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Malin  Adriaensen (malinadr) | 44 comments Hi! Not sure if this is wrong, or it needs to be fixed, but wanted to check ut out.
"Kjærlighetsbrevet" By Lucinda Riley is coming out with a new and edited editon this year with the first publication in Norway. Someone has made a new book for this ( BUT this is an old book that was taken out of sale, but I can see that theres another link for the same/old book ( The old editon is here. But someone has also made a new edioton of this book as the new norwegian editon now. Should these be merged?

☕ Lachgas ♿  (Lachgas) | 4888 comments combined them and added the cover to the one with the isbn

but I'm wondering ... the publishers look inside the books says "Originalens tittel: The Love Letters" - but there isn't a book with that title on the authors page?
(and the isbn edition was already combined with "seeing double")

unfortunately publishers page isn't good for finding other editions, so probably a merge is possible for the one without info.

Malin  Adriaensen (malinadr) | 44 comments I know, I have wondered about the same thing. But the original one (from 1997 or something) was called the love letter I think (but it was removed from the shelfes before it started to sell). Now they are publihings it again and Norway is the first county it's releated in to. But it won't be righ to say that the original title is "Kjærlighetsbrevet" eigher. It will be published in US/England later this year.

☕ Lachgas ♿  (Lachgas) | 4888 comments do you know if it's really a norwegian edition of "Seeing Double" then?

☕ Lachgas ♿  (Lachgas) | 4888 comments I merged the empty norwegian edition in the more complete one.
And couldn't find something that it would be correct to recombine with "seeing double" so I leave it for the moment.
(it's night here, so if someone finds evidence in the meantime - feel free to recombine)

Malin  Adriaensen (malinadr) | 44 comments Not sure, but I think you are the most right with just leving it. Thanks so much! :)

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