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нσηєу, α ƖιттƖє TLC ιѕ ωнαт уσυ ηєєɗ
remington "remi" woodrow

✒ male, polyamorous/biromantic
✒ half human half earth faerie
✒ born in whatever cottage his mother birthed him
✒ raised in the outskirts of the kingdom
✒ works odd jobs wherever he can in the city market

face claim: tom webb

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✧Sugar and spice and everything nice. That is what Remi Woodrow is made of. An absolute ball of energy one never really witnesses Remi taking any time for himself unless it's late at night when he finally drags himself to bed. Otherwise, he is usually busy making sure that his garden is in excellent tip top shape, and wandering around trying to find odd jobs that will help pay for the place he shares with Tobias and whoever else he decides to pick up off the streets. Yup, that's another problem this young lad has. If he so much as spots someone who is down in the dumps or not having the luckiest time of their life he makes an effort to change that in whatever way he possibly can. Whether that be through his immense abilities of small talk, buying them a warm meal, or a personal invitation to a nice spare bedroom at la casa de Woodrow. With only two spare bedrooms he often finds himself at a full house, but he is assured that there is no better feeling in the world than taking care of people. No doubt he is a mother hen, and he's just probably filling in the times where he can't take care of Tobias when he is working. After all if he wasn't staying busy would he really be himself? It only helps that his life motto is that a little tender love and care go a long way- and he lives it out just about every day. While he may be a general sweetheart it doesn't help that he is entirely naive to a number of people's motivations. Remi has been taken advantage of for his kindness too many times to count, but maybe he just hasn't met the right person to make him completely withdrawal from the need to help people. Along with this, another defining attribute that Remi holds is his love for gossip. No matter what the source he's always got an ear out for it, and he loves to share everything he learns with his twin, but aside from that he's an excellent secret keeper and doesn't really whisper a word of what he hears to anyone else. Overall, Remi can be quite the handful but he finds that relationships with others come to him easily enough and he'll probably never lose his shine.

✦Remi’s life began in the pretty standard way. His father-ever the charmer- got his mother into bed yada yada yada, and he was born. Let’s not go into the details revolved around his conception though. The most important part is he was born and handed off to his father as if he was nothing more than a sack of flour. No worries though, Marke had enough love for the little bundle of joy to satisfy anyone. Yet, in being raised by his father he has never been aware of the faerie genes his mother has passed on to him. Sure he has an affinity for all things dirt and plants, but he figures it was just an inborn passion. Perhaps it would be as well if it weren’t for the fact that any sort of plant would have died under anyone else's care in such a shabby location as his garden.

There isn’t much significance to his life aside from the world shaking moment when his father passed away. It was all too quick and left him little time to piece himself together and get a job. In this he had to leave the little education he had behind which was a large disappointment for him. Not only had he lost his father, but now he had to be pulled away from the one thing that brought joy to his day. Endless talking and gossip from his peers is what he lived for. It wasn’t just that, though. He loved learning English and history. Mathematics weren’t really his strong suit, but he was always buried in a book if he wasn’t yabbering away about something or another.

Luckily enough his first job entertained all of his favorite things. Remi often ran letters between people. Often he was paid hefty money for the fact the exchanges were usually between secret lovers and rich folk didn’t want their dirty laundry out there for everyone to see. The job also sated his need for gossip as he would read the letters often. Of course he kept his mouth shut, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t indulge in gathering knowledge for himself. Through his job he also made a number of new friendships and what not.

As of recently he has let the job go and he does his best to find odd jobs where he can. Remi finds it essential that he helps with financial responsibilities in regards to his father’s old house. After all Tobias already does so much for him and he wants to feel like their relationship is always a scaled balance that doesn’t tip too much in either direction. Really, Tobias has been his rock through the years and although they have their arrangements he knows for a fact that he would never choose anyone above the other. From a young age he has always been there, and to honest he’s frankly surprised the other is even sticking around anymore with all of the people he invites into their home- free of charge. For the moment Remi is mostly taking up jobs in the market as he is a rather persuasive character when it comes to getting people to loosen their pockets and let go of their change.

father : Marke Woodrow (deceased)

> plant regeneration
> manipulation of plants, soil and stones

> his big heart
> being so niave
> tobias
> his love for gossip

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