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message 1: by Anna Faversham (last edited Jul 05, 2017 04:25AM) (new)

Anna Faversham (AnnaFaversham) | 705 comments I've just remembered that I don't think I've mentioned how I get some of my chapters looked over by people who like to find fault and encourage sometimes too. is a British site and it used to be funded by the Arts Council. Back then, it was great. Now it's not so good but I shall still put the first few chapters of my current wip on there as previously it has helped me enormously. Free too.

You will need to critique other writers' work in order to pick up credits for your work to be looked at.

There's a slim chance of having your work looked over, or even picked up by a traditional publisher. I don't want that to happen to mine, I like being an Indie.

Americans, Canadians, Aussies and others have used it too.

Just join, set up an account, start reading other people's work and marking it, then upload your own work. Careful, it's addictive.

message 2: by Carole (new)

Carole P. Roman | 3888 comments Mod
Great idea, thanks Anna!!

message 3: by Mary Ellen (new)

Mary Ellen Woods (maryellen_woods) | 76 comments Thanks for sharing that Anna. Looks useful.

message 4: by Eldon (new)

Eldon Farrell | 281 comments Good to know Anna :)

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