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The Unmade Bed: The Messy Truth about Men and Women in the 21st Century
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SCPL (St_Catharines_Public_Library) | 333 comments Mod
With July (and Canada's 150th) on the horizon, I am wrapping up the discussion on The Unmade Bed today. We didn't have a ton of conversation around this one, but I would like to thank those who did participate, and if you were reading along, I hope you enjoyed it!

Please feel free to share any final thoughts or comments if you have them, or to add onto any of the previous discussions if you wish to!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Canada Day weekend, and a wonderful summer! I will return in the fall, but another librarian will be facilitating July's discussion. We will read A Number of Things by Jane Urquhart--I hope you enjoy it!


Lillian (LadyLil) | 21 comments i think this book had a lot of interesting points of discussion about the "battle of the sexes" and new vs. traditional gender roles and expectations.

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SCPL (St_Catharines_Public_Library) | 333 comments Mod
Thanks so much for your comment Lillian. I'm glad you found it interesting and were able to take some points from it regarding gender roles. I think it's a timely book since traditions are definitely changing!

Heidi Madden | 83 comments I feel bad for not participating in this discussion. I've read most of the book and every time I pick it up I just get mad all over again. I'm having a hard time figuring out exactly why. Maybe it's because the whole thing is built on "mansplaining." Maybe it's because, as an academic, I was expecting more structure in each chapter. Most of them just don't feel like there is any point. He starts with an interesting story but he has no thesis so the whole thing just sounds like him blathering on. I had high expectations for this book. It sounded really interesting. I am very disappointed though. Kudos to anyone who actually stuck with it!

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SCPL (St_Catharines_Public_Library) | 333 comments Mod
Hi Heidi,

Don't feel bad, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts! I would agree wholeheartedly that there could have been a lot more structure in this book. He was definitely blathering! It was disappointing because I was expecting the book to be a lot better (and more engaging) than it really was. I hope you find A Number of Things to be a better read!

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Nancy Docherty | 14 comments I too tried to read the book and could not participate ( I felt bad as well Heidi). I could not follow the book either. I'm hoping July's book is a better read.

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