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Closer Than You Think (Romantic Suspense, #16; Cincinnati, #1)
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Jonetta (Ejaygirl) | 6319 comments Mod
When Faith arrives at the house, we also learn that there are at least two women in there that were abducted, Ariana Escobar and Corinne Longstreet. We rarely get an opportunity to see victims in these stories survive. Did their individual attempts to escape significantly elevate the tension and suspense? Did you believe either or both would make it out alive and survive?

Anita (AnitaNoDiva) | 692 comments It was nice for them to survive for a change. Their escape attempts made it just that much more dramatic.

Jonetta (Ejaygirl) | 6319 comments Mod
It WAS a nice change in Rose's pattern. When Faith found Arianna and they got her to the hospital, I couldn't believe it. Then, when we started getting Corinne's point of view, I let myself hope that she'd make it out, too. I stayed tense about her until she was rescued!

Anita (AnitaNoDiva) | 692 comments I almost wrote her off at the cabin. It appears that KR has been listening to fans about the high body counts

Charlene (CharlenetheStickler) | 1254 comments It is interesting that Roza (with a zed) was instrumental in helping both of them survive and escape. Yes, it was breath-stealing suspense to imagine that both of the women could survive. However, I never did figure out why he took it out on the non-blonde first.

Jonetta (Ejaygirl) | 6319 comments Mod
He went after Arianna because she was tough and he wanted to break her spirit.

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