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Copper River (Cork O'Connor, #6)
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Jonetta (Ejaygirl) | 6191 comments Mod
Why do you think no one was ever suspicious of Bill Delmar, given that he worked at Providence House? Dina had a soliloquy about the plight of these runaways. Was that a factor?

Angela | 155 comments I don't know. I would have through suspicion would have fallen on him at some point. Perhaps they checked out his past but didn't notice any red flags. I can't quite remember, but there wasn't anything except he would drink to raise a warning was there?

Jonetta (Ejaygirl) | 6191 comments Mod
His relationship with Calvin was enough to throw suspicion. But, I think Dina's assessment was correct. These kids were throwaways with no one to miss them or question when they disappeared. Their best bet was the director but she, too, accepted that this was the way of their lives. However, she knew Sara was different and should have pursued her disappearance.

What a shame.

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