175 comments Mod
Welcome to the group Gina!!

message 3: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ Hey Gina, welcome!

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

[image error]Welcome to the group, Gina. The books get better. Eclipse is my favorite. :)

message 5: by Jacki (new)

Jacki Melzz wrote: "Welcome to the group, Gina. The books get better. Eclipse is my favorite. :)"

mine 2

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

It's amazing. :D

message 7: by Jacki (new)

Jacki yea it is!! XD

message 8: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ I like Breaking Dawn better. Why, do you ask? Because a part of it is from Jacob's point of view.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

I like Eclipse better. Why, do you ask? Because you get to know what it's like kissing Jacob.

message 10: by ♥Jenny♥ (last edited Aug 06, 2009 01:47PM) (new)

♥Jenny♥ Haha, wow. That's true, but that's the one where she also breaks his heart. : ) poor Jacob, having to be put through all of that. grr, see, thats one of the million reasons why i dont like Bella.

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

I looked in Eclipse again the other night, and I literally laughed out loud when Charlie said this:

"Alright, alright. For a teenager you're suprisingly non-whiney."

I laughed out loud, quite literally lol'd. Charlie has no idea what his daughter is like. I hate being in her head, she clouds things. I love being in Jacob's head. He actually tells it like it is.

message 12: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ He does, and that's one of the million reasons why I love him.

Tiffany (Dawkins) Dawkins (tiffanydawkins) | 44 comments I have my own personal Jacob... My husband is so much like the character of Jacob.

He is handsome, strong, super sexy. He is my hero but he also lets me fall when I need to. If I stub my toe he laughs at me but if I fall down the steps he is there to pick me up!

message 14: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ Awww, I hope that I can one day find a husband like that. Consider yourself lucky because a lot of ppl live their lives wishing for someone like that and never find him (not me though). dang, that was kind of deep.

Tiffany (Dawkins) Dawkins (tiffanydawkins) | 44 comments Yeah, I am lucky but so is

We have been married almost 9 years and have 4 awesome kids!

message 16: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ awww, how sweet. I hope that that will be me some day.

Tiffany (Dawkins) Dawkins (tiffanydawkins) | 44 comments Me too! I hope the best for all! Hey but just so you know it will always be a roller coaster of ups and downs I do not know how old you are but nothing is absolutely perfect!

message 18: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ I know, some people end relationships just because they've argued like, once or twice. But I know that there are gonna be good times, and bad times.

Tiffany (Dawkins) Dawkins (tiffanydawkins) | 44 comments Well good luck, I have to get off here.. Best of Luck!

message 20: by ♥Jenny♥ (new)

♥Jenny♥ Thankx. peace.

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