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message 1: by Mia (new)

Mia Long (MIAYA) | 56 comments I really need to know with is better because they are both on my TBR pile and I don't know what to read next. Could you please tell me which is better in your opinion's. And please keep in mind I have not read either so no spoilers please.BYE

message 2: by Soumeya (new)

Soumeya El Gharbi (SoumeyaElGharbi) | 29 comments I never read Crowns Game, but I did read An Amber In the Ashes and it's really good. I highly recommend it.

message 3: by Yin (new)

Yin ² (chaolwestfcll) | 29 comments i havent read crowns game but im AEITA trash so :D pls read that ok

message 4: by Steffi (new)

Steffi (SteffiW) | 103 comments Havent read Crowns Game yet, but Ember in the Ashes is Brilliant!

message 5: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (TheRavenGirl) | 89 comments I read the Crown's Game, thought it was pretty mild and flat compared to AEITA. Definitely recommend the latter, it's so intricate! However, plot-wise, they aren't very comparable.

message 6: by Louise (new)

Louise | 29 comments I'll have to try An Ember in the Ashes - haven't really picked it up yet.
Has anyone read Rebel in the Sands? One of those books I started late one night, read a few pages and then put aside. Shall I persist?

message 7: by Farren (new)

Farren (MmmCookies) | 407 comments Mod
AEITA is basically art - seriously, it's practically the perfect book. I DNF'd The Crown's Game so it's obvious where my vote goes.

Louise, I thought Rebel in the Sands was just okay. However, I am not the biggest fan of anything Arabian Nights related and I don't like Wild West stories at all. So if you do like those things I bet you'll love it.

message 8: by Kaya (new)

Kaya | 61 comments AEITA is AMAZING!! The second book is even better than the first which I thought was impossible. The Crown's Game is also good but it's just not at the same level as AEITA although I haven't read the second book yet. If you only have time for one, though, go for AEITA!!!

message 9: by Luna (new)

Luna I am so Team AEITA!!! The Crown's Game was a bit predictable, and I got really bored. However AEITA's concept was unique and kept me interested with fresh love interests too!!

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