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Second Week!

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Bloomsbury Publishing (Bloomsbury) | 7 comments Mod
As of tomorrow, you should be done with Chapter 17 of THE WATCHMAKER OF FILIGREE STREET! How did your second week of reading go? Here are some discussion questions to go along with this section!

-Thaniel spends this section learning Japanese. If you could learn any language you don't already speak, what would it be?

-There are all sorts of gorgeous watches featured in the section, including Grace's swooping sparrows. Do some searching and post a picture of your favorite classic pocket watch!

-We've finally learned Mori's secret! Did you see it coming? What would you do with an ability like his?

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Shae McDaniel (ShaeLit) | 7 comments I have just finished this week's section and am a glass case of emotion. I may have to wail on social media later.

- Since this is phrased as "to speak" rather than to read, I'm going to go with fluent, accentless Spanish, as it seems useful and also pretty, though Mandarin would be fun.

- I really like the idea of being able to see the gears like this one or this one , but I'm clumsy and would also need a pretty case, like this one

- I see what you did with that question. Tricky. (I would likely end up even spacier and more confused than I am now, which would be less than optimal.)

Okay, I have a question of my own for the group now. What did everyone think of Six? I, for one, adore her.

Nicole Jarvis | 7 comments -Japanese would be fun just because it's so different than the languages I already know! I'd also like to learn German so I can travel there.

-During my research, I stumbled on this watch, which has apparently just been sold for 24 MILLION DOLLARS:

But for me personally, I would want an elaborate rose gold (the color of a human voice) watch like this. Maybe Mori could add some flying dragons or something to it to make it even cooler:

-Though I'm rereading, I remember vividly being STUNNED by the revelation of his powers the first time I read it. I had theorized that he was a telepath, so finding out that he could REMEMBER the FUTURE blew my mind.

-I love Six, and, more importantly, I love seeing Mori interact with small orphan children.

Jessica Hagen (abookishjess) | 8 comments - Oh man, there are so many languages I'd absolutely love to learn. I'd definitely love to be able to speak Spanish fluently, but I've also wanted to learn Arabic, German, Gaelic, Greek, and definitely Japanese.

- There are seriously so many gorgeous pocket watches, but I think this one is my favorite:

[I can't get it to just post the picture] BUT I love the darkness and intricateness of it.

- I'm rereading this (which makes so many scenes make more sense when you already know, it's fabulous), but my first time reading was a definite shock when learning Mori's abilities. It definitely adds so much to this story.

-Also, is it an unpopular opinion to not be fond of Grace?

Nicole Jarvis | 7 comments Jessica-- Grace is so complicated for me. I was delighted by the idea of a lady scientist when we first met her, but she's anti-suffragette (in a true-to-character snobby way), callously oblivious of Matsumoto's feelings, and entirely undeserving of our gentle lovely Thaniel.

Jessica Hagen (abookishjess) | 8 comments Nicole wrote: "Jessica-- Grace is so complicated for me. I was delighted by the idea of a lady scientist when we first met her, but she's anti-suffragette (in a true-to-character snobby way), callously oblivious ..."

I wholeheartedly agree. I was also really excited when she was first introduced, but the more I read of her (about her and from her POV) the more I just generally wish she would go away and leave Thaniel and Mori alone. She seems to think a lot of herself and what she is doing, and not consider much of the people around her that she is influencing, and seems to want to impose her ideas upon all of them.

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