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Post your finished characters and wait for them to be approved. After they are approved, PLEASE move them to their designated folder and delete them from here.

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 ĸoмoreвι (ISEEYOU) | 30 comments
“Destruction comes

  in many forms”
▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁ Cecil Cleiyhart Liar; too many aliases
Pub Owner Warlock
Omicron Heist Male; Straight
No living family Late 20's in appearance
FC is Ben Whishaw. 5'10'',
Slick dark hair . Bottle Green Eyes

Cecil was born an orphan, his mother dying as he came out alive. It was only by sheer luck -or fate perhaps- that a nurse found him and took him to the nearest hospital. He was passed around by different foster families. Being in a normal family wasn't something he liked, anyway. He's a self-taught warlock, only finding finesse and discipline in later years.

At around the age of thirteen, he settled into a family who turned out to be witches as well. The only thing that became a complication was there were two other kids. His stay with the family of witches was the best and worst one, and he decided never to tell a soul about it ever again. What happened was very dreadful, for the two kids unfortunately lost their touch with magic and so their lives had wilted away.

Cecil got around 20 when he began to travel. He wanted to see the world, and experience and learn different kinds of magic. He realized then that he's very adept in illusions and dark magic, curses, hexes, and runes mostly. He can vanish at any time effortlessly. He can turn into a smoke and diminish into nothing, and his curses are the nastiest to remove. He likes experimenting, combining different curses of various descents, and he had a phase in which he became obsessed with learning.

For the last few years or so, he has become a member of the Omicron Heist coven. Although he isn't exactly very active , often vanishing every now and then, he's always in the shadows and on watch ready to appear if necessary.

Cecil is a person who is present. He lives his life day by day, and does not think much of the future. He is more of a is a free spirit. Among the members of the Omicron Heist coven, he's probably the least intimidating. He's not very known. He's mysterious, a lot of people say, but he's more like the wind (or smoke, perhaps). He can't be caged, always around and fleeting. Air is very dynamic in itself. His personality is ever-changing and it's almost like he's detached from his immediate surroundings. He usually doesn't feel any prolonged attachment towards anything, whether it is a person, an object or even a situation, except perhaps the coven. He might not seem intimidating, but he's not a dark warlock for no reason. Don't let his appearances fool you.
▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁ Lives in the Village Cleiyhart Residence
Curses, runes, etc. Flammable
Healing novice Can be petty
Pub Owner
“The world has no need

 for another hero”

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Ara ~ Without changing a part of me, how do I get to heaven | 203 comments

━━━ ♦ ━━━

powers :

- Semi Immortal
- Wish granting
- Teleportation
- Magic in general

weaknesses :
- Susceptible to weapons
- Is bound to an item
- Master has total control
- Claustrophobic
[ P ] ersona

- Huge flirt
- Sarcastic
- Hard to read
- Adaptable
- Hard to startle
- Clever
- Confident
- Curious
- Pessimistic

portrayed by━━━━━━━━━━ ━

━ ━━━━━━━━━━━Harry Shum Jr
[ S ] ahira and his twin sister Khoda were born minutes apart at the dawn of time. Djinn were among some of the first supernatural beings. The first djinn had no parents they were born of smoke and fire coming into the earth with powers far beyond anyone's knowledge. It was up to them to figure out there peers for themselves and pass on their knowledge to next generation.

Sahara and Khoda decided to learn together, since they were born of the same flame they were technically siblings, even if they didn't have the same mother or father. Together they quickly learned not only how to control their powers, but to what extent their powers extended. They delighted in the fact that their powers were practically limitless. There were exceptions some things they couldn't do like bring people to life or create life ect ect.

It was by accident that they discovered an alternate dimension, they were practicing and somehow they opened a gateway to the dimension. Through that dimension they were able to travel to other times although they couldn't actually enter only observe. They told other djinn how to enter the alternate dimension and the other djinn and them started to build a community there away from humans and other supernaturals who wanted to contain their power and use it for themselves.

Sahira was one of the most careful, he never let himself get close to anyone who wasn't a djinn. He hardly ventured outside the alternate dimension, unlike his sister who was always in the real world and always had non-djinn lovers. However it was only a matter of time before he ventured into the real world with his sister.

Of course Sahira had to go fall in love and with a human no less. Her name was Camillia Bellacourt, at first Sahira kept what he really was, pretending to be human just like she was. However as he fell deeper and deeper in love he began to tell her more and more about himself, including the fact that he was not human, but a djinn. It was just his luck that he managed to fall in love with one of the crazies.

She demanded that he grant her immortality and when Sahira told her very kindly that he wouldn't be able to do that, she pulled off a spell book from a nearby bookcase and knocked him out using a spell book. After he woke up his life was never the same, he woke up in what was basically a box, barely big enough to stand in, his hands were shackled so he couldn't use magic while trapped. Sahira quickly discovered that he was in a different part of the alternate dimension, what had once been his home was now his prison.

Time seemed to pass slowly where he was, all he did was sleep and sleep and sleep, it was miserable. Sahira didn't know how long it was before he felt a sharp tug and suddenly he was dragged back into the real world only a week later. Sahira almost expected to see Camilia however it was a completely new person someone he'd never seen before. Sahira automatically told them about how they had three wishes and the exceptions for those wishes. That's how Sahira learned Camillia had basically made him a slave.

Sahira discovered that while he was out he could use his magic as he could use his magic to the fullest extent and go anywhere he pleased until his master called him. Another thing Sahira discovered is that Camillia placed another curse on him one that he assumed made him fall in love with whoever had ahold of the bracelet. It took three different people before Sahira could confirm this as true. That was probably the worst part of what Camilia did to him, because no matter how his masters treated him he didn't feel any feelings of animosity or hatred towards them,

Most of the time Sahira could use the curse to his advantage, seducing his master or mistress so they would take their time using their final wish so he wouldn't have to go back to that hell. Eventually each person made their final wish and Sahira was dragged back time and time again to the silent, small cell. After some time Sahira just couldn't take it.

Warning Mentions of Suicidal Thoughts and Attempted Suicide
(view spoiler)

Sahira grew used to the routine, mind numbing blankness, followed by uncontrollable attraction, a brief sense of freedom, and then a pinch of despair, and finally mind numbing blankness once again. Sahira got used to things the way they were and he stopped trying to change his fate and fix what Camillia had broken in him.

It wasn't until Cadmus that Sahira began to think differently about his life. Cadmus was the first person that Sahira had truly fallen in love with since Camilia placed the curse. He made him feel alive once again Cadmus had promised him that everything would be ok. After Sahira's mistress used her last wish Sahira had lost hope of ever seeing Cadmus again, but what could only be days later Cadmus found the bracelet and released him.

Sahira was happy for the first time in ages, Cadmus never wished for anything keeping Sahira out of the prison for years. It wasn't until Cadmus fell sick that he wished for something, he wished Sahira free. However as with most wishes if you're not specific there are repercussions. Sahira was wisked away back to the prison leaving Cadmus to die alone. It wasn't until the next time he was out that Sahira realized that Cadmus had actually freed him from a part of the curse, the part that made him fall in love with whoever his master/mistress was.

Since his last master Sahira has been in the bracelet fifty years waiting trying to not go completely insane.

family : mother -N/A- ; ⋄ father -N/A- ; siblings - -
friends : open
infatuations : open
male ⋄ ancient ⋄ djinn ⋄ alternate dimension
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Sahira, Gabriel, Raphael APPROVED

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Tobias and Remington APPROVED

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