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Ez (TheVapidWench) | 287 comments Mod
Got an opinion on Fated? Know how to pronounce the author's name? Here's the place to chat on all things Jacka.

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Ez (TheVapidWench) | 287 comments Mod
Anyone finished yet?

Aaron (trippdigital) | 170 comments Mod
How many books in the series have you finished in these four days?

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Ez (TheVapidWench) | 287 comments Mod
I haven't had time this week, but I imagine I'll get them all done on Sunday.

message 5: by Donovan (new)

Donovan Sotam (DSotam) | 64 comments Mod
Hi everyone!

Sorry I missed the hangout/discussion, but you know... holidays!

Here's a small review of Fated:

Basically, everything was said in the hangout. Personally, I'm not very keen on urban fantasy, so... this was probably worse for me, than it probably is. Still, here goes:

All of the characters were uninteresting to me. And I know everyone said that Alex (the main character) was a dick, my main problem is that he's a boring dick (cue Aaron's catchphrase).
I've said this before many times, I don't need to relate to the characters, but I do need to find them (or the world, story, etc) interesting and this had nothing. GoT has many evil/dick characters, but they are interesting.

Another problem was the futuresight. It helped when help was needed, it failed, when the book needed it to fail. For me that's very strange. This very powerful skill being at the same time the best plot armour and the best plot hole in the book. You would think if you were being chased, that you would see if there was danger ahead, no?

Plus, doesn't work for gambling in casinos? Because too much variables? That would mean that everything was unpredictable, because someone winning or losing (in said casino) might change your entire future (e.g. wins, buys a porsche, loses control while driving, runs you over... doesn't win, takes a bus, you get to live...)

It was also very, very predictable. On the plus side, I thought the fateweaver was going to take the curse from Luna and they would get together. At least that didn't happen. +1 to that.

The comparison between Dresden files and this is inevitable, and Dresden files, even if urban fantasy isn't my thing, was interesting and the character was interesting and there was humour there.

Although Aaron liked the 1st person narration (in some parts) I didn't enjoy it. Once again, it's poorly used, the narrator has access to information that he shouldn't have and if he has, he should convey it to the reader.
September will bring another 1st person narration, which IMO is a very good use of this type of narration.

Wouldn't mind seeing more of the shop/artifacts.
"the frogurt is also cursed"

Predictable, uninteresting characters. Poor use of his power.
2 stars. (I'm not a fan of the genre, but I have no problem recommending Dresden files, as opposed to this one)

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