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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. SF Titled something like: Not Of This Earth - OR - No Man Of Earth. [s]

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Slartibartfarst | 3 comments Book title: (Not sure.) Something like "Not of this earth" or "No man of earth"?
Author: Don't recall.
About: An earth-born child super-genius born after the rape of his mother by a very human-like alien, and his subsequent search across space for his father.

Category: Science Fiction.
Date: I read this in the '70s. It was a paperback.

The child (the central character or hero) was able to speak English to his mother by 6 months whilst still breast-feeding.
As he grew up, he discovered that he lived in an enclosed and preserved countryside community - a conservation or reservation area surrounded by a high wall, where the inhabitants were kept ignorant of their status as a specimen study group. He discovered this by breaking into a safe in the schoolhouse and reading the files there. The teacher was an outsider sent in to teach, study and report on the health and progress of the community.

He figured out a way to escape the community walls (going via an underground river, I think) and entered the advanced society he found there outside as a complete unknown (and where he was not a registered citizen). He initially worked with a gang helping them to steal the energy-powered cars of that time - he understood how to crack the "uncrackable" ignition codes of the vehicles. He worked to establish a scientific laboratory where he invented various things, patenting them anonymously under the name of "Mr Black" (I think it was), through an attorney he had found trustworthy and who handled all his business as his proxy. He operated a corporation that manufactured the patented items, and he became very wealthy - a multi-millionaire industrialist - but remained a mystery to the state.

He could rapidly learn and become expert at anything he turned his mind to, including judo, karate, etc., but that was not enough to help him save the life of the only girl he loved and wanted to live with and whom had sworn to protect. She was killed by (I think) secret service operators who were trying to find out more about him and where all the technology came from. He systematically killed all the perpetrators in revenge.

He developed space flight technology and departed earth with some friends/associates in a search for his father. The story recounts their travels and discoveries, including to an automated/mechanised planet ruled by a computer intelligence, where the hero and his friends were going to be killed by the computer, but the hero challenged the computer to a game of chess against losing their lives and drove the computer into a state of nervous apprehension by the use of clever psychological questioning, and it lost the game and released the friends, who continue on their travels.

Eventually, two of his companions - a couple (a man and a woman) who love each other and had huge libidos - decide to stay at a planet they came across, where the inhabitants made love all day long with multiple partners, or something (I didn't write this garbage, OK?).

Eventually, he finds his father, who was a rough-and-ready human-like adventurer/trader with no special attributes. The hero wanted to use his father and mother's genetic material to create another person like himself as a companion as he was so alone and different. The story ends with that possibility hanging in the air.

Despite some shortcomings, it's actually quite a good SF story, and I'd like to re-read it again. I lost the book in a fire in the 80s that destroyed ALL my life's physical possessions at that time - e.g., including photos, a library of books and all chattels - which were consumed in a warehouse fire where all my stuff had been temporarily stored when I emigrated overseas, prior to being sent/forwarded onwards to me at my new overseas location.

Slartibartfarst | 3 comments Lou wrote: "No Man On Earth"
Are you able to point me to a synopsis of this book? (Thanks,)

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Ayshe | 2523 comments I copied one from amazon:
Thad Stone was like no other man on Earth. Born with superhuman powers, he knew from his earliest days that he had been sired by no mortal man...

In the world of 2081, Thad sets out to find his father - a search that carries him into the farthest reaches of interstellar space.

The search is long, and at its end Thad discovers just why he had been given his superhuman powers...

Slartibartfarst | 3 comments Ahh, many thanks. I couldn't find it on Amazon when I looked for it before. Must have made a mistuk in the search.

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