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Copper River (Cork O'Connor, #6)
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Jonetta (Ejaygirl) | 6191 comments Mod
Cork turns to Dina who shows up to help. Did you trust her? Why do you think Cork did?

Angela | 155 comments I don't really trust her, due to the attraction to Cork. I believe Cork trusts her as she killed a man (even though it was her job) and this saved his life. Plus she helped him escape from the people chasing him.

Jonetta (Ejaygirl) | 6191 comments Mod
I never trusted her through the end of the book:) Part of it was because of her attraction to Cork but mostly because her history was murky and her motives even more blurry.

Cork has good instincts so I understood why he trusted her, especially given her saving his life.

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