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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. World coming to an end by change of axis? [s]

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Petra I read this book about 25 years ago and can't remember the name.
It was about a scientist who predicted that the Earth would spin and alter it's axis, causing lands to be flooded, new lands to appear, etc. He had figured out the two points on Earth that would be unaffected and was trying to convince the Authorities to send people and books and information that would be needed to restart the World to those locations.
Does this ring a bell to anyone? It's driving me nuts that I can't remember the title.

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April Ann (bloomer) | 516 comments Not about a polar shift..but...it has floods....

Cold Sea Rising by Richard Moran. 1986.

Three people--American Admiral Waldo Rankin, Soviet polar authority Anya Cherepin, and journalist Joshua McCoy--stand between humankind and disaster when an enormous volcano threatens to melt the Antarctic ice sheet, causing cataclysmic flooding.

There's The Flood by Jean-Marie Gustave Leclezio. 1968

Can't find a description though.

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LauraW (lauralynnwalsh) | 374 comments Go to Amazon and look at When the Sky Fell and related books. Maybe one of those is what you are looking for.

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Marilyn (shumpgullion) | 28 comments Could it be The HAB Theory by Allan W. Eckert? (Title links to the detailed description on his official website)

Petra Thank you, Needleroozer, for reminding me of this thread. I've thought about this book occasionally and still wondered about the name but had forgotten about this thread.

Yes, Marilyn, it's The HAB Theory! Thank you!! I'm going to put this book on my TBR list so that I don't forget the name again. I want to reread it one day. I remember thoroughly enjoying it.

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HeavyReader | 450 comments I'm so glad you found your book! I love a happy ending!

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Marilyn (shumpgullion) | 28 comments You're most welcome. I'm just glad to be of help, even if it is several years later. :)

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