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message 1: by Zala (new)

Zala | 5 comments I recently noticed that the two-book edition (by Voyager) of 3rd book in A Song of Ice and Fire series A Storm of Swords was combined with one-volume editions. Well, actually, only the first part was and the second didn't even exist. So I seperated the first part and added the second one manually. I understand that should be done according to the librarian's manual, but I'm a beginner so I just wanted to ask if I did the right thing. :)

message 2: by This Is Not The Michael You're Looking For (last edited Aug 04, 2009 11:16AM) (new)

This Is Not The Michael You're Looking For | 949 comments More or less. You should do two additional things. (1) Add a librarian note stating that each book is the "first half" or "second half" of the work (that should help prevent others from combining it. (2) You should combine them with the foreign works that represent the first/second halves of the book, respectively. Thus the first half of The Storm of Swords is currently listed on the combine page under "A Tormenta de Espadas" (along with a number of other language editions as well). The second half is listed under "A Glória dos Traidores" (you can identify the correct ones by the librarian notes already littering the combine page)

message 3: by Zala (new)

Zala | 5 comments Did that. :) Thanks for the advice!

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