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sara (consequently) | 2314 comments the utter silence of the untranslated stars.
description   description

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sara (consequently) | 2314 comments stolen from jac
sunflower: if there was a door that went to a city that was a good representation of you, what city would it be and would you go through the door?

. paris, of course i would!

rose gold: sunsets or sunrises?
. sunrises, because its a start of a new day, with new promises and new opportunities

freshly cut grass: are you an early riser? if not, is this because you stay up late?
. i get up late, due to how late i sleep, but this year i've become a late riser suddenly?

journal: would you dye your hair if you had the opportunity? why or why not?
. not anymore, its already dyed a burgundy red now, but dying your hair damages it and makes my hair hard to comb

painting: in what ways are you creative?
. i like drawing, writing, imagining, dreaming, wondering, speculating and etc...

waves: is there one music genre you can’t listen to?
. punk?(sorry to all the punk lovers here) lol i find it hard to just get into it :(

writing: do you write letters? if not, would you like to?
. i dont write letters tbh, but its a fun thing to do, and i'd like to write a like "telling the truth" letter or whatever

waterfalls: describe your perfect date.
. having a picnic with rose petals and scented candles, and fairy lights, and the smell of mint, vanilla and cinnamon wafted in the air. so cute and perfect

freckles: what’s something that makes you happy? describe the first thing that comes to your head.
. doing something i love

dimples: would you rather be invited on a hike or a night out?
.hike, j'adore greenery

blushing: describe a rad person you know.
. erm obvs my best friend anisa who makes me laugh when im sad and is such an idiot, and adorable, and i love her so much, i want to squeeze her cheeks, and we laugh at eachothers dead jokes all the time even if nobody else finds it funny.

watercolour: what do you find attractive in someone you like?
. being adorably romantic and goofy

pine: if you could only smell one scent for the rest of your life, what would it be?

. ROSE PETALS OMDS so lovely but cliche kind of cause everyone likes it and i also love mint, i adore mint eurgh i cant choose

silver eyeshadow: pasta or pizza?
. pizzaaaaaaaaaa obvs

icy: homemade or takeout?
. homemade if its good but takeout for goodness i dunno

rosè: what’s your opinion on shyness?
. shyness is something people have, (including me) and i find it adorable!

clouds: list your top 5 songs at the moment and how they make you feel
. wild thoughts - rihanna, dj khaled, bryson tyler:
basically a s e x song but u can still jam to it so who cares
. attention - charlie puth :
so catchy eurgh
. most girls - hailee stenfield
so female empowering xx

white sheets: where’s somewhere you would love to travel to? why?
. egypt, because its so ancient, and beautiful, and mystical.

black nail polish: what do you do to pamper yourself?
. buy ben and jerrys and dance to music/ watch a movie

hidden beaches: do you prefer to hang out in a big group or one on one?
. depends on which people

crossed fingers: using no negative words, describe your hair.
. it got hints of red in the sun naturally, its curly, and frizzy, but straightened, silky, and soft, and its a dark brown, almost black but not quite.

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sara (consequently) | 2314 comments
S A R A ;

a book full of your favorite quotes, cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles on top. pastel pink. the sweetest, softest person anyone will ever meet. a love of adventure, asking questions, debating. escaping and travelling. lilies and roses. bracelet with charms. english accent. brave. staring up at the night, sleeping under the stars. laughing at inside jokes, humming your favorite song. unforgettable memories. sharing knowledge, enjoying life.

by blue ♡

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sara (consequently) | 2314 comments

(of sound, especially speech) pleasing to the ear.
"a stream of fine, euphonious phrases"

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Hallie (InkyHallie) | 8624 comments Dang Sara! I was going to name my totally not aesthetic journal 'euphonious'! xD

Anyway, it looks wonderful! :)

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sara (consequently) | 2314 comments Hallie wrote: "Dang Sara! I was going to name my totally not aesthetic journal 'euphonious'! xD

Anyway, it looks wonderful! :)"

thanks so much hallie! <3 and loolllll! :p and sorry for the reply like legit 2 months later xx

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Hallie (InkyHallie) | 8624 comments sara wrote: "Hallie wrote: "Dang Sara! I was going to name my totally not aesthetic journal 'euphonious'! xD

Anyway, it looks wonderful! :)"

thanks so much hallie! <3 and loolllll! :p and sorry for the reply..."

Haha it's fine xD

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