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stephanie | 917 comments Mod
This will be updated as time goes on....

3-2016...Members Month
4-2016...The Allan Stratton
6-2016...Never Smile at Jennifer Jaynes David Staniforth
8-2016...First Robert Swartwood
9-2016,,, Ania Ahlborn
10-2016....Last Louise Phillips
11-2016...Members Pick
12-2016...Followed Andre Gonzalez
12-2016...The Stupidest Christopher Moore
1-2017....The Couple Next Shari Lapena
2-2017...James Patterson Month Hannah Haynes
4-2017...Frozen Richard C. Hale
5-2017...Members Month
6-2017..Doll John Hunt Jake Remington
8-2017..It..By Stephen King Adam James
9-2017..Midnight at the Bright Ideas Matthew Sullivan


10-2017..Homeowner with a Samuel Hawley
10-2017..Serial Cortez Law II
**********DOUBLE HITTER FOR NOVEMBER**********
11-2017..StillHouse Rachel Caine
11-2017..Lines of Lee Sherred Blake Crouch

1-2018...Keep Lisa Scottoline
2-2018..OPEN FORUM..For members who have written books.
3--2018..The Last Mrs. Liv Constantine
4-2018..The Good Theresa Schwegel
5-2018.. 99 Balloons Elisabeth Carpenter
6-2018..LOVE SICK...By Autumn J. Bright (MEMBER OF THE MONTH)
6-2018..I'LL BE GONE IN THE Michelle McNamara
7-2018..OUR KIND OF Araminta Hall
7-2018..BRIGUELLA...By Vicki FitzGerald (MEMBER OF THE MONTH)
8-2018...SUMMER READ: THE ORPHAN TRAIN,,,By Christina Barker Kline
9-2018..THE CAMEL'S BACK...By Brian Christopher Shea
10-2018..LIE TO HER..By Mehrisa Mex (MEMBER OF THE MONTH)
10-2018..DARK ROAD HOME..By Angela Bennett (MEMBER OF THE MONTH)
11-2018..BIG WOODS...By May Cobb
11-2018..GWENDY'S BUTTON BOX..By Stephen King & Richard Chizmar
12-2018..HICKORY DICKORY DEAD..By Cheryl Bradshaw

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stephanie | 917 comments Mod
Bumped up for members to see what we have been through....

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stephanie | 917 comments Mod
Martta, this is the Book List,,,a guide on where we are...

message 4: by Jim (new)

Jim Crocker | 485 comments Looks like some more good ones coming our way! Thanks, Stephanie!!😗

message 5: by Chris (new)

Chris | 536 comments Well I have a jump on the January book because I am reading it now. You should reach out the Lisa and see if she can pop in and discuss book because hearing her talk she loves it get input from her readers.

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stephanie | 917 comments Mod
This has been jumped up so that Carly can see this Book List....

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stephanie | 917 comments Mod
For the people who cannot find this thread,,,Now you found it,....

message 8: by Dana (new)

Dana | 3 comments Thanks for posting this...I was looking for future reads!

message 9: by stephanie, MOD (new)

stephanie | 917 comments Mod
Your welcome, Please keep looking on this site for regular updates...

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Anne (w/ an E) (mzcatnthehat) | 37 comments I love to know about the "future reads," so this is perfect. By the way, I own #4, #5,and the first #7, which I have read and rated. I also have #10.

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stephanie | 917 comments Mod
For the folks who cannot seem to find this thread,,,here it is....

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Ruth | 523 comments Thank you so much sweet friend! I was lost. #naturalblonde

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stephanie | 917 comments Mod
hahahaha...okay Ms. Blondie...

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