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message 1: by Trisha, lives on coffee (new) - rated it 4 stars

Trisha | 31380 comments Here is our July Battle of the book discussion thread!

Jump in and discuss the book as you read along (or chat with others if you've already read it)

** Be sure to use spoilers tags so any new readers can enjoy the book!
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The Voting thread is still in another spot so, if you read both, don't forget to vote!

Jennifer (DigiWrit) (DigiWriter) | 4 comments Ahdieh writes well, if a little over the top, but this book is just a 1 star. I know many will disagree, but it just doesn't go anywhere. The constant dialogue and "Mariko is smart and like no one else" repetitions just digresses the story which doesn't have a very strong plot to begin with. By the time I hit page 150, I just didn't have a reason to care about the plot anymore 'cause I was too BORED.

I didn't see the point of Ahdieh penning Mariko as the designer of the shuriken, etc. I also didn't like the mixing of Japan's feudal history with a semi-fantasy fiction yarn. Familiar names from Feudal Japan such as Shingen Takeda (The Tiger of Kai... Ahdieh gave us a little dry Easter egg on that when she dubbed Mariko's brother as the Dragon of Kai). Familiar names and surnames were dropped in from real Samurais of the era: Sanada, Hattori, Ranmaru, Kenshin. Somehow, I didn't understand the point of blending history with fantasy. A little sparse on the fantasy, too, with little hints at magic that don't amount to all that much.

More could've been done with less words and without the need for another installment. Show me how special Mariko really is, let's see some more action, too. Don't tell she's super smart--show me! And not by having her design already-existing weapons. Keep me engaged and caring about where the plot and its characters are going. AND! Please validate the release of another installment if it must come.

Alexandra Harris (Heaven2EarthReviews) | 97 comments I loved it, just finished and I literally can't wait for the next one :)

message 4: by Trisha, lives on coffee (new) - rated it 4 stars

Trisha | 31380 comments yay!! I'm so glad to see you loved it Alexandra! I'm sad that I didn't have the time to read this this month but I'm reading it next month :)

Alexandra Harris (Heaven2EarthReviews) | 97 comments I hope you love it as much as I did! And I hope you get some time to relax and enjoy :)

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