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message 1: by ♥Tricia♥, Group Lead (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 1167 comments Mod
What theme are you getting tired of reading in your books?

(example: virgin hero's or winy heroines)

message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah  | 276 comments I'm tired of whiny ANYBODY, not just heroes or heroines. I've had a string of characters lately that I just want to slap. Examples: Phury in Lover Enshrined, Anita and Jean-Claude in Skin Trade, Haven in The Immortals series (YA by Alyson Noel)...

message 3: by ♥Tricia♥, Group Lead (last edited Aug 05, 2009 09:20PM) (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 1167 comments Mod
Oh yes I agree with that one - Especially Phury and Anita in Skin Trade. As a matter of fact the only thing redeemable about Phury's book was the storyline about John and his boys.

I gave Skin Trade 1 star due to Anita being whiny throughout the ENTIRE thing.. it was the sorriest book of the whole series :( (imo)

I think that is my major thing right now that is getting soo old for me.

message 4: by Jessi (new)

Jessi  (jessim) I am getting sick of female characters who can't seem to think for themselves, they cling to every male in the story. I guess they can fall under whiny as well. I can't stand reading about helpless people, some do this for me, help me do this, blah blah. I just want to reach through the book and slap them.

message 5: by ♥Tricia♥, Group Lead (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 1167 comments Mod
Something else I get tired of, and I know its something you see alot in romance novels.. but the thing that gets me is the instant *I am in love with this guy after knowing him for all of 5 minutes* thing.

I get that a book is only so long but geez people.. where is the storyline?

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

For me it's the heroine that every male falls instantly in love with as soon as he sees her.

Nichole (DirrtyH) (dirtyh) I am tired of the stubborn, bitchy heroine who just stays that way.
I mean, I'm tired of that heroine period, but it's kind of okay when she starts out that way but then starts to grow and mature as a character. But when there's no character evolution and she just stays willfully stubborn and difficult... yuck.
I'm reading Speak of the Devil, the fourth book in the Morgan Kingsley series by Jenna Black. I have loved this series and was so excited for this book to come out, but so far it's just the same crap all over again. Morgan never learns from her mistakes, she just keeps doing the same stupid stuff and having the same stupid arguments and it's getting really old.

message 8: by ♥Tricia♥, Group Lead (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 1167 comments Mod
Ugh ya I hate that as well.

Why cant authors understand we like to see GROWTH in our characters?!

ஐ Briansgirl (Book Queen)ஐ (briansgirlkate) I'm tired of reading about so many pregnant women in romance novels. Single moms I understand, but with a pregnant mom, there was a man in her life VERY recently and they never mention what happened to him and it's hard for me to believe she can fall in love again so quickly after man #1 leaves her while she's pregnant.

message 10: by ♥Tricia♥, Group Lead (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 1167 comments Mod
Oh weird I have yet to read a book about that Briansgirl.. that would be too weird for me I think cause I would be wondering the whole time what happened to the father! lol

message 11: by ஐ Briansgirl (Book Queen)ஐ (last edited Aug 06, 2009 11:50PM) (new)

ஐ Briansgirl (Book Queen)ஐ (briansgirlkate) Exactly Tricia but it's become a rather popular theme in Harlequins and is showing up rather frequently. In fact, Tell Harlequin sent me a book to review that I didn't even want to read after I read the cover blurb. This was I think a medical romance which I'm not thrilled with anyway but a single pregnant nurse goes into labor at her friends wedding where she is in the bridal party. The groom, a doctor probably, before saying I Do helps deliver her baby. The ceremony is never finished and the groom finds himself falling for the mother of the newborn. Just reading the blurb I'm thinking... what about the newborn's father, what happened to him? And marriage of convience or not, he stood her up at the alter to help with the birth, then within a few chapters dumps her completely for the pregnant bridesmaid? The premise of the story was so bad, I wouldn't even touch the book. I reviewed it anyway telling them I thought the storyline and plot stunk. lol

message 12: by Sarah (new)

Sarah  | 276 comments Eww, Briansgirl. Just eww. I don't like those kinds of stories either. And the poor bride!!

I'm also a little tired of storms during the "big showdown". I know storms are used as a literary convention for chaos, turmoil, and in PNR/UF as paranormal energy boosters, but come on! Must it storm every time the big bad comes for you?

message 13: by ♥Tricia♥, Group Lead (last edited Aug 07, 2009 06:24AM) (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 1167 comments Mod
Wow how can that even WORK.

Good lord these people need new ideas! lol

That is probably why I like the Paranormal and UF so much.. because its not really based on realism.. you can make SO much stuff up since its all fake.
I mean not that Harlequins are real stories.. but.. do you get my meaning?
They are based on real people, humans and not like Vamps or demons etc. So they are limited to a *human* storyline that can supposedly actually happen as opposed to what could never happen.

message 14: by ஐ Briansgirl (Book Queen)ஐ (last edited Aug 07, 2009 08:22AM) (new)

ஐ Briansgirl (Book Queen)ஐ (briansgirlkate) I understand Tricia. It's why I didn't buy nor read that book. It was one of two sent to me free to review. The first one was really good. The one I mentioned above, the premise was so horrid, I couldn't read it. In my review for them I explained why. lol Not all Harlequins are bad, but that particular plot was the pits. (Harlequin does, btw, have a PNR series they call Nocture, although I havn't read any yet.)

message 15: by ♥Tricia♥, Group Lead (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 1167 comments Mod
Oh right I think you told me about that. I have yet to check it out, I have so much on my TBR list but I have been meaning to! :D

Maybe we can get some group read suggestions from Harlequin in the mix? :D

ஐ Briansgirl (Book Queen)ஐ (briansgirlkate) It would at least be easier to find and cheaper (for Harlequins Nocture). Could start with the one free ebook from that series they offer.

message 17: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (thehopelessbibliophile) Briansgirl wrote: "Harlequin does, btw, have a PNR series they call Nocture, although I havn't read any yet."

The Nocturne series is good, although many of the books are reprints of Harlequin's old Shadows series. Check your local used bookstore for cheap copies.

message 18: by Cindi (new)

Cindi (ourtrumpcard) I remember when I first started reading Anita Blake books and found them refreshingly different. Actually, I remember reading LOTS of books that were that way, but now their are only about 2 kinds of female lead characters, all the defenders of humankind are vamps or SEALS, and all the other hot men are race car drivers, baseball players or millionaires looking for love. I think I'll try watching TV (again) until publishers and authors come up with something original or different again. Oh wait, vamps are all the rage on TV now aren't they?

message 19: by Sarah (new)

Sarah  | 276 comments You know, I never got the racecar driver theme. Where did that come from? Isn't there a NASCAR-themed Harlequin line now?

message 20: by Cindi (new)

Cindi (ourtrumpcard) Yep. And Pamela Britton has a cute line of what I call 'full-sized' books that were fun; maybe about 4 stand-alones that were set in a connected scenario.

ஐ Briansgirl (Book Queen)ஐ (briansgirlkate) I've seen the NASCAR themed harlequins and wondered who honestly reads them. My father reads harlequins but doesn't watch NASCAR. lol I've only got one, the free one harlequin gave away this year, but havn't had any reason to read it yet.

message 22: by Cindi (new)

Cindi (ourtrumpcard) Those of us desperate for something different, that's who! Actually I read them because I like Pamela Britton so tried them - they were from "liked it" to "really liked it", I thought. But, man, I never knew NASCAR was so BIG! It has its own TV channel! Whoa! But I think its maybe past its prime because I haven't seen any lately . . .

message 23: by ♥Tricia♥, Group Lead (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 1167 comments Mod
After finishing Destined for an Early Grave I am SO damn tired of Alpha males!

The males who act all caveman like and tell the women how its going to be and I am also tired of how the women can't stick up for themselves or think its their fault somehow!


message 24: by The Flooze (new)

The Flooze (the_flooze) | 105 comments Along with the whiny chick who doesn't change is the one who waffles back and forth. You finish one installment and think hoorah they've learned and grown...only to find in the next book that the revelation didn't stick. I'm looking at you, Anita Blake. And you, Joanne Walker.

Oh and blaming oneself for your partner's f'ck up? Georgina Kincaid! Yes, you! Get a backbone!

I'm not all about love in 5 seconds flat either. At least a few books do manage to mix the pre-destined idea with a shot of reality. Kenyon's were-hunters rarely find it easy--being someone's mate doesn't come with any guarantee for love. Lynsay Sands' vamps generally end up freaking out the women at first, so they resort to wooing.

That pregnancy thing. That's. Just. Bizarre. Who is that supposed to appeal to??

message 25: by ♥Tricia♥, Group Lead (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 1167 comments Mod
Ya I think Kenyon does a good job with her books in all aspects. You will find the Alphas in her books but they don't make me want to throw the book across the room out of frustration LOL

message 26: by The Flooze (new)

The Flooze (the_flooze) | 105 comments It's the difference between the alpha being a strong leader, and being an overbearing ass!

message 27: by ♥Tricia♥, Group Lead (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 1167 comments Mod
Yeah! I agree with you there.

I don't like pussy heroes but man some authors take it way over the top when it comes to their men being overbearing!

message 28: by Paula (new)

Paula (pauldajo) This isn't a theme, but I've read a couple of books where the main character throws up way too many times. If she wasn't hurling, she was making someone else lose their lunch. The sad thing is that I kind of liked the book, at least I liked the potential of the character. Consumed by overwhelming guilt irritates me, especially if main character isn't remotely responsible. I guess that's a bit like whining.

message 29: by The Flooze (new)

The Flooze (the_flooze) | 105 comments Like in the last Sookie book! Oh good heavens, you've killed in self defense. Stop worrying about your soul already.

The guilt I'd actually put in its own category, since when I think of whiny heroines it calls up thoughts of "why me, why can't these men leave me alone, why can't these powers go away," as opposed to "oh my god am I a monster who will burn in hell?"

The latter I can take if there's reason for it, or if she's processing and soon comes to terms with it. The former generally goes on and on and is linked with heavy denial and a stubborn mien. Irritating.

message 30: by Paula (new)

Paula (pauldajo) Well put, mention it once and get on with the story.

message 31: by The Flooze (new)

The Flooze (the_flooze) | 105 comments Paula, WHAT book were you reading with the heroine upchucking all the time? That's sounds...distracting. And unsettling.

Lol. Was it one of Briansgirl's pregnant lady books? Heh heh!

message 32: by Paula (new)

Paula (pauldajo) There were some pregnant women, but I don't beleive they threw up! The book is Hunter's Prey by Lillith Saintcrow. To be fair I read a lot of reviews and most people gave it 4 to 5 stars. My thought was that the author was using the up chucking to demonstrate how gory the gore was. I did feel a little angst when reading Jim Butcher's Dresden Files and the wizard got sick, but it was only once!

message 33: by The Flooze (new)

The Flooze (the_flooze) | 105 comments Well, ya know, such things happen now and again. But multiple times?

Icky poo.

message 34: by ♥Tricia♥, Group Lead (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 1167 comments Mod
Wow thats very odd Paula! I think that would have been odd to read for me as well.

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