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message 1: by Katie (new)

Katie (katiepatricia) So what did you make of the first three chapters?

message 2: by Anna (new)

Anna (vegfic) I read chapters 1-3 last night. I was originally only going to read the first chapter to see how I liked it, because I wasn't blown away by the prologue. The first chapter also didn't impress me too much, but enough to continue onto chapter two. And that's when I started enjoying the book.

Devin is a very interesting character. I was a bit annoyed by the constant worrying about everyone wanting to have sex with him, but then I realized he'd managed to suck me in completely, so maybe he's right! Although I didn't necessarily want to rip my bodice off, but I do find him fascinating and want to know more. The writing is also very captivating, especially the parts describing Devin and the dancers performing. It's almost like you're there, I can feel the magic.

I like how the details of the plot are coming in very slowly, there's enough to keep you intrigued, but the focus is on the characters.

message 3: by Thia (new)

Thia (thiareadsalot) | 13 comments I'm really curious why Catriana wanted to spy on those three people upstairs and what exactly will happen in the hunting lodge that night, but I'm not a fan of sex scenes in my books so I hope there won't be too many of them.
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message 4: by Katie (new)

Katie (katiepatricia) I can confirm there are not many sex scenes in the book as there something I also like to give a miss in my book.

I think second time round I felt a bit uncomfortable with how Devin was treating Catriana. Like why did you need to grab ahold of her in the street. Also why do you think everyone wants to have sex with you? Also I'm somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of Catriana using her feminine wiles to stop Devin overhearing the conversation next door.

What I do like is the continued development of the idea of memory. Devin has a really great memory and just how accurate that memory is will be further explored shortly.

I really like the writing, there a bunch of great subtle turns of phrase that I stopped to absorb and definitely appreciated.

I think second time around I most intrigued by Sandre d'Astibar at this point and by the man Devin met in the bar.

message 5: by Anna (new)

Anna (vegfic) Yes, Devin is way too obsessed about all things sex. I'm not too worried about how he treats Catriana (at least not yet), given that she's just as bad. Maybe that'll change.

I took a little detour in the form of a middle grade girl empowerment audiobook while doing chores, but I'll be continuing to chapter 4 very soon.

message 6: by Bryna (last edited Jul 03, 2017 08:12PM) (new)

Bryna  (notjustabookblog2017) | 7 comments I am enjoying the book so far. I thought the first two chapters were interesting, but a bit slow. I think part of that was getting used to the writing style. It's a lot different from the books I've been reading lately, but interesting enough to keep reading. By the third chapter, I was starting to enjoy it more.

I'm not really a fan of sex scenes in books either. I was also wondering about Devin thinking all these people want to have sex with him, particularly priests of Morian. It seemed connected to the fact that he looked like a young boy. That seemed odd to me. Maybe that is something that is common in their world, because Menico seemed to notice it too, at least at the audition.

I'm wondering who it is that Catriana is working with (or for). Devin is an interesting character, especially for his remarkable memory. That he can go back to a memory and notice things he hadn't before, like he's watching a video or something is fascinating. Alessan is also an interesting character.

During the third chapter, it keeps mentioning that Devin has crossed a portal of Morian. It isn't completely clear to me what that means. I assume it will be explained later on, or did I miss something?

message 7: by Thia (new)

Thia (thiareadsalot) | 13 comments Morian is one of the gods (I believe she's a goddess, but not 100% sure) and crossing her portal is a feeling people get when their lives are about to change. From what I gathered from reading a bit more (I'm on Chapter 6)

message 8: by Anirien (new)

Anirien | 4 comments Thia wrote: "Morian is one of the gods (I believe she's a goddess, but not 100% sure) and crossing her portal is a feeling people get when their lives are about to change. From what I gathered from reading a bi..."

Yes, Morian is one of the two goddesses. Iirc she's the goddess of portals which translates to things like birth, death, change.

When I first read this book I was around the same age as Devin, now that I'm older, reading these first few chapters, it's interesting how much his age sticks out to me. He's only 19 and his inexperience sticks out in contrast, especially, to how he sees himself as more experienced and mature than he really is.

message 9: by Alice (last edited Jul 05, 2017 12:20PM) (new)

Alice  (metamorphoses) | 3 comments I read those chapters yesterday and was a bit confused, especially during the first chapter (not sure what happened there, and with who...) but even in general, there's a lot of characters names and places and things I don't know and I mixing up all the names so far. Maybe I'll need to have a little list beside me when I read aha. I'm usually used to many characters in fantasy but 1- I read this in ebook (not used to ebooks) and I can't go back a few pages as easily, and 2- the italian names kind of sound the same so far.

Devin was interesting, though also quite annoying as people said already. I'm mostly wondering what's up with that fellow at the bar that seemed so friendly and who kind of knew him already ? What's up with that. I'm really intrigued by him though I do not remember his name either!
Also that guy playing the pipes who has the face of a god in Devin's dream ?
There was a lot of information in those chapters and I don't know which is really important yet aha

message 10: by Anna (new)

Anna (vegfic) I re-read the prologue and parts of chapter 1 after I'd read a few chapters on. It was way easier to understand and get into. The reason why I didn't really start enjoying the book until chapter 2 was most likely because everything felt so new and I couldn't place the characters on a nice, simple map yet. It gets easier! I noticed a little bit of the same at the start of Part 2.

message 11: by peg (new)

peg | 2 comments Really enjoying this so far. Took a bit of time because I like to keep a list of characters when there are so many and I also kept the map page open on one Kindle device while I read on another. It helps me to know where the different groups are from geographically. Ready to read on!

message 12: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey | 8 comments I had to keep backtracking throughout most of chapter 1 to sort out names and places, but after that it's been smoother sailing. I must say though that Devin has not yet endeared himself to me as a character. At all.

I do like the focus on the arts and on artists. I had anticipated that this would be something I would like in Kay's writing, and so far it is.

I'm not sure how much of the religion I'm supposed to have been able to piece together yet at this point. I get the three gods with priests and priestesses and basically got the gist of Morian and the portals, but the vision-dream was pretty opaque to me.

message 13: by Bryna (new)

Bryna  (notjustabookblog2017) | 7 comments It helps me to look back at the maps too. I've been doing that a lot. I would like to know more about the religion too. It's interesting.

message 14: by Alice (new)

Alice Lots of names and new words, that's the kind of fantasy I enjoy !
Love the description of music and I am intrigued by the plot so far, so yeah I'm really glad I picked up this book !

message 15: by Nora (new)

Nora (norayah) | 3 comments So far I am a bit confused, because apparently listening to two quite different books by the same narrator isn't a good idea. Fortunately I'm nearly done with the other one, Empire of Ivory (Temeraire 4) by Naomi Novik.

Lots of names, places, but I'll figure them out. It's like meeting a lot of new people at a party all at sudden.
Devin does think very highly of himself, which I find very amusing. His memory is an aspect I am looking forward to exploring more.

I am looking forward to what happens with everything and learning more about this world and the characters.

message 16: by Denise (new)

Denise (dlharwood) | 1 comments I am 100% into Alessan. Devin and Catriana are fine, but I'm into smart people in the shadows so I'm keeping my eye on him.

Also, I'm really intrigued that this is how we're getting our political story so far - not by following the main actors, but folks on the periphery of court. It's a neat way to present the story.

message 17: by James (new)

James Chatham (jameschatham) | 2 comments Just had a chance to start this! I'm really enjoying it so far; I'm intrigued and curious as to where these various threads are going, from the mysterious musician at the bar in Chapter 1 to the bits of conversation from Tomasso and the other people in Chapter 3. I agree with everyone that Devin's constantly thinking everyone wants to have sex with him may become grating (but I just read Imajica and I don't think anyone is more sex-obsessed than that main character so even this feels like a comfortable respite). I'm loving Kay's writing style too - its lyrical and smooth as butter.

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