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message 1: by Chandani (last edited Aug 03, 2009 01:59PM) (new)

Chandani  (milkduds920) | 311 comments
Hey guys!

I'm so so sorry about the recent Drama in the group, and though i was able to clean most of it up, i dont think i can stay anymore. Christy has driven me to the edge and i cant take it. I would love to come back eventually but i need a break. :(

I know i was also gone for a long time, and i just wanted to clear it up that even when i didn't write stories i always read and voted, and i will continue to do so!

I'm un-moderating myself, now, and i'll see you guys on facebook!!


Lots of ruv


message 2: by Liz (new)

Liz (lizgore) | 67 comments :(

message 3: by Esther (new)

Esther (essie7198) yea... i'm just here for the contests

message 4: by Clare D' Lune (new)

Clare D' Lune aww :( ok come back soon!

message 5: by Megan (new)

Megan Hansen (meganhansen) I'm sorry it's come to you leaving, I wish these issues would have been addressed before they got out of hand.

Bye Chandani, take care!

message 6: by Olivia, summer (last edited Aug 04, 2009 07:03AM) (new)

Olivia (livibooks3) | 229 comments Mod
we'll miss u chandani! its too bad things got out of hand... well c u I guess.

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